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3 things you can do TODAY to start getting national publicity for your business, book or brand.

This article was originally written in 2010

Whenever I speak to organizations, authors or corporate groups about publicity there are always some in the audience who get fired up and start applying the strategies immediately.   Then there are others who just can’t wrap their brains around it because they think that getting publicity is too difficult, too time consuming, too scary and sometimes they just don’t think they have what it takes to get publicity.

If you’re in the latter group, let me put your mind at ease.   Getting publicity for your business does require some level of knowledge of how the media works and some strategy but these skills can easily be learned and mastered.

Here are 3 easy things you can do today to start getting national publicity for your business, your book or your brand:

1.)       Sign up for Media Leads Services — there are several online services that you can use that will directly connect you with journalists.   I use HelpAReporter.com and PitchRate.com.   These services let you sign up for free with your email address and name.   Immediately you’ll start receiving daily updates on stories that reporters from all over the world are working on.   They’re looking to interview experts just like you for those stories.   I encourage you to sign up and start getting comfortable with the idea of building media relationships.

2.)       Issue a press release on a hot topic currently in the news; or make your own news! If you can weigh in on


 one of the issues of the day and offer a unique perspective on that issue, distributing a brief press release online is a very effective technique!   If your press release is compelling, you’ll immediately get the attention of journalists and bloggers from around the world. They might call you for an interview to learn more or maybe print your press release verbatim.   Don’t know how to write a press release?   My downloadable e-book called The Publicity Power Toolkit gives you several different templates from actual press releases that I’ve sent out for my clients.

3.)       Create a small media list, starting with the names of just 5 to 10 media professionals who focus on stories in your area of expertise.   These can be editors, producers, journalists (or bloggers) from your favorite newspaper or magazines or TV shows (typically their email addresses are not hard to find with the help of Google or your favorite search engine).   Send them a short personal note complimenting them on a recent story and offer yourself as an expert for a follow up story.   Add your credentials and some possible story angles.   This easy strategy is laid out in the Publicity Power Toolkit as well.   This is another great way to build long lasting media relationships.

These are sure fire ways you can start getting national publicity immediately.   Over the next week, challenge yourself to follow each step and you could be featured as “the next big thing” in your favorite national media outlet!!

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