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2 days until my interview with Chaka Khan

I’ve watched countless videos, viewed hours of footage from on stage performances, examined interviews from 30 years ago up until today just so that i could intimately come to know Chaka Khan in preparation for my big, one-on-one, sit down interview with her coming up Saturday, October 30, 2010 at the WVON Take Back Your Life Women’s Retreat.

Chaka’s music was a dominant force in my childhood as my father was a huge fan.  He collected her albums and still has some to this day.  It was as if he had a secret crush on her.  So Saturday’s interview will bring me full circle in my experience with her.  This is truly a defining moment in my career.

My goal is to make this one of her most revealing interviews ever.  I will ask her about the name, the hair, the style, the drugs, the pain, motherhood, men, music, activism and everything in between.  I want to open the door for her to completely cleanse herself of any guilt or shame associated with her past so that others will give themselves permission to do the same.

This will be an event you wont want to miss!

My all time FAVE Chaka cuts::

What’s the one question you would ask Chaka?

The top 5 things every college-bound student should know that their guidance counselors may not be telling them.

High school guidance counselors nationwide are often working with more students than they can handle. Is your student missing out on crucial information that could unlock the door to their future?

A recent article in  U.S. News amp; World Report highlighted a statistic that many high school students, college students and recent grads have known for quite some time: guidance counselors are just not making the grade when it comes to helping students navigate the career and college application process.

Kyle Shelley, Founder of All In Education

Katy Lander, co-founder of All In Education

The statistic comes from a study done earlier this year by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   Of 614 people polled (between the ages of 22-30), 48% of them said their counselors saw them as “just another face in the crowd.”   The study also found that students who are poorly counseled in high school are more likely to delay college and make poor higher education choices.

Kyle Shelley and Katy Lander are all too familiar with this reality, which is why they founded  All In Education, a Newport Beach, California based company offering workshops and coaching for families.   “We help them not only identify the colleges that would be best for their students, but also help them secure free money to pay for college,” said Lander.    All In Education  also gives students strategies that will help them complete their degrees in less than the typical 4 ½ years.

“It’s not the guidance counselor’s fault that they don’t have the time to really focus on counseling,” said Shelley, recognizing that budget cuts, paper work and heavy caseloads are likely the culprits.   “Choosing a college is just too important of a decision to make without the best information possible,” he added.

Shelley and Lander have worked with students throughout California and Colorado.   They say there are  5 things that every student should know  that their guidance counselors may not be telling them:

1.)                      At most colleges and universities, students can get a significant amount of their class credits without ever taking the class; saving both time  and  expensive tuition dollars.

2.)                      Many companies still offer tuition reimbursement.   By working part-time at these companies, students not only build their resumes and great professional relationships, but they  can get thousands of dollars to pay for college.

3.)                      A good credit score starts in college and is a must IF you want to make more money and be eligible for the best jobs once you graduate.   That’s why, despite conventional wisdom, it  is  okay to have a credit card in college!

4.)                      Scholarships aren’t only for the bright and athletic. There are literally millions of dollars that anyone – regardless of income or ethnicity – can tap into.

5.)                      Simply filling out an application to a college is not always enough.   Students must use other “soft skills” to gain the advantage. There is a right and wrong way to apply for college. Knowing the difference can get you into the school of your dreams and the money you need to pay for it.

Although the college selection and application process can cause anxiety for some families, Shelley and Lander say it doesn’t have to. They share personal experience and proven strategies with the families and schools they work with.   “I’ve been able to secure $80,000 in free money for my own college education,” said Lander.

Despite the economic downturn, Shelley and Lander believe that pursuing higher education is a must for all high school students nationwide. “Families with college-qualified students who have the desire to attend college should never see a lack of money, guidance or information as a barrier,” Shelley said.

To connect with Kyle and Katy, visit http://www.AllInEducation.com or send an email to media@momentum-media.tv

Are the voices of aspiring black political leaders being muffled by the “Harold Washington” generation?

Boston highlighted 4 of it #39;s black political hopefuls back in 2009

This is a multi-layered and very complicated issue that warrants further discussion.  In the meantime, here are the articles I referenced today on the program:

The Gallup Poll says young black voters are NOT poised to make an impact this election season.  What’s up with that? – Click here to find out why.

Hip Hop and the Labor Movement have forged and alliance – Great article.  To read, click here.

Washington’s New “Black Pack” – March 2009 – Highlighting  a dynamic group of young, black, high-ranking White House  staffers, brought on after President Obama entered office.

Young, Black and In the Running – Boston Globe 2009 – Highlighting some fresh faces of color who emerged to change Boston’s political landscape.

The Joint Center always has great info on blacks and politics.  Here’s how they see black voter turnout impacting the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, why do you think there aren’t more young aspiring political leaders emerging here in Chicago?  Are their voices being muffled or are they just not standing up?

5 ways to slow the aging process

Anti-aging supplement

There is no way to completely stop the aging process but there are simple things you can do to at least slow it down.  Celebrity Fitness Trainer (and my personal body transformation guru) John Hall offers these tips:

-getting more rest and relaxation, laugh more,

-more water

-flax oil

-regular activity to keep you moving

-anti oxidant rich diet

-daily supplements like multi-vitamins

John’s peeps over at Prograde also offer a great product called Longevity.  I will be ordering my bottle this weekend!  Another great age-slowing product is called EFA Icon a.k.a. Krill.  I’ve raved about how it’s worked for me. Check out my previous post here.

I’ll post a recording of the interview soon!

ReserveAge Organics

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New Documentary Gives Young Black Men Inspiration, Encouragement

Finally, a film that highlights influential black men speaking directly to the black male youth and the challenges they face. It’s created by the legendary Mario Van Peebles. Is it too little too late or right on time?

Check it and leave your comments below:

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A key ingredient in my weight-loss: meal replacements

Looking for a simple diet plan that fits into your busy schedule and still gives you plenty of vitamins and nutrients to keep you going throughout the day?  Meal replacements may be the answer.

Cravers! John luvs these.

Meal replacements offer quick, easy and convenient options to replace your traditional meals.  For instance, instead of sitting down to a chicken sandwhich and fries for lunch, you might instead eat a meal replacement bar, which is low in calories, low in sugar, with all natural ingredients AND lots of vitamins and nutrients to sustain you throughout the day.  My fab trainer John Hall recommends a delicious meal replacement bar called  Cravers.  He’s a big fan of these.  In fact, he has partnered with ProGrade, which offers a complete line of multi-vitamins and supplements, some of which I take EVERYDAY to maintain optimal health.  By far, ProGrade offers some of the best stuff out there.


Just last year when I was 30 lbs heavier, I started taking a meal replacement shake called Nutrishake, made by Ardyss International.  They are also the makers of the

NutriShake! My fave!

very popular body magic (I’m a distributor, i luv the stuff).  Of course I had to let John give the shake his seal approval before I made it a staple in my diet and he did…

Anyway, so I drank the shake everyday for breakfast.  When I was on a very strict eating and exercise plan, I simply added water to two scoops of the shake in a 12 oz glass, stirred up and drank.  Total calories: 140 but the vitamins and nutrients are through the roof!  I credit this daily meal replacement routine (and regular exercise) with helping me lose the weight quickly.  I’m proud to say I’ve been able to keep the weight off!

These days, I make a delicious breakfast smoothie using the same meal replacement mix. I call it THE MO’TIVATOR! It’s a little higher in calories once you add all the stuff but it still comes in under 300.  I still drink it just about everyday for breakfast and sometimes for lunch too!  See my recipe below.

The MO #39;tivator


1/2 cup of crushed ice

1 cup of your favorite juice, milk or water (whatever you choose)

1/2 banana

3 – 4 strawberries (halved)

2 scoops of my all time favorite meal replacement protein mix called Nutrishake


1/2 TEASPOON of honey (you can also use all natural maple syrup if you are super health conscious)

3 shakes of ground cinammon

4 drops of essential peppermint oil (grab it from your fave health food store.  this gives your shake a great, refreshing and uplifting quality.  i luv it!)

1 heaping tablespoon of ground flaxseed (it has lots of Omega-3 and it’s great for your hair and nails AND promotes regularity)

Makes a tall 14 0z glass–plenty to fill you up all morning and share with the fam.  Try the MO”TIVATOR and tell me what you think…and don’t forget to share your fave meal replacement recipes with me!  ;)

MDM – Draft

You are “Superman”: How to transform your child’s school.

What would you do to change your children #39;s schools?

The film Waiting for Superman has sparked a nationwide discussion on the quality of public education.  However, conversations are not enough.  Jacqueline Edelberg’s book How to Walk to School: Blueprint for a neighborhood renaissance pushes us past empty dialogue and offers a specific and detailed plan on how any concerned citizen, no matter what their educational or socio-economic background can exercise their power and transform their children’s schools.

Jacqueline will be a guest with me today on the Monique Caradine Show to explain how she joined with other concerned parents and did it in her own community.  She’ll also be appearing on Perspective with me on Sunday at noon on MY50Chicago

Jacqueline Edelberg has been the driving force behind the Nettelhorst School’s dramatic turn around, a story that has been featured on Oprah amp; Friends, NPR, CNN, 60 Minutes, Education Weekly, and in the local Chicago media. A community organizer, writer, and nationally recognized fine artist, Jacqueline has led workshops for the Community Schools Initiative, Northside Parents Network, and Chicago Public Schools on how public schools and reformers can galvanize communities to improve public education. She has consulted with schools and neighborhood groups on issues of strategy and organizational development. Before devoting herself to art, community organizing, and cutting the crusts off bread, Jacqueline taught political science at the University of Osnabrück in Germany as a Fulbright scholar. She earned her bachelor’s degree and doctorate from the University of Chicago, and resides in Chicago with her husband Andrew Slobodien, and her two children, Maya and Zack.

So what are you willing to do to transform your children’s schools?

How to Rise in a Down Economy – A special 3-part series
More Americans are living in poverty now than at any time since the federal government first began keeping track 51 years ago, according to new Census figures that dramatically illustrate the toll of the lingering recession. Never have so many Americans been classified as poor. About 4 million Americans fell into poverty last year, bringing the total ranks of the poor to nearly 44 million. And not since 1994 has the proportion of those living in poverty — one out of every seven people — been as high.

When I saw these statistics, it scared me, but almost instantly my fear turned to excitement when I heard Mellody Hobson of Ariel Capital being interviewed on the topic. In a nutshell, Mellody  said that the jobs just aren’t there and they aren’t coming back any time soon. Therefore, now more than ever, Americans are going to have to become more innovative and create their own opportunities. In that moment, this 3-part series was born.

I have hand-picked several experts who have unique levels of insight, expertise and passion in very distinct areas. They are all very well-respected in their industries and they work with people just like you and me everyday. I’ve learned from everyone of them. They all have my stamp of approval.

During these interviews you will hear a lot of non-traditional–even revolutionary ideas. Be open to them. Take notes.  The economy is forcing us to change the way we build wealth and do business. Don’t wait for a job, listen to these experts and create your own.

This 3-part series originally aired in September/October 2010  on WVON 1690 AM, “The Talk of Chicago.”

Part 1 –  Multiple Income Streams Expert Milana Leshinsky on  how to create a Multiple Income Stream Business

Milana Leshinsky

Milana Leshinsky had a zero chance of success. She came from a country where business didn’t exist, some of the most brilliant people lived in poverty, and the world’s best books could only be bought on the “black market.” In just a few short years–after   looking for ways to stay home with her two small children–she figured out how to create simple, money-making information products and turned her favorite topics into a million-dollar business from home. Starting her business with just a hundred dollars in the bank, Milana is now considered one of the top experts in her field. Through her programs and events Milana has trained thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs on how to turn their passion into cash.

Listen to Milana’s interview on how to create a multiple streams of income business.

Milana referenced this website during her interview:  www.MembershipSite1000.com

Part 2 – The Power of a Strong Personal Brand with Re-invention Strategist Marshawn Evans


In this kind of economy, knowing how to leverage your unique skills, talents and experience is an absolute MUST.  As an author, entrepreneur, former Ms. America contestant and as one of the stars of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice (season 4) Marshawn Evans has definitely mastered the art.

She joined me for part 2 in our series and offered some powerful tips on getting noticed, effective networking and landing the opportunity you REALLY want.  She’s got a big event coming up in November which will explore personal branding in more detail.  She’s calling it ME University and the live event will take place in Atlanta.    Need more details?  Check out her website  and listen to the interview below for some  excellent tips.

Part 3 –    The Secrets to a Powerful Resume + Companies that are hiring RIGHT NOW with Career Coach and Resume Expert Lauren Milligan

Career Coach and Resume Expert Lauren Milligan

Even though the climate is right to start your own business, the reality is, not everyone wants to do that.   So how do you make yourself stand out when you’re looking for a job?   It starts with an exceptional resume.

In the absence of a pre-existing relationship with potential employers, your resume has to speak for you.   It has to paint a picture of your leadership skills, your problem solving skills and your ability to deliver results.

In part three of our series, Lauren reveals the secrets to creating a resume that “pops” and increases your chances of getting hired.   She also names major corporations that are actually looking for people to hire RIGHT Now.

Lauren offered a special, limited-time  opportunity exclusively for my listeners.   If it’s not too late, you may still be able to take advantage of it!   Otherwise, check her out at ResuMayday.




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