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How to shift your focus to expand your money

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 What you focus on grows and expands.  It’s a universal law. 

The reason some people don’t get what they desire is because they focus on the opposite of what they want. 

For example.  A woman told me she wanted more clients and higher income, yet she was focusing on the fact that there was never enough.  She was constantly frustrated over the lack she was experiencing in her business.  I invited her to shift her attention and start focusing on the kind of client she wanted to work with. 

“Literally visualize what that client looks like and what it feels like to work with them,” I said.  I also recommended that she start feeling gratitude for the money she wanted to bring into her business.  She put these practices into place and immediately things began to change.

So if you want more peace and harmony in your life, focus on it.  Want more love and fulfillment? Focus on it.  Want more income?  The same rule applies…just focus on it!

Here are 5 simple ways you can shift your focus to create more cash in your business and your life.

1.  Stop ignoring your monthly banking, savings and other financial statements.  When they come in, take the time to review them thoroughly.  This helps you become familiar with your spending and savings patterns.  You should know exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out.

2.  Create an “over and above” monthly savings goal.  I’m a huge advocate of automating my savings.  Each month, a certain amount of money gets put aside automatically without me having to even think about it thanks to my online banking system.  However, I like to challenge myself to save more, even if it’s only $100.  This gives me a chance to think about ways I can cutback on certain unnecessary expenses or get creative about ways I can use my expertise to make even MORE money. 

3.  Once a week, review your income and expenses.  Tools like mint.com or QuickBooks help you do this easily and conveniently.  Again, this gives you a chance to focus on your money so that it will grow and expand.

4.  Read something about money or wealth building at least once a week.  This can be a book, the money section of your local paper, a popular money magazine or just read something online.  Currently I’m reading this phenomenal book about money.  It’s fascinating!

5.  Journal or pray about your money daily.  This is a very powerful technique if done correctly.  If you journal about your money, don’t complain about not having enough.  Instead, use your journal to write about what you want your money situation to look like.  Likewise, when you pray about money, don’t talk to God about what you don’t have.  Instead, ask for divine wisdom on how to unleash an overflow of money in your life and then thank God for giving you access to abundance daily.

Which one of these strategies are you ALREADY using or ready to start using today?  Add your reply below.

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