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How one really bold move caused a huge breakthrough (and probably saved my life).


Near the boat pier

My husband had come to a place where he was completely over Chicago.  The corruption, crime and crummy weather was emotionally and physically draining for him.

Whenever we would end a vacation and start preparing to go back home, I could see the look of dread on his face.

So in 2012 we had a conversation about leaving our hometown for good.  It was a tough conversation to have because he assumed that I would NOT be down with the idea.

Admittedly, I wasn’t at first.

For me, leaving Chicago would mean leaving a promising career as a TV/Radio host.  It meant leaving the place where my name opened doors and gave me access.  It meant leaving everything I had established and having to start all over again.  Most importantly, it meant leaving my family and friends.  Not my idea of fun at all.

Yet when we talked through what such a big move would look like for our family and how we would feel once the transition was made and once my parents assured me that they would “be okay,” the answer was easy.

So I said yes.  We gave ourselves 18 months to make the transition.  It seems like a long time but damn those months flew!  The closer we got to our move date, the more anxious I became.

Change.  A snapshot.

Fast forward: we are 3 months away from the move.  I am cleaning out the basement, putting stuff on eBay, selling stuff and giving stuff away.  I am scared as hell.  I’m like “What the f… have I done?  Why did I say yes? This ish is getting real!”

Fast forward again:  3 weeks til move day.  I’m feeling excited yet slightly resentful because now my house is empty and I’ve given away a lotta stuff that I really liked.  I’ve got that weird “wiggly” feeling in my stomach. I am stressed.  This wasn’t my idea.  I can’t focus.  This is hard. 

Last fast forward:  We’ve been here for 6 months.  While my adjustment period was slow and rocky, Hubby and son are thriving and happy (yay!).  Family and friends are visiting.  We’ve been discovering new and beautiful  things about the island and ourselves and I’m finally giving myself permission to be content.  Breathe…

So what’s it like in Puerto Rico?

The culture here is relaxed and easy going and the Caribbean sea is intoxicating.  I like it here.  I’ve released the “divaHustle” mentality and low and behold, my business has grown.  I actually take lunch breaks and walks on the beach.  I don’t look like a visitor any more and I have great new friends. 

Opportunities for expanding my influence throughout the Caribbean are limitless and I’m bringing on new clients and team members with ease.  The energy and beauty of this environment breeds creativity and passion like never before!

This was a bold move…a scary move, but hands down, this was the best decision we’ve ever made.

Hubby and son have their own stories of making the transition but for me this act of courage was a game changer in my business and my life…

What did we gain?

Because I was willing to step out of my comfort zone I have a very happy hubby and a whole new market of women that I am able to encourage, equip, inspire and support.  I am also overcoming all the chronic ailments I had suffered for years (soon I’ll share that story).

Saying no to the comfort zone also lead to an up-leveled lifestyle.  No, we don’t live in a mansion, in fact we’ve down-sized our indoor living space.  But if you could see the gorgeous views of ocean and mountains as you drive through our ‘hood you would be in awe. 

What else did we gain?

  • Sun and beautiful weather 300 days a year
  • A less stressful life
  • More happiness
  • More adventure
  • A lotta yummy food
What did I lose?

Fear of change.  I realize now that change = breakthrough.  I am thankful that my fear of staying the same was greater than my fear of leaving the comfort zone.

What comforts do you need to leave behind to make your life more delicious?

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