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Is it time for women to stand up and protect communities from violence?

For months, I have been imploring religious leaders–most of whom are men, of course–to do more to stop the violence that is permeating the black community.  Some are indeed doing more than their share.  Others, however, seem more concerned with who has the most prestigious congregations and biggest churches.  Others still feel that addressing crime is not their responsibility.

So if the church won’t unite and leverage it’s political and spiritual — not to mention its “manpower,” then maybe it’s time for women of God to stand up and do it.

Truth be told, women have been the back bone of every significant movement.  They have been the organizers, strategists, encouragers, visionaries, cooks, nurturers and everything in between.

That’s why I was so excited to learn about a group of women here in Chicago that are picking up the mantle.  They are women of God who call themselves the “Deborahs.”  They’re whole mission is to be led by the spirit to improve the African American community and the world.  They patrol the streets, they clean the streets, they look after the elderly, they offer mentoring and much more.  Take a look at these fearless sisters in action:

A fearless Deborah

The Deborahs during a midnight prayer march

Deborahs taking over a street corner

Deborahs organizing

Deborah Security Team

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