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Juice journey Volume 2 – the key to a happy stomach

I’m proud to say we’ve consistently juiced for most of the month of May!  My aim is to increase vitality and be focused and vibrant for the Overflow Retreat (and beyond)!  This juice recipe is a variation of one I’ve already tried but this time I added a little twist.  It was so surprisingly yummy! Here are the ingredients:

Peppermint is the key to a happy stomach

-Large bunch of baby kale and spinach,

- 1 dark green cucumber,

- 3 celery stalks,

- 4 pink lady apples,

- 1/2 lemon (optional).

This made enough for hubby, son and me (my son loves this stuff). 

I was having some issues with bloating so I added a few drops of high quality essential peppermint oil to mine.  I guzzled it.  Within 15 minutes the discomfort from my 2 day battle with stomach pain and gas was gone, do you hear me?  Gone!  

Did you know that peppermint oil is one of the number ways to relieve indigestion, gas, bloating and symptoms associated with IBS?  Try it!  Grab your bottle here.  You’ll get almost instant relief.


 Another incredible juice is what I call “Purple Passion.”  

It’s dark, hearty and sweet, thanks to the pink lady apples I use.  Here’s the full recipe to serve 3:

- 5 to 6 carrots 

Purple passion

- 3 or 4 pink lady apples

- 1/2 beet (peeled)

- large handful of baby kale and baby spinach (the sell them together at Sam’s Club triple washed and ready to eat)

Run it all through the juicer.

The color of this drink is so beautiful it’s almost scary!  I was sure it would have a muddy taste, but I was wrong.  It’s sweet, rich and packed with nutrients.  I didn’t add an essential oil to this one but a few drops of lemon essential oil would give it a nice kick and offset some of the sweetness from the apple and carrots.

If you are using juicing as a way to regain vitality and optimal health, tell me what has worked for you.  Also, tell me what you think about these.

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality and a certified Income and Influence Coach for emerging women in business. Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her OverFlow Women’s Business Retreat is being held in San Juan Puerto Rico June 4-6, 2014.

Juice Journey – Volume 1

the juicer.

May 5, 2014

We got a juicer about 2 weeks ago.  Hubby’s on a mission to drop a few pounds for summer and I want to be optimal for my OverFlow retreat.  so I’m chronicling the journey here.  It should be interesting given that I’m a lover (and maker) of great coffee and all things Puerto Rican when it comes to food.  Nevertheless I’m willing to sacrifice.

So we’ve been juicing consistently.  I didn’t keep good track but I think we juiced 5 days out of 7 last week.  Then on Saturday we watch a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  It’s about a guy who decided to go on a 60 day juice fast to help himself heal from a chronic condition and morbid obesity.

That  movie was the game changer.  It motivated us to take this juice thing seriously, especially since I’ve had my share of health challenges.  My goal is clarity of mind, optimal health, overall well-being, healing in my kidneys, digestive system and a complete elimination of endometriosis.

 So Biggie went out and stockpiled a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies and we are off and running.  To date, our main recipe has been the following:

  • 3-4 pink lady apples
  • 7 carrots
  • a heaping hand full of spinach and chard.

Juice tastes great! We all want more.

Today I added kale to the mix and a little lemon.  The difference is noticeable.  It’s a heartier taste with a little zing thanks to the lemon…but it’s still yummy.

May 6, 2014

We started the day with our usual apple, carrot, kale and spinach juice.  I made 30 ounces so we all got a nice healthy quantity to jump start the day.

green juice.

For dinner, I made a green juice.

  • 1 cucumber (good for skin)
  • 2 celery stalks (good for blood pressure)
  • 1 ½ apples for sweetness
  • a handful of kale
  • 2 swiss chard leaves
  • a handful of spinach
  • 1 lemon.

Boy was this juice green!  It tasted grassy but I know my body appreciated the chlorophyll, nutrients and sun energy.  Next time I’ll add another apple just to knock off some of that earthy taste.

How do I feel?  Less bloated and the tummy is flattening (yay!)

Everyone seems to notice a little more energy, and we are all sleeping restfully.  More updates soon.

Do you juice?  Feel free to share a recipe or two below.

Add this to your spring/summer “banging body” regimen
my fave spring salad.

I am absolutely obsessed with this yummy spinach salad.

It has a burst of flavors, it’s crazy nutritious and it’s nice and light yet still fills you up.

Here’s how I made it:

- 2 to 3 handfuls of fresh pre-washed spinach

- 3 or 4 fresh strawberries sliced and sprinkled throughout the spinach

- fresh pear (any kind) sliced into chunky pieces and sprinkled throughout spinach.  You can also substitute the pear with apple or mango, whichever you prefer.

- thinly sliced red onions (I like just a few to give it a little kick) 

- top it with fresh cilantro.

- sliced almonds, crushed pecans, raisins or cranberries are a nice options as well.

- for dressing, try a little fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil and some salad vinegar (or balsamic) and you’ve got a yummy healthy salad that will satisfy you without adding on excess pounds.

The OverFlow Retreat will be here before you know it and I know you want to have it going on when you hit the beach!  So try this recipe or share one of your faves below.

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality and a certified Income and Influence Coach for emerging women in business. Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her OverFlow Women’s Business Retreat is being held in San Juan Puerto Rico June 4-6, 2014.

Don’t just go for the goal, go for the breakthrough

i dare you to go for the breakthrough

The devil is a tricky little bastard.  He tries to make you think things are “too hard” to keep you from your breakthrough.

 ”it’s too hard to lose weight.”

“it’s too hard to save money.”

“it’s too hard to start a business.”

“it’s too hard to grow my business.”

“it’s too hard to comprehend the bible.” ß-so it collects dust on the shelf

“it’s too hard to blah, blah, blah.”

 To hell with the devil.  I’ve come to learn that whenever I think something is too hard, that’s exactly when I need to press in and go for it. Moreover, I’ve learned that it’s never about achieving the goal it’s about receiving the breakthrough.

Let me explain.

You see, achieving goals is great.  There’s satisfaction in knowing you’ve done something you didn’t think you could.  But when you think about it, is achieving a goal really anything more than just checking things off your to-do list?  Is it nothing more than proving something to yourself and the world?  If so, then aren’t goals purely based in ego?

On the other hand, when a breakthrough accompanies the achievement of the goal, change occurs and  suddenly you are ready for your next level.  Your spirit evolves.  A shift takes place.  Something comes alive inside and it doesn’t need ego-driven outward approval like a goal does.  God is propelling you…

Breakthroughs signal real, deep transformation and the cool thing is, sometimes the breakthrough can happen before you get to the goal.   

how did i let this happen?

Here’s a quick personal story…

My weight had gotten completely out of control.  I looked in the mirror one day and realized that over a 2-year period, I had gained 27 lbs.  I looked and felt like a mess.  I needed to get it together and fast.

Compounding my anxiety was the fact that my 40th birthday was 18 months away and I was NOT going to go into this new era of my life looking crazy.  I needed to be fit, fine and fabulous.  That was my goal.

Knowing that I couldn’t lose the weight on my own, I hooked up with a trainer.  My very first session with John Hall was so frickin hard, I was ready to run from that gym never to return again.

But John refused to let me quit.

Every Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m., for 16 months I worked my ass off .  As a result, I lost the weight, transformed my body and felt better than I had in years.  I had reached my goal.

It wasn’t the goal that changed me though.  It was the breakthroughs.   

Breakthrough #1: I am in total control of my beautiful body and even though I’m 40+,  I don’t have to let it give way to age, hormonal changes or anything else that comes with midlife.  No doctor is ever gonna care for me better than ME.

the goal...reached!

Breakthrough #2: I love my body and it is perfectly created.  Most of my life I had body image issues.  Those are now long gone.   I may not be a “10” according to the world’s standards but I proudly set my own standards.

Breakthrough #3: I am strong beyond belief…in fact, I am unstoppable.

Breakthrough #4: I will listen to my body and act immediately when it sends me a signal that something is out of wack.  No more ignoring my internal signs.

Breakthrough #5: With all of the health challenges I’ve faced and overcome, I know that part of my divine assignment is to be an example and to inspire other powerful (and busy) women around the world to achieve great health.

Look at that.  One goal, 5 breakthroughs.  Talk about getting your money’s worth! 

There were NEVER easy training days with John.  The stronger I got, the harder my sessions got.  Nevertheless, I refused to let the devil make me believe it was “too hard.”  Can you imagine where I’d be (and what I’d look like) if I let the devil talk me out of enduring what I perceived to be “too hard?”

Whenever you have a challenge, wherever you feel resistance, that’s the area where a massive breakthrough is waiting for you.  Sure you can simply set a goal to lose weight, grow your business or read the bible daily but what would happen if you put your FOCUS on the breakthrough? 

What kind of breakthroughs are you looking for this year?  What goals can you set to receive those breakthroughs?

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Media Visibility & Influence Expert and Money Breakthrough Coach for emerging women in business. Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her book BOLD Money will be published in 2014.

Get healthy or die tryin’

This has been a turning point week for me in terms of my health.  My body has been giving me signals that I have been ignoring for months now.  This week, I had to stop ignoring the signals and pay attention.

I’ll spare you the gruesome details and just say this: Lately I haven’t been sleeping well at all. On average I’ll get 3 or 4 solid hours of sleep per night.  Needless to say I’ve felt tired and moody.  I’ve had weird cravings.  I haven’t been drinking my usual 10 glasses of water and I’ve instead opted for pop and alcohol (don’t judge me) and here’s the ultimate kicker…

This week I’ve had two days where my body just completely rejected everything I ate.  Literally for two nights, I have not slept because of my body’s violent reaction to the crap I’ve been eating.  

Can you say AWFUL?!?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total junk food junkie.  Even with my busy lifestyle I try to be mindful of what I eat.  But there are some days when I want to indulge in a guilty pleasure–a large latte, a crispy chicken wrap with lots of mayo or whatever they offer at the conference I just spoke at because by the time it’s over I AM STARVING!!!

Well this week, I had to face the fact that, I have to be consistently conscious and vigilant about what I put into my body.  I’m not like most people who can just eat whatever.  My system has always been a little hypersensitive…especially during this time of year.

So I’ve decided that I’m not only going to live a Bold, Fearless & Fabulous life, I’m also re-commiting myself to a Bold HEALTHY life. As of today, I’m making a commitment to get healthy or die tryin!

So here’s my initial plan:

- Get back to my 10 glasses of water per day regimen (2 glasses first thing in the a.m. always raises my energy and helps cleanse me)

- Get back to taking my multi-vitamins DAILY rather than every-now-and-then (there’s a noticeable difference in how good these vitamins make me feel)

- No coffee for a week (I love coffee, but I love being “regular” more…)

- No dairy (I think this may be a major culprit in my feeling crappy…)

- Eat all the fresh fruit I can stand (whenever I get a halloween candy craving, I’ll just reach for some grapes or apple slices instead–pray my strength!)

- I’m also going to research this gluten-free diet phenomenon.  Everybody’s been talking about it, let me see what the hype is about.

This is just a start.  I know there is much more that can be done.  I’m also going to resume working with my trainer John Hall who helped me make great strides in my health a few years ago.

I’m determined to get myself back together.  I have too much to do to feel sluggish, fatigued, irritable, bloated, moody and overall not fabulous.  My son, my hubby, my family and my expanding community need me! The journey back to a healthy me starts NOW!

Today’s Breakfast: Old-fashioned fresh-fruit oatmeal crunch

INGREDIENTS: Quaker oatmeal, fresh blueberries and raspberries, granola and 1 table spoon of organic light brown sugar.  Now usually I drown my oatmeal in butter and honey with a little milk.  This was so yummy without all of that!  The fruit and granola gave a natural sweetness.  I really didn’t even need the brown sugar!  This might become a daily fave.  Try it and tell me what you think!

Quaker Old-Fashioned Oatmeal

Yummy apple-strawberry granola

Fresh mixed berries

1 table spoon of organic light brown sugar

It’s the end of 2011. Have you seen your toes lately?
So I got on the scale yesterday for the first time in a while,  just to get a post-holiday “reality check.”  I’m tryna get my mind right and get back on track, so I needed to get some perspective on where I am weight-wise.

I looked at that scale and my mouth almost hit the floor!  

I’m not even going to go into exactly what the scale said cuz I can just hear people now saying “You still skinny,” and “Girl please, that aint nothin!”

getting it in, December 2011

Whatever. That’s not the point. The truth is, I am not huge at all.  In fact I never have been. But I am not at MY ideal weight.  I know where I need to be to feel and look my best and right now–thanks to waaay too much Puerto Rican food and very little exercise–I am not there.

The worst part of it all is the fact that when I gain weight, it tends to collect right in my mid-section.  Needless to say, not a good look.

So now I’m ready to get what I call “reFit.”  That means I have to re-commit to regain my fit physique.

You might recall when I first lost a lot of weight.  About 27 lbs to be exact working with John Hall. I was fly and I felt better at that point than I had in about 15 years! That was about two and a half years ago.  I remember exactly what made me commit to getting the weight off:

TURNING POINT #1: We were on vacation.  Our bathroom had a full-length mirror.  I got out of the shower one day and saw myself in the mirror.  For a split second I was startled.  I could have sworn someone else was in the bathroom with me because that “juicy Lucy” could NOT have been me!  It was.

TURNING POINT #2: I went to the doctor for my annual check up.  The physician’s assistant weighed me.  I was 156 lbs which for my height and body type was about 2 lbs away from being considered overweight (according to the BMI chart).  Seriously?  WTF!

TURNING POINT #3: I was about to turn 40.  I did not want to get there and look…well, 40.  I had to do something and quick.

TURNING POINT #4: I looked down one day and because my stomach protruded so, I almost couldn’t see my toes.  That creeped me out so bad.  I knew it was time to draw the line.

So I hooked up with John Hall and he helped me get healthy again.  Damn was I fierce!

However, here we are, almost 3 years later, and I’m quickly getting back to the point where I have to put too much effort into seeing my toes.

So, I’m taking action.  My goal is simple:

Do something physically challenging everyday for the next 10 days.

This is a short term goal.  I established it so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the long term goal which is to make working out a way of life.  I want it to become a natural part of my day–like breathing.

So far this week, I’ve done yoga (which was an excellent workout), some jump rope, I did John Hall’s “Your Body is Your Gym” workout (which I shot and produced  and added to my YouTube Channel.  You should watch it) and today I’m doing 45 minutes on the bike.  

If you haven’t worked out in a while, you may want to start out by simply taking a brisk walk to the end of the block or just walk up and down your stairs a few times.  Whatever you decide, just do something!  Let’s start a MOVEMENT movement!

I’m still not sure exactly how I’ll manage this hair of mine, but I’ll figure it out.  In my next post about fitness, I’ll interview a hair professional who will give us advice on hair care products that will get us through our new active lifestyles so we can still look fabulous!

Have you reached your turning point yet?

Bold, Fearless, Fabulous Fashion Show

Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Fashion Event

Hey Ladies!

You know that Fall is THE season for great fashion, right?   Well I’ve teamed up with the cutest little boutique here in the south suburbs and we’re hosting a fashion event on Friday, September 30, 2011!

Come out and join us for the Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Fashion Show at Z’Boutique!   This spot has ALL the latest styles and the prices are just unbelievably affordable.   I could really do some damage up in here!   Admission to the event is only $10 and we’ll also have some super chic hors d’oeuvres to munch on.

New York is not the only place for great fashion, Z’Boutique is too!   See you Friday, September 30th.   Bring a friend.   The address is 3321 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor.

I’ll also have some of my signature Bold, Fearless, Fabulous custom tees available for purchase.

Hope to see you there!   RSVP at 708-647-8700.   Check out the 3 minute video right now:

My latest fab find for fabulous, affordable apparel!

You know the First Lady is from the South Side when she can do the Dougie…

Excerpted from a story that appeared on TheGrio.com:

First Lady Michelle Obama has a lot of things going for her. She’s married to the president of the United States. She has two cute kids. Famously toned arms. A great wardrobe.

Oh, and she totally knows how to Dougie.

The first lady paid a surprise visit to Alice Deal Middle School in Tenleytown for a dance party Tuesday afternoon. When she arrived, the students were already out on the field, prepping to perform a Beyoncé workout video as part of the first lady’s nationwide “Let’s Move” initiative.

Does this video in any way compromise our First Lady’s image?   Weigh in below.

The John Hall 30-day Fitness Challenge
I went from this

Am I Pregnant??? WTH!


To this

Fabulous at 40!


John Hall’s 30-day Fitness Challenge has begun!!  Click here to listen to the 30 minute audio.

Now go lose your “Juicy!”


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