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Quick publicity POWER checklist

Some people don’t bother with trying to get publicity because they think it’s too difficult.   They think you have to have a PR degree or hire an expensive company in order to do it effectively.   Or, they think that it’s time consuming.   Even worse, some think it’s a complete waste of time.

The truth is, getting publicity can be fairly easy if you have a plan.   Just like a GPS system, a good plan will get you where you want to go quickly and easily.   If the plan (or GPS system) is effective, you can use it over and over again and it will always help you reach your desired destination.

 So here are a few questions to consider as you plan to leverage the media to get publicity for your business or brand:

The quot;Hair Doctor quot; Mikal Clay on Perspective

1.)       Do I have a memorable and identifiable brand?   Image and perception are extremely important when building a loyal base of followers, customers, clients or whatever you want to call the people who support you and look to you for solutions to their problems.   You should also be leveraging that brand to get publicity.   For instance, I did a show recently on how to maintain healthy natural hair.   I recalled receiving something from a guy who brands himself as “The Hair Doctor.”  I looked him up.   He was easy to find.  He was media savvy. Within a week he was a guest on my show.

2.)       Do I have a strong core message?   The concept behind this is simple: who is your audience and what is it that you want to say to them?   If you can narrow this down into no more than 2 concise sentences then you are well on your way to getting great publicity AND being able to market effectively.

3.)       Am I willing to boldly take a stand on issues and trends or drive the conversation in new directions based on my expertise?   This is a very competitive and fast-paced media marketplace.   Producers, writers and hosts are looking for people who can drive home an idea with passion and conviction.   Wishy-washy, mamby-pamby, hemmers and hawers need not apply.   If your topic is a hot one, you must come across as authoritative, knowledgeable and committed to your point of view.   Don’t back down, stick to your guns NO MATTER WHAT.   This approach makes for good talk radio or TV!

 4.)       Do I know how to build long term relationships with key people in the media? Wouldn’t you love to be the media’s  ”go-to” person in your industry?   For instance, if you are a financial advisor, wouldn’t it be nice if your local station always called you when they do a segment on money?   I share  simple tips with my clients on how to do exactly that.   It’s easier than you think!   Before you know it, you could become a regular contributor on of the top media outlets.

 5.)       Would I be ready to deliver a great interview if a reporter called me today? Producers and reporters love guests or interviewees who know how  to be concise, compelling and succinct  during interviews.   This means understanding  how to speak in soundbites AND knowing how to chunk your message down into “bite-sized” pieces.   Master this art and again, you could become a media darling.    

 6.)       Do I know how to make my media exposure translate into business?   You could be getting all the publicity in the world, but it means NOTHING if you can’t make it translate into business (a.k.a. dollars added to your bottomline)!   In the upcoming workshop, I will show  participants how to create a sense of urgency during interviews (print and broadcast) so that you can attract people to your business and build an ongoing relationship with them long after your interview!

Now, are you ready to get some publicity?   If so, grab your seat for the upcoming Media, Marketing amp; Publicity Workshop.   The 20 entrepreneurs attending this event will delve deeply into these topics and  create  thier own simple publicity plan.   Get the details when you click here.

5 fatal publicity mistakes (that even the pros make) and how to avoid them.

5 quot;fatal quot; publicity mistakes

Each week on my radio and TV shows,  I interview guests, authors, pundits, commentators, journalists and sometimes everyday people who are passionate about an issue.

In fact, I get pitched everyday by people who want to be  featured.   The truth is, while many of them probably have great info or a compelling story, 99% of them will  never get featured in the media because they make one of these 5 FATAL mistakes:

Mistake #1 – Relying ONLY on email to pitch your story.   Email is a quick easy way to get the word out but don’t be afraid to pick up the phone!   This way, if your timing is right, we can talk through your story and how it could fit into my media platform–and yes, I answer my own phone and if I’m not on deadline I love when people pitch me!

Mistake #2 – Not knowing enough about the media outlet you’re pitching.   If you’re pitching fashion to a cooking show you are dead in the water! Take some time to see where your message fits and you’ve won half the battle.

Mistake #3 – No follow up.   Keep in mind, if you send something to the media, it is YOUR responsibility to follow up.   Don’t expect them to remember you or what you sent 3 weeks ago!   We get buried in email requests daily, so your commitment to your own message could go a long way toward getting you placed in local and national   media.

Mistake #4 – Not being prepared for the media opportunity when we call.   A great press release or pitch can only get you so far.   If you’re not ready to deliver the goods when I call or are too  busy to make time for interviews when they hit, you might as well not seek publicity.

Mistake #5 – Blatantly promoting.   Most media outlets today DO NOT want to do a   commercial for you!!   So if you have a book, product, or event you want to promote then buy advertising!   However, if you have an amazing story to tell that can naturally tie back to your book, product or event, then THAT’s what you should pitch.

Learn more about all these things and more at my upcoming media workshop.   Have you registered?   Several people swiped their seats right away and several more have asked us to reserve seats for them.   Exciting!

Only 15 seats are left! Go here for details  and use the early bird code.

Will Smith: “Being realistic puts you on the path to mediocrity.”

September will be here before you know it.   This is always a turning point  time of year  for me because it’s my birth month and the time when I start to look and plan ahead to the next year.   This is the time where I get excited.   I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude because I start to ponder all the possibilities that exist for us.   We were created to be great!   To make a difference! We were created to change our world for the better!  

This video featuring actor Will Smith speaks to that truth.     I totally agree with him when he says “being realistic  puts you on the path to mediocrity.”  Watch it and let your transformation begin.   Share your thoughts below.


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