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I’m always asking my clients challenging questions about creating more money.  It’s fun to get them to think in bold and creative ways about how to make more, faster while doing less.

During a workshop the other day, I posed a question to some really sharp women entrepreneurs.  The answer one of them gave was frickin brilliant.

some of the savvy women entrepreneurs I've helped create strategies for.

My question: If your goal is to create $250,000 in 12 months, what do you have to believe about yourself to do that?  Now take that same amount and think about what you have to believe about yourself to create it in 6 months.

Her answer summed up:  I have to believe in my own worth and that I am constantly attracting the clients who are willing invest in my solutions.  I have no concern about creating that amount.  I’m focused on creating the strategy.

Talk about an “aha” moment.

She’s right.  Do you need the right mindset? Yes.  Do you have to know the value of the solutions you offer? You bet.  Yet, if you can’t back all that up with a banging strategy, you have nothing.

I remember asking about success strategies a while back to a different group and several people responded by saying things like, “I pray…” and “I put it in God’s hands…” 

If you know me, you know I gave them a serious “side eye” when I heard that.  I firmly believe in prayer and faith, but these are tools, not strategies.

What are the components of a great strategy?  Write these down: Vision, implementation, action, consistency and results.

Do you have a grasp on these five things in your business?

A good strategy can literally take your business revenues into the stratosphere.  It can also give you unprecedented freedom.  For accelerated results connect with a coach, mentor or strategist to help you create one.  I started working with a brilliant coach about 2 years ago and the difference for my bottom-line has been substantial. 

I used to work to the point of exhaustion in my business.  I was frustrated, tired and stretched way too thin.  Now I’m seeing money come in freely, consistently and with far less effort on my part — and it’s all because of my strategy.

So what’s your overall strategy for creating 6 or 7-figures?  What ideas, successes or challenges do you have around strategy?  How would you answer my question about creating $250K in 6 months?

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