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Producer dedicates song to young lives cut short by violence

What would Trayvon Martin have said IF he could have defended himself?

Veteran Chicago producer pens global, youth anti-violence anthem, vows to support CEASE Fire with proceeds.

quot;18 quot;

CHICAGO (April 2012) – The killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin remains at the forefront of national news headlines. While most news reports center around what Martin’s shooter George Zimmerman may have been thinking when he pulled the trigger, a Chicago-based music producer and father of two teen boys is sparking a nationwide dialogue on what Martin may have been thinking during the final moments leading up to his tragic death.

Darryl Duncan is an award-winning producer and composer. He recently penned the song 18 in tribute to Martin. See the YouTube video of the song here: http://youtu.be/9YrV18apV-c

Duncan wrote “18” from the perspective of Martin who had recently celebrated his 17th birthday at the time of his murder. “I just began to write the words as if he were talking…what would Trayvon have said IF he could have defended himself? What would Trayvon want the world to know about the last few minutes of his life?” Duncan said.

Duncan also wanted to create the song to give young people nationwide a voice. “Every child deserves to make it to 18 without having to face the threat of senseless violence,” he said. “My sons are 16. They are Trayvon Martin. This song is not only dedicated to them but to those whose lives have been cut short.”

Duncan tapped lead vocalist Isaiah Robinson, Emmy award-winning vocalist Joan Collaso and a local gospel choir to deliver the powerful vocals, creating a song that poignantly captures the emotion people across the country have felt in the wake of Martin’s death. “18” is available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Spotify and Google Play. A portion of the proceeds with be donated to CEASE Fire, an internationally acclaimed youth anti-violence organization.

To arrange an interview with Darryl Duncan, contact Monique Caradine @ Momentum Media Group: 708-720-4252 x. 156 or email Mo@momentum-media.tv

About Darryl Duncan: An award-winning songwriter and producer, Darryl has worked with music industry legends including Chaka Khan, R. Kelly, Earth, Wind and Fire and many more. His company, The FLOW Corporate Audio Group, creates jingles, theme music and custom audio development services for businesses around the world.

Background on Trayvon Martin’s case: Viewed by George Zimmerman as “suspicious” and a “threat,” Zimmerman followed, confronted and ultimately fatally shot Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. Zimmerman claims he shot in self-defense but it was later determined that Martin was unarmed, carrying only a cell phone and a bag of Skittles candy, as he walked through a gated community in Florida where his father’s fiancé lived. Due to mounting public pressure, Zimmerman was finally arrested and charged with second degree murder on April 11, 2012.

The top 5 things every college-bound student should know that their guidance counselors may not be telling them.

High school guidance counselors nationwide are often working with more students than they can handle. Is your student missing out on crucial information that could unlock the door to their future?

A recent article in  U.S. News amp; World Report highlighted a statistic that many high school students, college students and recent grads have known for quite some time: guidance counselors are just not making the grade when it comes to helping students navigate the career and college application process.

Kyle Shelley, Founder of All In Education

Katy Lander, co-founder of All In Education

The statistic comes from a study done earlier this year by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   Of 614 people polled (between the ages of 22-30), 48% of them said their counselors saw them as “just another face in the crowd.”   The study also found that students who are poorly counseled in high school are more likely to delay college and make poor higher education choices.

Kyle Shelley and Katy Lander are all too familiar with this reality, which is why they founded  All In Education, a Newport Beach, California based company offering workshops and coaching for families.   “We help them not only identify the colleges that would be best for their students, but also help them secure free money to pay for college,” said Lander.    All In Education  also gives students strategies that will help them complete their degrees in less than the typical 4 ½ years.

“It’s not the guidance counselor’s fault that they don’t have the time to really focus on counseling,” said Shelley, recognizing that budget cuts, paper work and heavy caseloads are likely the culprits.   “Choosing a college is just too important of a decision to make without the best information possible,” he added.

Shelley and Lander have worked with students throughout California and Colorado.   They say there are  5 things that every student should know  that their guidance counselors may not be telling them:

1.)                      At most colleges and universities, students can get a significant amount of their class credits without ever taking the class; saving both time  and  expensive tuition dollars.

2.)                      Many companies still offer tuition reimbursement.   By working part-time at these companies, students not only build their resumes and great professional relationships, but they  can get thousands of dollars to pay for college.

3.)                      A good credit score starts in college and is a must IF you want to make more money and be eligible for the best jobs once you graduate.   That’s why, despite conventional wisdom, it  is  okay to have a credit card in college!

4.)                      Scholarships aren’t only for the bright and athletic. There are literally millions of dollars that anyone – regardless of income or ethnicity – can tap into.

5.)                      Simply filling out an application to a college is not always enough.   Students must use other “soft skills” to gain the advantage. There is a right and wrong way to apply for college. Knowing the difference can get you into the school of your dreams and the money you need to pay for it.

Although the college selection and application process can cause anxiety for some families, Shelley and Lander say it doesn’t have to. They share personal experience and proven strategies with the families and schools they work with.   “I’ve been able to secure $80,000 in free money for my own college education,” said Lander.

Despite the economic downturn, Shelley and Lander believe that pursuing higher education is a must for all high school students nationwide. “Families with college-qualified students who have the desire to attend college should never see a lack of money, guidance or information as a barrier,” Shelley said.

To connect with Kyle and Katy, visit http://www.AllInEducation.com or send an email to media@momentum-media.tv


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