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A Talk with “T.T.” A gangbangers views on crime, violence and the church.

Images of gangs from the film quot;Boyz in the Hood. quot;

This Friday, the “Monique Caradine Show” returns to WVON. I’ll be picking up where I left off before my vacation and challenging the churches to do more to stop crime in Chicago. Before I left, I had a very candid conversation with a 15 year veteran of gangs. He goes by the name of “T.T.”   He was very honest with me about why he joined a gang and what it will take to stop gang crime.

Give the interview a listen and join me Friday at Noon CST  as we continue the dialogue. The bottomline, in my opinion,  is that churches have to do more to stop crime.

How my Summer Sabbatical put life in “Perspective”

Learning to relax and not stress about the pressures of life is hard but we would all benefit from learning how to do it.   Having been away from Chicago for the past 3 weeks, I am learning how to enjoy the moment, appreciate simple pleasures and just have some fun.     This was hard as hell for me!   Especially since I’m an “obsessive multi-tasker, news junkie, work-a-holic, always plugged in type A personality.”   However, over these past few weeks I haven’t watched ANY news (no, I don’t have a clue what’s happening in the world and for once,  I’m not ashamed to say it) and have done very little work ( sorry clients :) I’ll get back to it all soon enough).


Even though I was a little hesitant about leaving my business, my  TV show “Perspective” and my  barely 3 week old WVON  radio show    for almost a month, I took a deep breath and  decided that  if    God meant for me to have these outlets, they’ll be there when I get back!  I realize more and more each year (especially as I approach the BIG 4-0), that life is not about fame, notoriety,  making money or acquiring more stuff.   To be honest, I really don’t give a $h!t about all that.   Instead, its about giving, sharing,  embracing your purpose  and serving others.

My family and I have  spent the last 3 weeks on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, my mother-in-law’s native home.    Usually our visits   here  are filled with lazy days at the pool or beach or just lazing around our villa but this time we decided to be more adventurous.   We went horseback riding, kayaking and we hiked through the el yunque rainforest.   It’s been amazing!   I also found some new  friends and really focused on maintaining my workout routine and healthy eating habits.   This was tough because Puerto Rican food (which has heavy African influences) is sooooo good!

Overall, this trip has put life into perspective for me.   I am more committed than  ever to loving my family, being the best wife and mom I can be, being an excellent example of good health and well-being and using my God-given gifts  to make the world better.

My summer sabbatical is coming to a close now.   I am blessed to be able to take one!   I have a wonderful, visionary husband who makes it possible!   Nevertheless, everyone should take a break — even if only for one day.   Get away from everything.   The world won’t stop if you do!   You deserve it!   When u step back from the crazy routine of life, you can come back more focused, more  at peace  and better able to live out your purpose!!!

Here’s a short clip of our journey through el Yunque rainforest.   What an awesome experience…almost religious!   Click the play button and see for yourself.   Remember: Life is about love, sharing and beauty…all of which is exemplified here.

I caught a fish in my dream…what could it mean?

I’ve been on a sabbatical for the past few weeks so I’ve been enjoying a lot of rest, meditation and time with friends and family.   Last night was the first time I had a dream that I vividly remember.   This morning as I was enjoying my breakfast protein shake I recalled these details:

I was in what looked like a church or theater with Tony (my hubby)  and some friends and we were goofing off and playing around as usual.   Someone either dared me or issued me a challenge to go out to a nearby pond and catch a fish…and so I did!   Now mind you I’ve gone fishing maybe twice in my entire life.   Once in 1983 when I was a girl scout and once with TJ about 2 years ago.

Anyway, in the dream, I wasn’t out there more than 5 minutes before I caught a fish!   From a distance it looked huge!   But as a reeled it in, it was no bigger than about 4 or 5 inches.   In fact, it kinda looked like Nemo.

So I looked up the meaning of catching fish when I woke up this morning and here’s what I found:


The fish is a very powerful and positive image in many world traditions.

1. To the Babylonians, Phoenicians, and Assyrians, it was honored as a symbol of fertility.

2. In Native American tradition, the fish is a symbol for mystical secrets, for it can swim to the deepest regions of the ocean and explore its hidden knowledge.

3. In British lore, it was believed that eating fish before lovemaking could enable a couple to conceive a child.

4. The early Christians used the fish as the symbol for the Christ Consciousness. It was widely believed that this symbol resulted from the Greek acronym for \”Jesus Christ, Son of God.\” But there is also the fact that the coming of Jesus ushered in the Age of Pisces the Fish, which encapsulates the mysticism, love, and happiness to which all world traditions ascribe to the fish.

5. In Scandinavia, fish was considered an aphrodisiac, and was popularly consumed on Friday, the feast day of Freya, Goddess of Love – and in her honor Friday was a day dedicated to lovemaking.

There are, therefore, many possibilities if you dream of a fish – all good, even if the fish was a greatly feared one like the shark. If there is a possibility of a pregnancy, dreaming of a fish could mean that a child is on the way, and the pregnancy and birth will be uneventful and result in a healthy baby. If the dreamer is in love but is not yet sure about the beloved’s feelings, dreaming of a fish strongly indicates that the feelings are indeed reciprocated. Dreaming of catching fish, either with a pole or with a net, indicates success and prosperity ahead. Seeing fish swimming in a clear pool indicates that a number of secrets about yourself and the world around you are going to suddenly become clearer.

Whoa…that explains a lot…including why we have fish frys on Friday nights!!

I’ve also been reading my bible and meditating and praying a lot lately.   This is exciting!!   I can’t wait to see what’s to come.  

Have you ever dreamed about fish?   Did your dream come true?   Leave your comments here.



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