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Everyday marketing strategies for small businesses, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs

For the last few weeks we’ve been talking a lot about marketing your business and hopefully I’ve driven home the fact that you must market your business every single day. Marketing should be your top priority. If you are not marketing daily, I know for a fact that you may not doing as well as you could be in your business. In fact, you are probably struggling.

So are you ready to implement a simple, DAILY marketing strategy that lets you gracefully and generously spread the word about your product or service?

Remember, marketing is not about shamelessly promoting your business day in and day out with flyers, commercials and e-blasts. It’s about giving generously to your customers. It’s about maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with them. It’s about educating your ideal customers on why they need your product or service and making sure they know exactly where you are, who you are, what you do and how you solve their most pressing problems or meet their needs.

If you are still shy about creating a strategic marketing campaign because you don’t really know how to do it, no worries. I’ve chunked it down into bite-sized pieces so you can start implementing some very basic and easy techniques immediately. Let’s call it:

EVERYDAY MARKETING: A super-simple, 7-day plan for small businesses and solopreneurs who want to gain loyal customers and build their brand by sharing their brilliance.

SUNDAY — Set BIG goals.   Estimated time: 45 minutes

Map out your key goals for the week.   Do you want to attract 1 new client?   Do you want to have meetings with 3 new potential clients? Do you want to generate $10,000 in new sales?   Spend time on Sunday after church and family time to set some goals that will stretch you outside of your comfort zone.

MONDAY — Reward loyal customers with added value.   Reconnect with former customers.   Estimated time: 1 hour

(1) Recognize your most loyal customers by how often they visit or how much they spend. Show your appreciation by creating a custom loyalty program that automatically rewards your Regulars.

(2) If you are a coach or consultant, use Mondays to call your 3-5 best former clients.   Reconnect with them to see how you can help them achieve their goals.   Give them a special incentive to reconnect with you.   Let them know about your new services or the new information you have that can help them.

(3) If you haven’t already done so, you can use this phone conversation to ask the former client for a testimonial about their experience working with you.   Jot it down and add that testimonial to your website or marketing materials.   Limit each phone call to 10 — 15 minutes or less.

(4) You can also use Mondays to ask former clients for referrals.   Ask 3 clients to give you referrals to 1 — 3 potential new clients that could benefit from your brilliance.   Because nobody likes cold-calling, have those clients make a warm introduction to the people they refer you to BEFORE you call.  

If you’re in retail or in a service-based business and you don’t get a lot of Monday traffic, set Monday up as a standard deep discount day.   This could also be a day where you add extra value to your product or service.   For instance, if you own a boutique, give your first ten Monday clients a 30-minute free image consultation.   This will not only allow you an opportunity to up sell them on additional consulting service, it also let’s you upsell them on additional items they may not have otherwise purchased.   For you, Mondays should be about reconnecting, giving and adding value.

TUESDAY — Connect with referrals. Build Relationships.   Estimated time: 1 hour.

Tuesday can also be slow for some businesses, so take time today to call the referrals your former clients shared with you.   Don’t sell them on anything.   Simply let them know that you heard of them through your former client and give them something–a tip, a solution, a compliment, a coupon, a referral, a copy of your book or e-book an invitation to come by your store…just give.   Then, ask them if you can add them to your mailing list.   Once you do that, start building a relationship from there.   Again, it’s all about giving.

WEDNESDAY — Leverage the media.   Estimated time: 1 hour.

Today, set aside 1 hour to scan at least 3 media outlets.   They can be newspapers, magazines, TV shows or your favorite talk radio shows.   This is so you can start leveraging the media to get free publicity for your business.

Find out which media frequently highlight businesses like yours or experts like you.   See where you message best fits in.   Then, begin to pitch the media with unique story ideas or angles that tie in to outlets you can pitch a story idea to based on your unique expertise.   I explain exactly how to pitch the media in my e-book called the Publicity Power Toolkit.   You should grab it.

THURSDAY — Attract your MOST ideal client.   Estimated time 1 — 2.5 hours.

If you could name your MOST ideal, top-tier client, who would it be?   Would it be some A-list celebrity?   A major corporation?   A noted local business person?   Identify 3 dream clients you know you could service well or solve problems for and go after them.   Make a call.   Set up a meeting.   Ask the people in your circle if they know someone who can help you get closer to that person.   Today, your marketing goal is to begin the process of connecting with your most ideal clients.

Another recommendation for Thursday is to attend a networking event at least once a month.   Go outside of your usual terrain.   If you’re a suburbanite go downtown.   If you’re downtown, go up north.   Either way, begin to surround yourself with some new contacts.   Get out of your comfort zone.   Meet some new people.   Take it up a notch!   If you are the smartest one in the room you need to move to a new room and that’s what Thursday is about.  

FRIDAY — Share your expertise.   Estimated time 1.5 hours

You have two options for today:

- Repeat any of the strategies you learned earlier this week or

- Let today be the day to share your expertise with your audience.  

So, if you have a blog, post an entry that displays your expertise.   Post tips on Twitter or FaceBook. Write a quick “how-to” article and submit it to one of the article marketing sites like ezinearticles.com.   These are ways to build your brand and let people know that you are the expert.   Friday doesn’t have to be the ONLY day you post articles but if your ideal market knows that every Friday they can read something brilliant that you wrote, they will anticipate your brilliance every week.   That’s the foundation of loyalty, trust and a good relationship.

SATURDAY — Automate your marketing messages.   Estimated time: 30 minutes.

If you are fairly advanced in internet marketing strategies, spend 30-minutes today creating automated messages that will go out to your social media networks throughout the week.   These messages can go out to your Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and FOURSquare accounts simultaneously by using a tool called HooteSuite.com.   It’s free and it allows you to schedule messages and stay connected without actually taking valuable time during the work week.   You can use HooteSuite to send messages about upcoming events, sales, success strategies, great books you’ve read, effective tips you want to share or whatever will help you effectively strengthen your brand.

If you don’t think you can do it all yourself (and you shouldn’t if you are TRULY a visionary), hire an enthusiastic part-time college intern and give them a copy of this blog post.   Let this be their project.   Either way, don’t make any excuses.   DO IT!

Let’s ALL–including me–take the challenge and make the commitment to follow this 7-day super-simple marketing calendar for one solid week.   Then, let’s come back and share the results.  

Who’s in?

Meet our media savvy experts

**Media Savvy Experts Available for Interviews from Momentum Media Group, Inc.**

Lynn Richardson — Celebrity Financial Coach, Author, Columnist, Radio personality: Is “Broke” the new norm?

Lynn Richardson

Lynn is known nationwide for her straight-forward, “no holds barred” style when it comes to money. The COO for one of music-mogul Russell Simmons’ non-profit organizations, Lynn coaches some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Her candid interviews with some of them can be heard on GlobalGrind.com. Lynn is available for media interviews to explain how ANYONE can overcome what she calls the “Living check to Monday” syndrome. She also shares her unbelievable personal story of going broke and her signature “10-10-30-50” formula for building wealth. Often compared to Suze Orman, Lynn is witty, honest, plain-spoken and financially savvy. She’s been featured in a variety of national media outlets. Lynn’s website is www.LynnRichardson.com



Peggy Riggins


Veteran registered pharmacist Peggy Riggins says far too many people have grown accustomed to popping pills with every ache or pain.   Have we ever considered that our medicines could be making us even MORE sick?    

A pharmacist for more than 20 years, Riggins says the key to total wellness is not in medication, but in how committed we are tohealing  ourselves and making our health the number one priority.  

Riggins, known as America’s Pharmacist, is engaging, personable, witty and media savvy.  She is available to share her 3-point PurposeRx with your audience.   Product demos and descriptions are available for TV segments.



These experts are available for TV, radio, online and print interviews.

Contact Momentum Media Group: 708-720-4252 x. 156 or Erica Bell: ebell@moniquecaradine.com

Monique Caradine: mo@momentum-media.tv

How to build wealth in a crazy economy

This economy has taken a toll on Americans. People are finding it tougher to build wealth.

Families are living paycheck to paycheck and many are relying on credit cards to bail them out of emergencies because they have little or no savings.

If these scenarios sounds familiar, there is hope because today, my team of experts will tell you exactly how you can grow your savings, buid wealth, change your money mindset and keep more money in your pocket.

Joining me on this episode of Perspective are:

Lynn Richardson, Financial Coach, www.lynnrichardson.com

Genya Harley, Financial Consultant and

Antoinette Peterson, Couponing Expert, www.sistersavealot.blogspot.com

Learn How to Grow Your Money: My50CHICAGO.com

Media Training for Community Organizers

The health awareness advocacy group known as Sisters Working it Out has invited me back to do a media training session with them. My presentation is entitled “Community Empowerment and Today’s Media: How everyday citizens can strengthen their neighborhoods by leveraging local, national and social media.”

The goal is to give activists easy strategies for leveraging the media. This is one of my favorites!

Just Ask Monique: How do I market two businesses simultaneously?

Here’s a question from one of my fabulous mom-preneurs who has two very different businesses.

Of course I believe in multiple income streams and finding different ways to leverage your brilliance for money. However, is it possible to leverage the media to get publicity for both businesses, simultaneaously without compromising your brand? See my answer below.

Hi Monique,

I enjoy getting your emails and forward them often.

Two questions:

1. I’m re-branding my business and am curious to see what my business name communicates and how it resonates: The OrganizeRX.

2. I have two businesses. The above and I am getting started as an independent consultant with a romance enhancement company. The thought is that a press release would help generate some buzz. My question is how far apart should each release be in terms of timing?




My answer:

Hi K,

I like OrganizeRx but for some, it may not be completely clear. Think about this: would your target market know what that name means?

If you keep the name, I recommend hooking up with a great graphic designer who can create a logo that will visually clarify what your business does and what expertise you provide. I assume you are a professional organizer? Who is your ideal client? Home-based businesses or corporate?

These are very different companies so you don’t want people to be confused about your brand. If you’re going to do a media campaign, I would recommend focusing on one business at a time. Imagine how confusing it would be if I saw you in the Sun-times talking about OrganizeRX then a week later you were on WCIU talking about the adult toys?

Get your bread and butter business up and going. Focus on the business that is closest to your core values and will make you the most money LONG TERM and start doing media around that.

On the other hand, if you decide to ADVERTISE both businesses simultaneously, you can do that without compromising your brand. The key is being strategic, consistent and being crystal clear about your goals and the outcomes you expect.

Keep in mind, the rules of advertising and marketing for solopreneurs and SMALL businesses are different than they are for large corporations. Until you get the large marketing budgets and marketing department, it’s important for you to remain focused and strategic in everything you do.

Good luck and congrats on being a “multiple-income streams mama!”

How would you advise KW? Do you have a different opinion? Please share.

Why you MUST market your business EVERY single day for success
Do you have a strategy?

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned in my nearly 8 years of being an entrepreneur is that marketing is the most important thing you can do.   This became clear to me about 2 years ago when I was almost forced to close up shop.   I realized that my business suffered for several reasons, one of which was because I lost sight of this truth.  

Now that I’m getting back on track thanks to a strategic marketing plan, I make it my business to market my business every single day.

Some entrepreneurs believe that being accessible and working really hard for your current clients is more important.   Or they believe that finding an investor or delegating or setting up business systems is more important.

Yes, all those things have value and play a big role in your success, but in this economy, the MOST important thing is marketing and here’s why:

You are responsible for making sure your ideal clients know you exist, know what you do, know how to find you and feel like they need you.  

Just because you’ve put your shingle out does not mean that you will instantly succeed.   The marketplace is flooded with all kinds of businesses just like yours and everybody is promoting something.   Our emails, FaceBook pages and Twitter feeds are all flooded with well-meaning entrepreneurs executing hap-hazard marketing initiatives trying to sell you something.  

So the question is, how are you cutting through that clutter?   How are you consistently, strategically and elegantly sharing your unique selling point?   Are you speaking to anyone who’ll listen?   Or, are you honing in with lazer-like focus on a specific niche whose problems you know how to solve?   Are you speaking directly to your market about how you can make their lives easier?   Are you giving them information that meets their desires or are you just meeting your own needs by giving people what you think they need?  

The main thing you need to remember is this: the very essence of marketing is giving.   When you can give your market something, no matter what the economy is doing, that is a good thing.   Consistent “giving” also promotes loyalty.

It’s like planting a seed. Marketing allows you to give your clients a piece of your brilliance and expertise (seed) as a means to ease their pain points.   The end result is a client base that is magnetically drawn to you (harvest) because they see you as the expert who can solve their problems.   When you look at it like this, why wouldn’t you want to market or “plant seeds” everyday?

With a marketing strategy, that helps you identify your brand, your core message and your target market, your marketing (or seed planting/generous giving) becomes effortless.

In an upcoming blog post, I’m going to recommend some easy strategies that you can use to market every day.   In the meantime, share the marketing strategies that have worked for you.  

RICH Author Secrets: 3 Keys to Building a POWERFUL Platform and getting TONS of publicity for your self-published book

Tynisha Thompson

Today at 1:00 p.m. CT/2:00 p.m. ET, branding and book marketing guru Tynisha Thompson and I will host a free teleseminar for authors!  

You’ll learn:

- the 3 keys to getting publicity for your book and secrets to building a powerful brand.

- the one thing you have to be willing to do for FREE to sell your book (and it’s not book signings).

- one strategy you MUST implement in order for your book to hit the KINDLE best-seller’s list.

Tynisha and I will also be discussing this weekend’s RICH Author’s Media Marketing amp; Publicity Workshop.   Have you signed up yet?



1:00 P.M. CT/2:00 P.M. ET

DIAL: 712-432-3066

ACCESS #: 521442

No sign-up necessary!   Just join the call.   We start promptly at 1:00 p.m.   See you on the call.

Let’s Get Fully Charged!!

**Let #39;s get FULLY CHARGED at the CIRCUS!**

There’s absolutely nothing like the circus…NOTHING!

During my grade school years at St. Edmunds (on 61st amp; Michigan), I can vividly recall our annual field trip to Ringling Bros. and  Barnum   amp; Bailey Circus.

It sounds weired, but  I loved how  the smell of cotton candy and elephants hit you in the face  the moment you walk in the door.   LOL!

This year, I’m making it a friend and family affair.   I’ve teamed up with the Chicagoland Mom Squad to  get the word out.

We’re inviting our friends, family AND followers for a day of fun!   Think of it as your chance to just be a kid again.

I’ll be going on Sunday, November 20th, but pick the day that works best for you.

The circus will be at two venues:

Allstate Arena: November 3-13th

United Center: November 16-27th

Click here to see all upcoming dates and times or feel free to join me and my crew on the 20th.   When you click through, don’t forget to use the special link you see on the right side of the page!

See you under the big top!

What RICH authors know and POOR authors don’t.

Right now, I have about  4 books swimming around in my head.   The topics range from how to be a great guest on radio and TV, to the secrets of highly successful women, to how to raise a happy, healthy child who is destined for greatness!  

Do I have multiple degrees or certifications in these areas?   No.   What I do have, however,  is confidence, personal experience  and an understanding of how to articulate basic “how-to” advice in a manner that is engaging and easy to understand.   I also know how to interview and quote REAL experts as needed!

**Working image for forthcoming book**

That’s why I have set out to  finish my first book by early next year.    The book will give me a new level of credibility and will open doors for speaking, coaching and  increased visibility.

Even though the book  won’t be out until February 2012, I started marketing it more than a year ago.   Why?   Because that’s what Rich authors do!

Do you have the mindset of a  rich author or a poor author?

You see, poor authors see themselves as merely “authors.”   They write books, they may speak every now and then and they sell a few books at the back of the room.

Rich authors however, see themselves as “marketers.”   They realize that their book can be the source of multiple income streams.   In other words, an author who is committed to sharing their expertise with their target market understands that their book can be a profitable business.

Poor authors sell books one by one by one…maybe at book signings or local events.   If you’re lucky, someone comes along and buys three books at a time.   When that happens, poor authors feel like they’ve hit the jackpot!

Rich authors however, use their books as business cards or lead generating tools.   They have no problem giving their books away to serious prospects because they know that the material in the book will help them build a loyal fan base that will be hungry to purchase other books, attend workshops, subscribe to newsletters and invest in coaching programs!

Poor authors start promoting their book AFTER the book comes out.

Rich authors map out a simple  plan FAR in advance.   They start teasing and dropping hints to their fans and followers about the progress of their book.   They share tips from their book and they even give away chapters of their book.   These strategies build anticipation in advance among the media AND your market.   Once the book comes out, you have an audience just waiting to buy their copy and the media is eager to interview you.

We’ll be teaching you how to do all this and more at the RICH author’s workshop!   Price has been adjusted so you can bring a friend and split the cost!

I know I’m not the only one.   You’ve probably got a few books in your head too, right?

WORKSHOP IS FULL – Promote & Market your Book the “Rich” Author’s Way




  • Have you’ve written a life-changing book but frustrated because your audience just hasn’t taken notice?
  • Has your book been out for over a 6 months but you haven’t generated consistent interest from the media?
  • Are you an aspiring author who wants to know the secrets of high-impact marketing and publicity for your book BEFORE you go to press?
  • Do you know there’s a book inside you but just don’t know how to get it out?
  • How would you like to use your book to position yourself as an expert and build a powerful national platform and brand?

TV/radio personality

If any of these questions piqued your interest, you MUST plan to attend this one-of-a-kind event.

My name is Monique Caradine. I am a TV amp; Radio personality based in Chicago. I have interviewed top-selling, award-winning authors including Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison and the late E. Lynn Harris.

I am also a media expert amp; publicity coach who has worked with select authors, entrepreneurs and experts from all over the world.

I’ll be hosting a live workshop on Saturday, November 12, 2011, which will absolutely REVOLUTIONIZE the way you market, promote and sell your book.

I guarantee you. There has NEVER been a workshop of this kind in Chicago.

If you are a current or aspiring author, this EXCLUSIVE event will give you full access to my hand-picked team of experts.

Together, we have in-depth experience in the areas of of:

- Marketing

- Branding

- Platform Building

- Making your book a best-seller

- Turning your non-fiction book into a lucrative BUSINESS.

On top of all that, I am personally working with you to show you the dos and dont’s of pitching the media and building media relationships.

Collectively, we’ll share our nearly 40 years of traditional/social media, book publishing and marketing expertise with you, so that you can STOP living in obscurity and START getting exposure and experiencing the power and potential your book TRULY has!

Are you READY?

During this 1-day workshop you’ll learn:

-How to get the media to take notice and take you seriously if you are self-published author.

-The 3 things you MUST have BEFORE you reach out to the media.

-The 3 things you DON’T need to have when you reach out to the media.

-How to formulate your media angles.

-How to build media relationships so you keep getting invited back.


-How to write your book so that you can GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE and still make money.

-How to get your book out of your head and on to the page.

-How to build a platform for your book

-How to create other highly-profitable income streams from your book so you are not SOLELY relying on book sales to make money.

BONUS: How to create content for your next book!

Essentially, you will learn how to promote and market your book AND build your brand the “RICH” author’s way.

My experts include:

Tynisha Thompson

Tynisha Thompson

Tynisha is known around the world for her unique ability to get authors and entrepreneurs on the fast-track to success.

She has worked at some of New York city’s most notable publishing houses and she has helped several books reach the best-sellers list. These days, she coaches and mentors entrepreneurs from around the world, showing them how to leverage their brilliance, grow their platforms, build their brands…and write books.

Tynisha believes that everyone has a story and she shows them how to package it so that they can empower others AND make a profit.

Tynisha will be revealing some of her newest strategies for the first-time EVER at this workshop, including how to turn your book into a Kindle Best-Seller.

Naleighna Kai

Naleighna Kai

Naleighna is a Chicago native and the author of the national bestselling novel, Every Woman Needs a Wife, The Pleasure€™s All Mine, and coauthor of Speak it into Existence as well as a contributing author to a New York Times Best seller.

She is a developmental editor, publishing consultant, the founder of Macro Marketing amp; Promotions Group and is the brainchild behind the Annual Cavalcade of Authors events in Chicago which is now in its 7th year.

Naleighna is an expert at helping aspiring writers write high-quality books that attract their market AND major publishing opportunities. Visit her on the web at www.naleighnakai.com or www.thecavalcadeofauthors.com

NOTE: Because I LOVE to give people on-the-spot coaching and personal attention, I keep my class sizes small. Therefore, I am opening this workshop to only 25 current or aspiring authors.


Each author who register for this exclusive event will walk away with a specific BLUEPRINT on how to effective market and promote their books.

This is ONLY for serious authors who are ready leverage their books and make an investment in their massive success.

Yes, Monique! I am ready to start changing the world with my book and stop being the best kept secret!

Only $125.00 PLUS

Bring a friend for an additional $25.00

I can’t even count the number of calls, emails and facebook messages I get from authors who want to know how to get publicity for their books!

Recently, I’ve taken the time to talk to a few of them (you know who you are!) who’ve managed to catch me by phone here at my office. A few people have even received responses from me via facebook messsages. Needless to say, with 8,000+ FaceBook and Twitter friends and tens of thousands of listeners and viewers, I can’t talk to everyone!

That’s why, I decided to do a live workshop exclusively for current and aspiring authors.

During this one-day intensive training, you will learn exactly how to pitch the media correctly (and I stress, correctly) so that you can get publicity for your book.

Another reason I decided to do this is because I am constantly being pitched via email. On average, I get close to 100 media pitches per week, many of which come from authors. Some of the pitches are good, some of them are really BAD and unfortunately, very few of them are extraordinary or compelling enough to make me even want to consider having the author on my show.

It’s frustrating because some of the authors who pitch me probably really do have great books with great messages, but because they failed to pitch well, they never get the publicity they deserve.

In fact, I recently did a 4 part video series on the massive mistakes authors make when promoting their books and how to avoid them. You can see the video series when you click here.

REMEMBER: As an author it is your responsibility to know the most effective ways to sell your book to the media, particularly if you don’t have the backing of a huge publishing house or a gigantic marketing budget to back you up. Let me AND my brilliant experts tell you how.

A very limited number of seats are available!

Only $125.00 PLUS

Bring a friend for an additional $25

I have had the pleasure of coaching and training people from around the world. Here’s what some of them have to say:

I have learned more in one workshop with Monique Caradine than I have learned in a year of sessions with anyone else.

-Bahiyah Shabazz, Author and “Fabulous amp; Money Smart” Coach

I must say that your information in your books, “Publicity Toolkit” and “How To Make Your Story Irresistible To The Media” have both encouraged me greatly. I’ve had two interviews before reading your books, and I believe my next interview will be even better because of you. I have more confidence now because of your info and I look forward to my next interview. Thank you so much!

Marcus Boston, Author

Always well poised and well spoken, Monique is an excellent communications coach. If you are looking to raise your professional profile in your industry, or are being called upon to represent your company at conferences and in the media, Monique is the communications coach you want.”

Deborah Gray-Young, Marketing Strategist, Lil€™ Bizness Marketing Solutions

Momentum-Media is an excellent source for publicity information and support. The enthusiasm and motivation we received during our book publicity consultation has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and profitability.”

Ebony Tillman, DJT Publishing Company

“Monique – thank you so much for taking the time to share those valuable interview tips with me. You’ve empowered me to embrace my own expertise and to embrace the media. It was clear that you are very knowledgeable in the area of media training and I look forward to being able to continue to benefit from your services. Thanks again!”

Jeanene Cannon, President amp; CEO of Physique Complete, LLC

“Monique is amazing at what she does and is top notch!

Saideh Browne, President, Platinum Speakers Bureau

My Personal Guarantee:

I look forward to having you join the ranks of entrepreneurs, executives and experts whom I have equipped to take on the media with confidence and boldness! As a seasoned media professional, I teach from EXPERIENCE, not theory. I know what works and I am ready to share these insider secrets with YOU.

If you invest the time to apply the strategies that I share and you DO NOT feel more confident about targeting your market and taking your message with the media, simply return all the materials from this bootcamp and you can receive a full refund–NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

This LIVE event will be held at the Tinley Park Convention Center in South Suburban Tinley Park Illinois. Located just 30-minutes from downtown Chicago, this convenient location offers easy access, free parking and plenty of great nearby restaurants.

YES! Please include me as one of the 25 authors invited to participate in this event!

Got questions? Email: Erica Bell at ebell@moniquecaradine.com


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