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It’s the end of 2011. Have you seen your toes lately?
So I got on the scale yesterday for the first time in a while,  just to get a post-holiday “reality check.”  I’m tryna get my mind right and get back on track, so I needed to get some perspective on where I am weight-wise.

I looked at that scale and my mouth almost hit the floor!  

I’m not even going to go into exactly what the scale said cuz I can just hear people now saying “You still skinny,” and “Girl please, that aint nothin!”

getting it in, December 2011

Whatever. That’s not the point. The truth is, I am not huge at all.  In fact I never have been. But I am not at MY ideal weight.  I know where I need to be to feel and look my best and right now–thanks to waaay too much Puerto Rican food and very little exercise–I am not there.

The worst part of it all is the fact that when I gain weight, it tends to collect right in my mid-section.  Needless to say, not a good look.

So now I’m ready to get what I call “reFit.”  That means I have to re-commit to regain my fit physique.

You might recall when I first lost a lot of weight.  About 27 lbs to be exact working with John Hall. I was fly and I felt better at that point than I had in about 15 years! That was about two and a half years ago.  I remember exactly what made me commit to getting the weight off:

TURNING POINT #1: We were on vacation.  Our bathroom had a full-length mirror.  I got out of the shower one day and saw myself in the mirror.  For a split second I was startled.  I could have sworn someone else was in the bathroom with me because that “juicy Lucy” could NOT have been me!  It was.

TURNING POINT #2: I went to the doctor for my annual check up.  The physician’s assistant weighed me.  I was 156 lbs which for my height and body type was about 2 lbs away from being considered overweight (according to the BMI chart).  Seriously?  WTF!

TURNING POINT #3: I was about to turn 40.  I did not want to get there and look…well, 40.  I had to do something and quick.

TURNING POINT #4: I looked down one day and because my stomach protruded so, I almost couldn’t see my toes.  That creeped me out so bad.  I knew it was time to draw the line.

So I hooked up with John Hall and he helped me get healthy again.  Damn was I fierce!

However, here we are, almost 3 years later, and I’m quickly getting back to the point where I have to put too much effort into seeing my toes.

So, I’m taking action.  My goal is simple:

Do something physically challenging everyday for the next 10 days.

This is a short term goal.  I established it so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the long term goal which is to make working out a way of life.  I want it to become a natural part of my day–like breathing.

So far this week, I’ve done yoga (which was an excellent workout), some jump rope, I did John Hall’s “Your Body is Your Gym” workout (which I shot and produced  and added to my YouTube Channel.  You should watch it) and today I’m doing 45 minutes on the bike.  

If you haven’t worked out in a while, you may want to start out by simply taking a brisk walk to the end of the block or just walk up and down your stairs a few times.  Whatever you decide, just do something!  Let’s start a MOVEMENT movement!

I’m still not sure exactly how I’ll manage this hair of mine, but I’ll figure it out.  In my next post about fitness, I’ll interview a hair professional who will give us advice on hair care products that will get us through our new active lifestyles so we can still look fabulous!

Have you reached your turning point yet?

The 6 things I’m doing EVERYDAY to make 2012 absolutely extraordinary

On the business side of life, the plans are set and the strategy is in place for 2012.  I’ve learned some big lessons  in 2011 and this is  going to be a brilliant breakthrough year!

But personal and family life are important as well.

So how do I make that side of life just as great?

Tony amp; TJ

After spending some time thinking about it, I have decided that instead of making some grandiose resolution (that I’ll probably kick to the curb after 2 days) there are really only a few simple things I need to do consistently  EVERYDAY to make this an all around spectacular year:

1.) Read/meditate on the bible and thank God for the Word. (cuz sometimes, I just don’t make it a priority)

2.) Kiss Tony amp; TJ. Tell them “I luv u.” (cuz sometimes, things get so hectic we forget and life is too short)

3.) Do something physically challenging. (well, u know how THIS is…at the end of the day, that couch be callin…)

4.) Focus on the BIG goals (purpose). Never let fear cause me to make excuses or get sidetracked. (cuz sometimes it’s easier to waste time on Facebook than to truly accept and walk in God’s plan for my life)

5.) Proclaim my total prosperity in every area of life. (cuz it’s important to speak my own healing, abundance, happiness and prosperity.  There’s power in words!)

6.) Laugh. (cuz it just feels good!)


‘Nuff said.

My top 10 predictions for 2012

10.   The OWN network will finally find its own identity.

Oprah will have a divine revelation and tap into the formula for better, more creative and compelling programming.  As usual, she will defy all the naysayers, go against conventional wisdom, partner with some hot, unconventional talents and OWN’s ratings will soar (actually, this won’t be fully realized until 2013, but we’ll start to see the momentum in 2012).

9.   The democrats will grow a spine and Americans will finally see the republicans for the self-absorbed, vindictive, power-hungry cry babies they really are.

8.   A record number of people will fire their bosses and hire themselves.

Americans will realize that they cannot put their faith or their future in the hands of corporate entities whch are only concerned about their bottom line.   People are already waking up to this reality.   They will start doing what they love, making money at it and finally finding true happiness. Those who were once at the bottom will begin to elevate themselves.

7.   More so-called “authority” figures will fall from grace (i.e. Bishop Eddie Long, Joe Paterno, Sandusky, etc) as the covers are pulled off their corrupt dealings.   This will happen in politics, religion and in business.  

6.   Black America will experience a new awakening as women start to reclaim their role as cultural gatekeepers.  

We will re-emerge as fearless and outspoken leaders, courageous mothers and loving and supportive mates to our spouses.   We will begin to overcome a legacy of self-hate.   Our families will begin to heal.  

5. First Lady Michelle Obama will become more outspoken.

Lady O will show the world how brilliant she is by offering solutions to long-standing social issues that impact us globally.  Her boldness will be overwhelming and will capture the attention of people around the world.  

4. The concept of black leadership will be completely revolutionized.  

Old guard leadership begin to crumble and new visionary leadership will emerge, changing the way people of color are perceived in the U.S. and around the world.

3.  Haiti will begin to experience a significant recovery politically, socially and economically.

2.   President Obama will be re-elected in one of the most contentious presidential elections in history.  

There will be no mistaking that he hails from the South Side of Chicago.   He will move forward as the leader we’ve been waiting for.   He will be audacious in his approach to bringing about the change he spoke of in 2007-08.  People who were once at the bottom will move toward the top.  President Obama will call the corrupt politicians to the carpet. He will be despised by the status quo but they will not be able to hurt him.   He will be revered and protected by the people.   His fearlessness will be undeniable.   He will consistently kick ass and take names.  

1. There will be a global spiritual revival.  

People will begin to reject schizophrenic ideals about God that permeate American culture.   There will be a powerful movement to put God back in schools and back at the center of families and American life.   Many will be persecuted, ridiculed, maybe even killed within this movement but it will advance nevertheless.

What say you??

My 3 best success tips from the biggest lessons I learned in 2011

I am so happy to see 2011 come to an end!   This year has been filled with ups and downs for me personally and professionally.  

The good news is, I made significant shifts in my business that will ensure big breakthroughs this coming year.  I planted lots of good seed and I’ve fearlessly taken steps toward massive success.   I’ve also had the pleasure of coaching others toward levels of success they never imagined.   How gratifying!

The not-so-good news is, on a personal level, I spent a good chunk of the year battling a chronic condition called endometriosis, which I’ve had for the better part of 20 years.   It flared up this year and as a result, I spent more time than ever in the hospital.  

Of course I didn’t talk much about this publicly because I refused to let it stop me, but after what I’ve gone through I will be doing a lot more awareness-building around endometriosis so that other women won’t have to endure what I did.

Nevertheless, I have grown a lot this year and growth is ALWAYS good no matter what the cost.  So here are my 3 best success tips from the business lessons I learned in 2011:  

1.       Always invest in a coach, mastermind group or accountability partner who will take you to a higher level.  When I hired my first coach back in 2009, I did it reluctantly.   In my mind, working with a coach was an admission that I couldn’t get something done on my own or that I was “weak.”  I guess I assumed that entrepreneurs have to have “super powers” and know how to do everything perfectly.

Thank goodness I overcame that self-sabotaging belief!   That mindset turned out to be the very thing that was holding me back.  

Thanks to my coach, who was one of the BEST in the business, I not only achieved a greater sense of clarity, I also began to value coaching and I broke through to a new level of success.    Now, I make sure that I always either have a coach or that I am in a mastermind group with high-achieving professionals who are smarter than me.   I now know that if I am that smartest one in the room, I need to move to a new room!

So this year, I have made a HUGE investment in a coach who will hold my hand through EVERY aspect of marketing my business.   It’s kind of scary to think of the commitment that I’ve made but I believe that in order to get extraordinary results, you have to be willing to take extraordinary steps.   By no means am I in my comfort zone and that’s a good thing!

This year, thanks to my coach, you will see me take quantum leaps in building my business and my brand.  

Do you have a coach?   If not, get one.  Search high and low for the right coach.  In fact, you probably already have an idea of a person you want to work with.  Stop procrastinating and being so concerned about what it will cost.  Money should NEVER be the thing that stops you from reaching your destiny.  

LISTEN: It’ s time that you come to grips with the fact that  your success requires an investment on your part.   Stop being one of those people who always wants to “pick peoples’ brains!”  Instead, invest in that brain power if you value it!

If you can’t afford a coach, ask an expert if you can invest in an hour of their time so that you can ask them 10 well-thought out questions about how they achieved _________ .  Let them know what your budget is.  If all you have is $300 to spare, offer that. If that offends them, they will tell you but usually people will appreciate your offer and give you far more insight than you paid for.

I feel sorry for the female entrepreneur I talked to recently…

She explained to me in detail all the challenges she’s been facing in her business.  She needed help bad.  Yet when I mapped out how I could help her and shared what the investment would be, she instantly dismissed it as “out of her budget” and I never heard from her again.  The sad part is, without the help of a coach or accountability partner, she will probably be in the same position this time next year.

In 2012, leave that stagnating mindset about not being able to afford a coach behind and decide that this is YOUR year.  You are too brilliant to be broke!

2.       Always be working on something BIG.   One of the most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is allowing themselves to get bogged down with small, meaningless, “time-wasting” tasks.   If the first thing you do when you start your day is check email and check to see how many people “liked” your last FaceBook post, you are doomed to mediocre success.   Serious entrepreneurs who are committed to constant growth DO NOT allow email and facebook to be the focal point of their day.   You are too brilliant for that!    

Instead of focusing on small stuff, make plans to strategically complete projects that lend themselves to your brilliance and your growth.   Spend your time creating and developing projects or initiatives that position you as an expert, build your brand and allow you to solve problems for your target market.   Come to grips with the fact that email and FACEBOOK are primarily time wasters!   Sure they can be used as tools for marketing and brand building (I use them frequently) but as with everything you have to be strategic.  


Check email twice a day, not every five minutes.  85% of email is junk so stop wasting your time.

Limit the time you spend on social media.  Don’t be one of those people who seems to ALWAYS be on FaceBook fussing and ranting about randomness.

Instead, use your online platforms to build relationships and construct an image you want potential clients to seek and admire. Either schedule your social media posts to go out automatically or designate a limited time during the day when you log in to post.  

If ranting about your kids or discussing your personal pet peeves and failed relationships is not consistent with your brand then DO NOT use FaceBook as an outlet!  Instead, get a therapist.  

Otherwise, use your precious time to work on something BIG: write, create, develop, get new clients or find new ways to provide exceptional service to your current ones. Focus on turning your brilliance into profits.

3.       Always SHOW UP when you show up.   In other words, when you attend meetings, events, affairs or anything where you could potentially meet new clients or expand your sphere of influence, you need to look the frickin part!   If you don’t really want to SHOW UP, then don’t show up!  Don’t just assume that you can fade into the background because that is no place for you!  

This has truly been one of my biggest challenges.  In the past, I would dim my light so that others wouldn’t feel uncomfortable around me.  I would show up dressed down, hair in a ponytail with jeans on so people wouldn’t be like, “Who does she think she is?”  

Now, those days are over.  As I embrace the fact that I am fast becoming a national brand, I realize that I have to SHOW UP! I have to be dressed and have my hair and make up done even if I don’t feel like it because when I let my light shine, I give others permission to do the same.

So go ahead and wear a blinged out shirt, or your fave bold color, or your signature bag or something fabulous with your logo on it.   When you do, people will notice you (some may hate on you) and others will remember you … and that’s exactly what you want them to do!

I have a few other BIG business lessons I’ve learned that you can  read more about here, but in the meantime, what were your biggest 2011 lessons learned…business or personal?  

No. You can’t “pick” my brain. It costs too much!


I love giving advice. I write blogs, articles and a newsletter. I host a radio show. I tweet, Facebook and share nuggets

no brain picking please!

of advice almost daily. So what is it in all of that, that would make anyone think they can still have the right to “pick my brain”?

I can’t tell you how flattering it is to be approached by representatives from major companies seeking my wisdom and advice. It show they are listening and like what I have to say.

But often I find the road ends when they are just on a fact finding mission. That mission is to pick my brain to gather as much free intel and knowledge they need to make their jobs easier.

Not gonna happen, sorry. My brain costs money to maintain. There’s training, classes to attend, reading (I have to buy books), gaining certifications, costs of memberships so I can network, attending conferences and mastering my skills that all cost me money.

I have to protect my investment. How fair is it to me to give away all the knowledge I have acquired that I use to make my living, pay my bills and eat?

Now, don’t get offended. If you do, maybe you deserve to be offended because you’re one of those aforementioned brain pickers.

There have been many articles written and discussions formed around this very subject. With the Internet being so widely available loaded with free information, people automatically assume that you too have to provide information for free.

My response to that is go ahead and read the free stuff. But when you still find yourself lacking answers, then apparently the FREE stuff doesn’t work. You can’t come to a professional and ask them to work for free. In essence, that is what you’re doing when you ask to pick someone’s brain.

How would you feel if your boss came to you and said,  Hey since we can get this done from information from the Internet, I won’t be paying you today. Go ahead, let it sink in. Got that visual yet? Good. That’s exactly how I feel whenever someone wants to take me to lunch or call me to pick my brain.

If you’re like (how I used to be) you’ve given away tons of valuable information. I never once minded helping people out. It’s the ones who keep coming back for more freebies and those who take my ideas, implement them, find success, then never offer to repay me for my time.

And no, a turkey sandwich is  not  payment for something that helped you overcome an obstacle and either created value or additional revenue for your company. I charge my  paying  clients very good money for my expertise and results. How would they feel to know that I’m giving out free advice? Not too swell I would imagine. In fact I hope they don’t call me demanding refunds!

The most prevalent question I get is how do you draw the line? Deciding the point where you begin to charge is tough, especially if you’re just starting out.

But your knowledge has value. You’ve invested time and money into learning your craft and it’s not fair for people to expect you to give it away for free. Even friends need to understand there are boundaries.

For example I will no longer advise my friends or family for free. (Wow, I just made some people mad….they’ll get over it!). I have businesses to run, employees to pay, mortgage to pay, office rent to pay, college tuition, etc, etc, etc.

I’ve told this to friends who have promptly replied, “Me too, you know I don’t have much money”. SO WHAT. That means you either have to delay your plans or come up with the money to fund your dreams. Period. Giving away information is the quickest way to end up evicted or foreclosed on. Put that in proper perspective for a moment.

If you’re having problem drawing the line in the sand, here are some rules of thumb you should follow:

  • Believe that what you know is valuable.  If it wasn’t then why are they coming to you? You’re their chance to solve a problem or find a solution. That has value. Charge for it.
  • Create a fee schedule.  Whenever someone wants to pick your brain, make sure you have your fee schedule in front of you. Give them a quote for how much it will cost them. They’ll either pay it or move on. If they move on, good riddance. They weren’t interested in paying you anyway. Let them figure it out on their own.
  • Decline lunch/coffee invitations unless they are strictly non-business.If the conversation swings around to business, quickly and politely tell them you’re off the clock. If they are interested in a consult they can book an appointment and let them know what the charge is for that.
  • Keep it light.  Some of you will probably cave and throw a few nuggets out there. If you do (I hope you don’t), keep it general. Give the why and what but never the how. Anything beyond the why and what comes with a charge. And don’t even point them in the direction to obtain the how. That’s short changing yourself.
  • Prominently post that there are no freebies.  OK not in those words. But if you have a blog or website, and even on your social media profiles, make sure you mention that consultations are available at a fee.
  • Exchange for equal value.  This puts you in an advantageous bargaining position. If someone requests free information or help, you must feel comfortable in asking for an in kind value service. Assess what they have that can be of equal benefit for you. If they are genuine, they should have no problem in an even exchange of knowledge. Only you will know if what they have is equal to what you’re giving.
  • Refer them to your “free” resources.  If you write a blog, have published articles, have archived videos or podcasts or have a show in which you dispense advice, refer them to that information. Explain that those are the only free information sources you offer. Anything specific or beyond what’s readily available has a cost.
  • Don’t be afraid to send them to Google.  You can recommend they go to Google, or any other search engine or to sites that have articles or information about what they need advice on. You can also recommend a book or magazine that might be helpful. Let them expend that energy they would have used in meeting you at Starbucks and hit the search engines to find their answers. Problem is, they’ll be overwhelmed with varying degrees of information. Not fun for them, but when they’re ready to put it in proper perspective and implement, they can come to you…for a consult…a paid consult.
  • Ask them for a paying referral.  If they truly want your expertise, they have to be willing to help you out too. It’s kind of like the Equal Exchange point I made above crossed with paying it forward. Before you dispense any advice, ask them to provide you with referrals to others who most certainly need (and can afford) your service.
  • Don’t back down.  I know it’s hard to say “no” sometimes. But you can’t back down. People will know how far they can bend or push you. Stand firm, set your boundaries and guard your treasures (your brain and the know how in it). The minute you compromise you devalue yourself and your expertise.

Most people are afraid to draw the hard lines in the sand for fear of angering a friend or losing a potential client or opportunity. Trust me, if they will walk away because they cannot get a freebie, they weren’t meant to be a client and there was no real opportunity in it for you.

Many in the marketing circles will tell you the freebie give away is vital. But it doesn’t always lead to a sale. Likewise giving away what you would do in a given situation during an interview will not necessarily lead to you being hired. It’s up to you to determine what you’re willing to give away and how much of it. Know your worth, understand your value. Stop being taken advantage of. No more freebies.

Til next time.

Adrienne Graham
No, you can’t pick my brain!

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Adrienne Graham is the Founder amp; CEO of Empower Me! Corporation (www.empowerme.org). She is a strategist that helps people grow their career, business or network in any economy. She is the voice behind Views from the Top Radio Show, and the creative visionary behind Empower Me! Institute and Empower Me! Magazine. Her writing and shows focus on Career Management, Networking Strategies, Entrepreneurial Success and Small Business Management. You can also find her causing a ruckus on Forbes.com.

You are too brilliant to be broke!

In the past 10 days I have talked to no less than a dozen entrepreneurs.  They have confided in me their frustrations about struggling in business.  

While their entrepreneurial endeavors are all unique (some are coaches, others are authors and others run small businesses) the common denominator is the same: they have great products and services and powerful messages, yet  they haven’t manifested the kinds of profits and visibility they deserve.  

They’re overworked, their revenue is inconsistent or only coming from one source and the future does not look bright.

So how do you break this cycle?  Here are 4 tips:

 1.) You absolutely MUST create a multiple income stream lifestyle.  

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that finding a job is the solution to our problems.    It is not.

 As business owners, we’ve been told to get good at one thing, don’t overprice your service  and you’ll be successful.  This is truly one of the biggest lies we’ve ever been told.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.   In this economy your small business should have at least 3 to 5 ways it generates revenue.   If you are an entrepreneur, have 5 to 7 ways of making money–all seamlessly aligned with your expertise.   If you are not “officially” in business yet and you are still employed, launch your “side hustle” today.     I have at least 5 ways I make money and often times I do it right from the comfort of my home office.

2.)  You MUST create a marketing strategy.  

I have my entire 2012 media and marketing strategy planned out.  I know exactly where my revenue is coming from.  There’s no question mark, no anxiety.  My well executed plan should help me not only reach my goal but I’ll also be making money in my sleep.  

Anybody can do exactly what I did to create a simple strategy.  I write blogs about it, articles about it and even tell you how to do it step-by-step.  Sadly people still refuse to do it.  

What’s the problem?  Are you allergic to creating a strategy?  Does that word scare you?  How the heck do you get the word out about your business?   How are you ensuring that you have a steady influx of customers and clients all year round?  Are you afraid of success?

A strategy allows you to put a system in place that can be easily duplicated and repeated over and over again.  I show people how to do this quickly and easily in my signature MVP (Marketing, Visibility amp; Profits) strategy sessions.  Imagine how it would feel to know exactly what your marketing strategy is and where you revenue is coming from for the entire year?  That’s what we do in the MVP Sessions.

 3.) You MUST get a mentor, coach or mastermind buddy to help you chart your course from a “big picture” point of view.  

Too often we struggle trying to figure things out on our own.   I’ve been there, done that.  I thought coaching was for wimps and always tried to go it alone.  This mindset cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Your problem could be YOU.  You could be getting in your own way!  A coach or mentor can help you breakthrough self-imposed barriers so you can see things more clearly and from a fresh perspective.  A good coach will also be your accountability partner.

Before this year ends, get a coach.  Join a mastermind.  Do something!

As many of you know,  Tynisha Thompson is one of my brilliant coaches.  If her roster’s not full, she might work with you too.

4.) Lastly, I recommend you position yourself as an expert to leverage the media.  

This not only helps you get free publicity, which is extremely valuable, it also helps you expand your sphere of influence nationally and globally.  

With all your brilliance, you shouldn’t be a best kept secret…and you certainly shouldn’t be broke.  

The secret to success is multiple income streams




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Dear Fellow Visionary:

Everyone is talking about how bad the economy is.  

Jobs are scarce and major corporations are tightening their belts big time!  In fact you may be feeling the pinch personally.

  • As a professional, maybe you’ve been laid off and had trouble finding another full-time job.
  • If you’re freelancer or sub-contractor, maybe you’re just not getting as many opportunities coming your way.
  • As a small business owner, you may be seeing an impact on your bottom-line as well, with fewer customers and people in general spending less as they try to hold on to more.
  • Or maybe you are gainfully employed but you just want to generate some additional revenue because you know have a skill set or level of knowledge that can help others.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, you’re in the right place!  


You see, most people see the unstable, jobless economy as a problem.  I see it as an awesome opportunity!

This is an opportunity for you to take inventory of the things that you are great at–you know, all the things you would offer to some company where you were applying for a job–and package them up to create your own global brand and highly profitable stream of income.  In fact, once you truly tap into the power of your brilliance, you could literally make more money than you ever have before!



I started creating additional income streams when I was working full-time as a radio talk show host.  It was my only job and I loved it.  However, I knew I wasn’t getting paid what I was worth and when raises became scarce, I said to myself “why am I allowing someone else to be in control of how much money I make?”

So off I went, creating other “money buckets.”  Now, I have between 5 – 7 streams of income.  None of them have anything to do with MLM or pyramid schemes.  Every single one of my income streams is seamlessly aligned with my inherent gifts, talents and professional and unique experience.

It’s kind of like a beautiful symphony that allows me to generate money in my sleep!


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  • Access to the call recordings, just in case you can’t make it.
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  • Live access to me during the Q amp; A mastermind session.  
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals participating in the telecourse.
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~Deborah Gray-Young, Marketing Strategist
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The Black Woman’s Manifesto for 2012

I have had it.

Too many black women on TV appear to be making a concerted effort to hijack our image and set us back 850 years!

What the hell is going on?

I’m talking about the reality show, so-called housewives of this, that and the other. Their frequent displays of violence and aggression, their obvious lack of self-esteem and their inability to show any semblance of adult-like behavior is downright embarrassing.

Yet, the criticisms of these displays, which should be coming from upstanding black women in our society, are either being ignored, are too rare or not being voiced loudly enough.

Or, maybe these toxic displays have become accepted as the norm for black women.

This is NOT okay! I say, enough is enough. It’s time to set a new standard for women everywhere. So I decided to draft the Black Woman’s Manifesto for 2012. It’s intended to be a working document with a few recommendations of how we as strong, proud, respectable, admirable, loving black women should conduct ourselves. Is this too much to ask?

1.) We will strive for better health–mentally, physically and spiritually. We will get therapy, coaching, training, counseling or whatever it takes so that the hurts of our past no longer hinder our future. We will work to achieve ultimate wholeness and healing in EVERY area of our lives so that our thoughts, words and actions become a true reflection of our GOD-like nature. We will elevate ourselves in an effort to command a new level of respect.

2.) As mothers, we will put the BEST interest of our children FIRST, especially as it relates to giving them the best education possible, spending quality time and creating a nurturing and affirming family environment. We will not leave them in situations where their safety and well-being might be jeopardized (i.e. with boyfriends or friends of friends or with crazy-ass relatives just because we can’t find a babysitter). We will see them as precious gifts, not burdens. We will lovingly prepare nutritious meals for them so that they will not rely on fast food. We will teach our girls to value themselves and raise our boys to be MEN. At our best, we will serve as the living example of the type of woman our sons would want to marry. Even when they become “difficult” or “defiant” we will protect our children at all costs and NEVER give up on them.

3.) We will absolutely NOT flirt with, lunch with, spend time with, share personal information with, engage in long conversation with or have sex with another woman’s husband, period! He is off limits no matter how smooth a talker he may be. We will show self-restraint and show respect for that wife and her marriage because we would want her to do the same for us. We will also stop holding every man accountable for the sins of our fathers who may have left us. It is not their fault that he may have been ill-equipped to prepare us for womanhood.

4.) We will raise our standards and level of expectation when it comes to relationships. We will only connect with men of high moral character. If he does not get along with his mother, we will either help him repair that relationship first or run in the opposite direction. We will STOP engaging in casual sex with multiple partners because that’s just nasty! Just because a man is “sexy” or has “swag” does not mean he deserves the very essence of who you are. Allow him to earn it. Challenge him to put a ring on it. Show him your value goes far beyond the bedroom. Your life depends on it and he will he be a better man if you do.

5.) We will vigorously protect our image in the media. When we see women on TV clowning and acting a damn fool, we will confront them, call them to the carpet and lovingly correct them. Nowadays, shaking our heads as we continue to watch the train wreck is not enough because these women are negatively influencing an entire generation.

6.) We will create a multiple-streams-of-income lifestyle. We will refuse to rely on one check from one job that is not guaranteed to be there for us tomorrow. We will establish businesses that give us the freedom to do what matters most and we will earn what we deserve. We will commit to tithing, saving, giving and systematically getting out of debt.

7.) We will ONLY speak words that give life. We will encourage, uplift, support, empower and inspire each other with our words. We will refuse to tear others down with rumors, gossip, lies, half-truths, violence, aggression, negativity or deceit. No longer will we say, “I’m broke, I’m not good enough, I’m too short, I’m too fat, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough…” We will recognize that our words have POWER and every word we speak is a seed being planted. We will NOT speak our current situation. Instead we will ONLY speak the reality that we deserve and desire thereby calling it into existence with our WORDS.

8.) We will lovingly forgive ourselves for bad decisions and stupid mistakes. The past is the past. We are still here. The lesson has been learned. It’s a new day. Move on and let your breakthrough overtake you!

9.) We will honor ourselves (and the God within us) everyday by acknowledging the authority that we have been given to change ANY situation. We will reclaim our role as cultural gatekeepers and we will be respected for our brilliance AND beauty on earth and in heaven.

Introducing the Rich Author’s Coaching Club
On the heels of my recent RICH Author’s Workshop,
I am thrilled to announce the premier of the RICH Author’s Coaching Club!

Hello current and aspiring “RICH” authors!

RICH Author #39;s Way

I am excited to offer you this unique opportunity to work with me and take your book to a whole new level!  The RICH Author’s Way is my signature strategy and coaching club designed exclusively for current or aspiring non-fiction authors who not only have a powerful story to tell, but who also really want to enjoy the abundance and financial rewards you deserve–all based on your book, your brilliance and the guidance I’ll share with you.


I LOVE coaching clubs.  I personally am always in some kind of coaching or mastermind group because they give you the opportunity to be surrounded by other brilliant, goal-oriented people–all led by someone who has the experience to help you get to where you want to go.  In this case, I’ll be your guide!  I’ll be helping you see new opportunities for your book (whether you’ve finished it or not) that will position you as an expert AND make you money.


  • I’ll be your accountability partner.
  • I’ll help you gain visibility by leveraging the media.
  • I’ll help you see yourself as a “marketer” and not just an “author.”
  • I’ll help you turn your book into an empire.

The RICH Author’s Coaching Club is an opportunity for you to work closely with me during a six week period to get a better understanding of how you can turn your book into a multiple income empire. I will also help you discover the best ways to get your book into the hands of your ideal market. Of course, I’ll also be going in depth on how to pitch your story to the media so that you can start getting publicity.

This will be done by phone in a group environment. We will start with me sharing easy to apply techniques. We will then have a robust Q amp; A session following each call.

The calls will be recorded and sent to you, so if you can’t make the call, you won’t miss a thing.

The great thing is this:

We start in January with our first session. This way you can enjoy the holiday, then right at the beginning of the New Year, you can work with me to begin to FINALLY manifest the goals you set for your book long before you wrote it.

If you believe your book is worthy of $10, $12 or $15 and nothing more, then please, DO NOT join the RICH Author’s Coaching Club.

However, if you believe the value of your book goes FAR beyond the cover price, then join me and learn the secrets to leveraging your brilliance and passion to turn your book into a business card and ultimately, an empire.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in the Rich Author’s Coaching Club:

SESSION 1: How to turn your book into a multiple income stream empire.
During this session we’ll peel back the layers and explore easy ideas for re-purposing your book, reaching more people and making them hungry for more of your brilliance.

SESSION 2: How to position yourself as an industry expert and become irresistible to the media. Here, I’ll give you the keys to credibility and how to come across as an authority so the media will respect you and be willing to use you as a resource.

SESSION 3: How to pitch your book to the media and get free publicity. Authors have an advantage over most people when pitching the media but there are still some dos and don’ts every author should know. I’ll reveal the most effective strategies for working with the media and building long-term media relationships.

SESSION 4: The keys to giving a great interview that builds your tribe and makes you money. Interviews are great but they’re even better when they can help you build a fan base that will support your multiple income stream efforts! Here, I’ll show you 3 simple ways to do it.

SESSION 5: The Rich Authors Mastermind. During this session, we’ll work together as a group, sharing ideas, resources and support so that you can move your message forward and potentially establish mutually beneficial partnerships. I’ll also answer any questions you have AND do some impromptu spotlight coaching.

As you can see, this strategies I’ll be revealing within the RICH Author Coaching Club has the potential to completely transform the way your book works for you. If you TAKE ACTION the tips I share, you’ll be able to inspire more people with your message, make more money and change people’s lives.




The first 5 authors who sign up for this offer by December 15, 2011 will be featured on my online platform as my “RICH Author of the Week.” I’ll do a one-on-one interview with you where you can share your story and promote your book. The interview can also be posted on your website and other social media platforms. Additionally, I’ll promote you on my platforms which equals an audience of more than 10,000 plus people!

It is time you stopped being the best kept secret! Start getting known now by joining the Rich Author’s Coaching Club. Learn the secrets to turning your book into an empire and getting the publicity you deserve.

And yes! You will benefit from the Rich Author’s Coaching Club even if your book hasn’t been written yet! Again, all the calls will be recorded and the handouts will be delivered to your emailbox.

Your investment is only:


  • Yes! Monique, I want to be apart of the RICH Author’s Coaching Club so that you can hold my hand and keep me accountable as I turn my book into an empire!  
  • When I sign up I know that your money back guarantee is in full-effect if I’m not completely satisfied!

As always, I look forward to helping you build your brand and get your message out to the world. There is a powerful purpose on your life. I applaud you for writing or having the desire to write a book. Now, get ready to take it to the next level! I totally believe in you!

Monique Caradine Kitchens

p.s.  If you have any questions, contact Erica Bell via email: ebell@moniquecaradine.com


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