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6-figure formula Part 3 – Are you committing brand infidelity?

Just to bring you up to speed, my signature 6-figure formula is the blueprint that has set me on the path to creating multiple 6-figures this year.

So far I’ve given you 2 steps in the formula along with some valuable insights that will help you overcome the obstacles many women entrepreneurs face.  If you haven’t seen the previous posts, get caught up by reading them here:

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Today, I have one more juicy nugget to help you create $100,000 or more in your business this year:

Are you cheating on your brand?

Commit to your brand and be loyal to your message.

I know, it sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how many women in business commit what I call “brand infidelity.”

Brand infidelity is similar to cheating in a relationship. 

It’s what happens when your brand offers the promise of a particular solution or experience to a specific market, then a “bright shiny object” comes along and takes you in a completely different direction.  Suddenly, you’re off trying to create a whole other solution and experience for a completely different market.

Here’s an example.

I once worked with a brilliant woman who was a youth counselor.  She wanted to position herself as the “go-to” person for troubled teens.  We worked together to get her visibility in the media and speaking opportunities.  Her star was rising fast.

Then all of a sudden, she went off  strategy and started promoting and hosting workshops focused on her raw food lifestyle and how to “go green.” 


Was it possible to marry her passions and make them work together under one brand?  Possibly.  Did she try to create a strategy for doing that?  No.

I suspect she had some fear around fully committing to her youth advocacy brand.  Perhaps there was some fear (or doubt) of massive success if she would have stayed true to her original message.  Either way, the glare of the bright shiny object was too hard for her to resist and the damage caused by brand infidelity (i.e. mediocre clients, high and low profit swings, inconsistent visibility, lack of focus, etc.) now has a stronghold in her business. 

The woman entrepreneur who succumbs to this temptation thinks she’s offering greater value and serving more people.  What she’s really doing is cheating on her core market and creating confusion among the people she initially committed to serving.

Really bad move.

Yes, it takes time for your brand to build traction.

Of course it takes time to create the loyalty and visibility you want as an expert in your industry.

Can it take time to cultivate a loyal niche? Absolutely.

But until you find your groove and own your space in the marketplace, you cannot be tempted to commit brand infidelity.  Unlike real life relationships, the market that you cheat on may not be so quick to give you another chance.  You’ll have to work extra hard to win their hearts over again.

Patience is paramount when building a brand.  Fortunately, with a solid strategy and by leveraging social-media, it can happen fairly quickly.   In the meantime, you MUST be willing to be loyal to your brand, your message and your market.

When you have the courage to embrace this step in the 6-figure formula, you will feel a powerful shift in your business and your ideal clients will love you and be loyal to you and your profits, visibility and influence will come with ease.

Have you ever committed brand infidelity?  Are you committing it now?  What tips or insights can you share on having the courage to commit to YOUR brand?

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FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Media Visibility & Influence Expert and Money Breakthrough Coach for emerging women in business. Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her book BOLD Money will be published in 2014.

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