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I know exactly what I was born to do…

Little Mo

When I was growing up, it was hard to get me to say much of anything.  I was painfully shy.  Nevertheless, I always loved Language Arts classes, creative writing and reading.

It was in my Junior year at Lindblom High School in Chicago’s Englewood community where I first learned that I had a powerful voice.  Mrs. Sylvester (one of the toughest teachers in the school) commanded that I take to the podium in her Speech class and give my very first public address.  I was petrified but I knew that it was “do or die.”  If I didn’t deliver a powerful speech, I could fail the class.  

So I prepared my speech and delivered on my assigned day and it was in that very moment that I knew I would become a broadcaster.  Once the nerves went away, I spoke eloquently and with impact.  I can’t remember what the heck I said, I just know that the toughest teacher in the school gave me an A+ on that speech!

That moment changed the trajectory of my life.   I went on to study journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where I was given carte-blanche to create any kind of TV or radio show I wanted.  I thrived there.  I fell in love with using media as a way to empower, entertain and educate my audience.  I became an activist campus journalist.  I dealt with the tough issues.  My inner star was born!

On the air

Fast forward to today and I can say my career has been both challenging and rewarding.  I’ve stayed true to my activist tendencies by working in meaningful media positions.  I spent 4 years as the host of an urban-oriented public affairs television show.  I was blessed to work at the legendary WVON radio for 10 years as host of the Monique Caradine Show and along the way I’ve built Momentum Media Group, an award-winning, multi-faceted company that allows me to do all the things I love! Including:

  • produce and host empowerment-centered programs
  • provide media training and coaching to high-level executives and 
  • mentor  dynamic women leaders who want more visibility, influence and profits and 
  • speak to groups of all sizes on everything from getting in the media to creating a business you love!
my joy!

I am also a mom and a wife.  My son is a black-belt in the martial art of TaeKwonDo and my husband is one of the most brilliant and successful businessmen I know.  

In my free time, I love to read, enjoy time with people I love and a good glass of wine never hurts!  :)

Life certainly has not been without lots of big challenges but I must admit, I am enjoying it all and excited for what’s to come.  

The best part about my life is that I know exactly why I am here.  God chose me to be my husband’s wife, my son’s mom and to use media as a platform to inspire.  

Additionally He gave me the awesome assignment of combining all my other experiences (good, bad and otherwise) to help other visionary women reach their goals and create a life they can fall in love with.  I’m happy to say, I’m enjoying my assignment!

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