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How one really bold move caused a huge breakthrough (and probably saved my life).


Near the boat pier

My husband had come to a place where he was completely over Chicago.  The corruption, crime and crummy weather was emotionally and physically draining for him.

Whenever we would end a vacation and start preparing to go back home, I could see the look of dread on his face.

So in 2012 we had a conversation about leaving our hometown for good.  It was a tough conversation to have because he assumed that I would NOT be down with the idea.

Admittedly, I wasn’t at first.

For me, leaving Chicago would mean leaving a promising career as a TV/Radio host.  It meant leaving the place where my name opened doors and gave me access.  It meant leaving everything I had established and having to start all over again.  Most importantly, it meant leaving my family and friends.  Not my idea of fun at all.

Yet when we talked through what such a big move would look like for our family and how we would feel once the transition was made and once my parents assured me that they would “be okay,” the answer was easy.

So I said yes.  We gave ourselves 18 months to make the transition.  It seems like a long time but damn those months flew!  The closer we got to our move date, the more anxious I became.

Change.  A snapshot.

Fast forward: we are 3 months away from the move.  I am cleaning out the basement, putting stuff on eBay, selling stuff and giving stuff away.  I am scared as hell.  I’m like “What the f… have I done?  Why did I say yes? This ish is getting real!”

Fast forward again:  3 weeks til move day.  I’m feeling excited yet slightly resentful because now my house is empty and I’ve given away a lotta stuff that I really liked.  I’ve got that weird “wiggly” feeling in my stomach. I am stressed.  This wasn’t my idea.  I can’t focus.  This is hard. 

Last fast forward:  We’ve been here for 6 months.  While my adjustment period was slow and rocky, Hubby and son are thriving and happy (yay!).  Family and friends are visiting.  We’ve been discovering new and beautiful  things about the island and ourselves and I’m finally giving myself permission to be content.  Breathe…

So what’s it like in Puerto Rico?

The culture here is relaxed and easy going and the Caribbean sea is intoxicating.  I like it here.  I’ve released the “divaHustle” mentality and low and behold, my business has grown.  I actually take lunch breaks and walks on the beach.  I don’t look like a visitor any more and I have great new friends. 

Opportunities for expanding my influence throughout the Caribbean are limitless and I’m bringing on new clients and team members with ease.  The energy and beauty of this environment breeds creativity and passion like never before!

This was a bold move…a scary move, but hands down, this was the best decision we’ve ever made.

Hubby and son have their own stories of making the transition but for me this act of courage was a game changer in my business and my life…

What did we gain?

Because I was willing to step out of my comfort zone I have a very happy hubby and a whole new market of women that I am able to encourage, equip, inspire and support.  I am also overcoming all the chronic ailments I had suffered for years (soon I’ll share that story).

Saying no to the comfort zone also lead to an up-leveled lifestyle.  No, we don’t live in a mansion, in fact we’ve down-sized our indoor living space.  But if you could see the gorgeous views of ocean and mountains as you drive through our ‘hood you would be in awe. 

What else did we gain?

  • Sun and beautiful weather 300 days a year
  • A less stressful life
  • More happiness
  • More adventure
  • A lotta yummy food
What did I lose?

Fear of change.  I realize now that change = breakthrough.  I am thankful that my fear of staying the same was greater than my fear of leaving the comfort zone.

What comforts do you need to leave behind to make your life more delicious?

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Media Visibility & Influence Expert and Money Breakthrough Coach for emerging women in business. Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her book BOLD Money will be published in 2014.


What to do when it seems like life sucks

What’s going on in your life right now?

If things are going well, good for you!  Remember to pay it forward so you can keep your momentum going.  If things are not so great, I have good news: your current situation is temporary.

there are only 2 seasons

While it’s easy to get distracted or even frustrated by a “bad” situation you might currently be facing, what would happen if you focused instead on the season?

When you take your focus off the situation and focus on the season you instantly empower yourself to leverage the situation (no matter how crappy it is) for your good.

Let me unpack this for you.

While life can find a million ways to knock you down (or lift you up), it all boils down to knowing what season you are in.  You are either in the season of cultivation or the season of harvest.

What season are you in?

If you are a spirit-led, good-hearted person yet you are experiencing pain, death, failure, illness, lack of clarity, lack of money, loneliness, fear or any kind of drama, you are in the season of cultivation.  This is where you are being shaped, molded, tested and prepared for your destiny.  This is the mess that a ministry grows out of.  This is the test that eventually becomes a testimony.  This is the intense heat and pressure that stones must endure before they become diamonds.  This is where the core of who you are is revealed.  This is where you get to see what YOU are really made of.  This, my sister, is the fire.

So what do you do in the midst of the situation?  Three things:

  1. Say to yourself, “this is my season of cultivation.”  This helps you to realize that you are being prepared for something great and that a breakthrough is coming your way.
  2. Recognize that the situation is only temporary.  Simply put, tough times cannot last forever unless you choose to allow them to.
  3. Sow a seed that contrasts your current situation.  In other words, resist the urge to hold back when you’re being cultivated and sow a seed that looks like the harvest you want to create. 

For instance, if you lack money, take what you have and give it to someone worse off than you.  If you are lonely, provide companionship to someone who has no one (nursing homes are filled with people like this) if you have experienced death in your family, go to someone and speak life over them and give them hope! 

Universal laws of reaping and sowing confirm that when we can sow into others, even when we are being tested and tried  (or cultivated) and even when our situation is as bad as it can possibly be, there is one guarantee: your harvest season is coming.

When it comes what will you experience? Joy, abundance, favor, grace, access, ease, increase and overflow.

Forget about the situation.  Focus on the season.  Get excited about the season!  What season are you in right now?

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Media Visibility & Influence Expert and Money Breakthrough Coach for emerging women in business. Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her book BOLD Money will be published in 2014.



Don’t just go for the goal, go for the breakthrough

i dare you to go for the breakthrough

The devil is a tricky little bastard.  He tries to make you think things are “too hard” to keep you from your breakthrough.

 ”it’s too hard to lose weight.”

“it’s too hard to save money.”

“it’s too hard to start a business.”

“it’s too hard to grow my business.”

“it’s too hard to comprehend the bible.” ß-so it collects dust on the shelf

“it’s too hard to blah, blah, blah.”

 To hell with the devil.  I’ve come to learn that whenever I think something is too hard, that’s exactly when I need to press in and go for it. Moreover, I’ve learned that it’s never about achieving the goal it’s about receiving the breakthrough.

Let me explain.

You see, achieving goals is great.  There’s satisfaction in knowing you’ve done something you didn’t think you could.  But when you think about it, is achieving a goal really anything more than just checking things off your to-do list?  Is it nothing more than proving something to yourself and the world?  If so, then aren’t goals purely based in ego?

On the other hand, when a breakthrough accompanies the achievement of the goal, change occurs and  suddenly you are ready for your next level.  Your spirit evolves.  A shift takes place.  Something comes alive inside and it doesn’t need ego-driven outward approval like a goal does.  God is propelling you…

Breakthroughs signal real, deep transformation and the cool thing is, sometimes the breakthrough can happen before you get to the goal.   

how did i let this happen?

Here’s a quick personal story…

My weight had gotten completely out of control.  I looked in the mirror one day and realized that over a 2-year period, I had gained 27 lbs.  I looked and felt like a mess.  I needed to get it together and fast.

Compounding my anxiety was the fact that my 40th birthday was 18 months away and I was NOT going to go into this new era of my life looking crazy.  I needed to be fit, fine and fabulous.  That was my goal.

Knowing that I couldn’t lose the weight on my own, I hooked up with a trainer.  My very first session with John Hall was so frickin hard, I was ready to run from that gym never to return again.

But John refused to let me quit.

Every Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m., for 16 months I worked my ass off .  As a result, I lost the weight, transformed my body and felt better than I had in years.  I had reached my goal.

It wasn’t the goal that changed me though.  It was the breakthroughs.   

Breakthrough #1: I am in total control of my beautiful body and even though I’m 40+,  I don’t have to let it give way to age, hormonal changes or anything else that comes with midlife.  No doctor is ever gonna care for me better than ME.

the goal...reached!

Breakthrough #2: I love my body and it is perfectly created.  Most of my life I had body image issues.  Those are now long gone.   I may not be a “10” according to the world’s standards but I proudly set my own standards.

Breakthrough #3: I am strong beyond belief…in fact, I am unstoppable.

Breakthrough #4: I will listen to my body and act immediately when it sends me a signal that something is out of wack.  No more ignoring my internal signs.

Breakthrough #5: With all of the health challenges I’ve faced and overcome, I know that part of my divine assignment is to be an example and to inspire other powerful (and busy) women around the world to achieve great health.

Look at that.  One goal, 5 breakthroughs.  Talk about getting your money’s worth! 

There were NEVER easy training days with John.  The stronger I got, the harder my sessions got.  Nevertheless, I refused to let the devil make me believe it was “too hard.”  Can you imagine where I’d be (and what I’d look like) if I let the devil talk me out of enduring what I perceived to be “too hard?”

Whenever you have a challenge, wherever you feel resistance, that’s the area where a massive breakthrough is waiting for you.  Sure you can simply set a goal to lose weight, grow your business or read the bible daily but what would happen if you put your FOCUS on the breakthrough? 

What kind of breakthroughs are you looking for this year?  What goals can you set to receive those breakthroughs?

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Media Visibility & Influence Expert and Money Breakthrough Coach for emerging women in business. Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her book BOLD Money will be published in 2014.

Why we are moving to Puerto Rico

I just shipped some of my stuff to Puerto Rico today.

The feeling was bittersweet because I knew that once those boxes with my name on it were sealed, that meant this move was really real.  YIKES!  

Move day is June 14th.  I’m feeling a lot of things: excitement, anxiety, trepidation.   I can’t help but wonder, “What’s it gonna be like for a little black girl from West Englewood to live in Puerto Rico full-time?  OMG!”

One thing’s for sure, once we settle in, we’ll be just fine and I am looking forward to taking in all the beauty, inspiration and adventure our new home has to offer.

So many of you have been asking questions about what prompted the move.  Here are some answers for you: 

Biggie, TJ and me at Puerto Rico's beautifull "el Yunque" rainforest

Q: Why Puerto Rico?

A: Biggie (my husband) is half Puerto Rican so he’s been back and forth to the island most of his life.  He has always loved it!  In 1999, he took me there for the first time and I fell in love with it too.  Shortly thereafter, we got a cute little condo, some years later, a house and as TJ (my son) got older, we started spending lots of time there.  Now, TJ is in love with the island and looking forward to living there!

Q: Why NOW?

A: Addicted to the tranquility and stress-free lifestyle the Island offers (not to mention the business opportunities throughout the Carribean and Latin America), Biggie came up with the idea to move.  Initially our intent was to wait til TJ graduated high school but later, we decided that life is too short, so we set a shorter time frame.  That was 18 months ago.  My how time flies!  The decision was hard for me…really hard…but Biggie has always supported my dreams.  Now, it was my turn to support his!

Q: What will you do there?

A: I will continue to run Momentum Media Group, my media consulting and coaching business.  It’s hard to believe but the business is almost 10 years old now!  

Over the past 4 years, MMG has become “location-independent” so all I need is a laptop, cell phone and internet access and I can coach and train from anywhere in the world.  I will also continue speaking and working with extraodinary clients around the world  and expanding into the Carribean market.  One thing I’m really looking forward to is getting back into radio…who knows, maybe a station on St. Thomas or St. John might want to hire a sista :) !

Q: How often will you travel back to the states?

A: Chicago is still a hub for me so I’ll be back often.  My family, most of my clients and my team are in the Chi and I already have speaking gigs and trainings set up for the fall so look for me in September (drinks anyone?)!  I’ll also be visiting Florida and New York frequently as opportunities are opening there as well!  Nevertheless, Puerto Rico is home base, so mostly I’ll be there.  

What’s exciting though is the fact that my VIP and Platinum clients will have the option to travel to paradise to work with me for VIP Days and MVP Academy success retreats!  Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, if you’re planning your upcoming event and would like to have me as a keynote speaker or presenter, go here so my team can plan accordingly.

So that’s a peek at the method behind our move “madness.”  By the way, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory so it’s important to note two things: 1.) Barack Obama is still my President and 2.) no passport is needed when you come visit.  How cool is that! :)

Thanks for all your well wishes and words of encouragement!  I am looking forward to continuing to serve you with an even deeper commitment inspired by beauty, tranquility and pure love!  I’ll send more pics soon!



The 6 things I’m doing EVERYDAY to make 2012 absolutely extraordinary

On the business side of life, the plans are set and the strategy is in place for 2012.  I’ve learned some big lessons  in 2011 and this is  going to be a brilliant breakthrough year!

But personal and family life are important as well.

So how do I make that side of life just as great?

Tony amp; TJ

After spending some time thinking about it, I have decided that instead of making some grandiose resolution (that I’ll probably kick to the curb after 2 days) there are really only a few simple things I need to do consistently  EVERYDAY to make this an all around spectacular year:

1.) Read/meditate on the bible and thank God for the Word. (cuz sometimes, I just don’t make it a priority)

2.) Kiss Tony amp; TJ. Tell them “I luv u.” (cuz sometimes, things get so hectic we forget and life is too short)

3.) Do something physically challenging. (well, u know how THIS is…at the end of the day, that couch be callin…)

4.) Focus on the BIG goals (purpose). Never let fear cause me to make excuses or get sidetracked. (cuz sometimes it’s easier to waste time on Facebook than to truly accept and walk in God’s plan for my life)

5.) Proclaim my total prosperity in every area of life. (cuz it’s important to speak my own healing, abundance, happiness and prosperity.  There’s power in words!)

6.) Laugh. (cuz it just feels good!)


‘Nuff said.

Are you committed to the transformation process?

Far too many people live lives of mediocrity. They work average jobs, have average relationships, eat average food…they wear average-looking clothes and if they’re feeling “just okay” on any  given day, that’s fine with them. These people usually  live in average neighborhoods, their kids go to average schools and if they can get away with doing “just enough” at work to get by, they are content.

If this is an accurate description of your daily existence, I’m here to tell you: this is not the kind of life God designed you for.

You were created to experience absolute, unadulterated, unstoppable joy and abundance in every area of your life.   You were put on this planet to have extraordinary encounters every single day. You are blessed with breath in your body each day, so that  you can  enjoy the very best of everything.   You are not here to live a life of mediocrity!   You have a purpose and a special  annointing and finding it will put you on the path to  absolute joy.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not  saying that life will always be a rose garden. There will be days when we’ll feel lonely, sadness, frustration and a range of experiences that try to steal our joy.   We can’t allow ourselves to linger  in that place because that is NOT God’s will for  our lives. Every trial is an opportunity for us to learn the lessons we need to learn, so that we can gain the wisdom we need, to become the extraordinary people God created us to be.   Without a test, there is no testimony!

I recently read the following article which I found at Creflo Dollar Ministries website. It was so powerful that I wanted to share it with you. This was the word I needed to hear today. I hope it inspires you. Please share!


“For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Our thinking sets the course for our lives. If we find we are not living the abundant life Jesus died to give us, we must examine our thought life. In order to prosper God’s way, our thoughts must agree with His Word. The words we are exposed to on a daily basis have a huge impact on our thinking. And the condition of our minds determines the condition of our lives. Therefore, as Believers, we must go through the process of renewing our minds with the Word of God. Then, when we have thoughts that do not line up with God’s Word, we can replace them with Word-based thoughts (2 Corinthians 10:5).

It is the will of God for us to prosper in every way, from our health and finances to our relationships and jobs. Every area of our lives should be an expression of abundant life. However, we prosper to the degree that our souls prosper (3 John 2). The soul is where the mind, will, and emotions reside. The mind is the primary area that Satan attacks because it is the control center of our lives. Satan’s attacks consist of words and images that oppose God’s Word. He wants us to doubt God and fear that His promises will never come to pass. However, we have the power to transform our lives.

Romans 12:2 says, “Be not be conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Transformation comes when we allow God’s Word to change our thinking.

Many Believers wonder why their lives have not changed since they’ve been saved. The problem lies within their thinking. Many of us have nourished mindsets that oppose the Word for years and as a result, our old nature is stronger than our regenerated spirits. In order for change to occur, we must begin to nourish godly thoughts by consistently meditating on the Word.

Keep in mind that change does not occur overnight; it is a process during which we must refuse to become frustrated. When we remain committed to the transformation process, we will begin to see changes takes place. Change is a lifetime endeavor, not a one-time event.

My prayer is that you will continue to conform to the image of Christ by renewing your mind with God’s Word on a daily basis, so that you can truly know His good and perfect will for your life. Scripture References: Proverbs 23:7 2 Corinthians 10:5 3 John 2 Romans 12:2

Written by Pastor Creflo Dollar

How my Summer Sabbatical put life in “Perspective”

Learning to relax and not stress about the pressures of life is hard but we would all benefit from learning how to do it.   Having been away from Chicago for the past 3 weeks, I am learning how to enjoy the moment, appreciate simple pleasures and just have some fun.     This was hard as hell for me!   Especially since I’m an “obsessive multi-tasker, news junkie, work-a-holic, always plugged in type A personality.”   However, over these past few weeks I haven’t watched ANY news (no, I don’t have a clue what’s happening in the world and for once,  I’m not ashamed to say it) and have done very little work ( sorry clients :) I’ll get back to it all soon enough).


Even though I was a little hesitant about leaving my business, my  TV show “Perspective” and my  barely 3 week old WVON  radio show    for almost a month, I took a deep breath and  decided that  if    God meant for me to have these outlets, they’ll be there when I get back!  I realize more and more each year (especially as I approach the BIG 4-0), that life is not about fame, notoriety,  making money or acquiring more stuff.   To be honest, I really don’t give a $h!t about all that.   Instead, its about giving, sharing,  embracing your purpose  and serving others.

My family and I have  spent the last 3 weeks on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, my mother-in-law’s native home.    Usually our visits   here  are filled with lazy days at the pool or beach or just lazing around our villa but this time we decided to be more adventurous.   We went horseback riding, kayaking and we hiked through the el yunque rainforest.   It’s been amazing!   I also found some new  friends and really focused on maintaining my workout routine and healthy eating habits.   This was tough because Puerto Rican food (which has heavy African influences) is sooooo good!

Overall, this trip has put life into perspective for me.   I am more committed than  ever to loving my family, being the best wife and mom I can be, being an excellent example of good health and well-being and using my God-given gifts  to make the world better.

My summer sabbatical is coming to a close now.   I am blessed to be able to take one!   I have a wonderful, visionary husband who makes it possible!   Nevertheless, everyone should take a break — even if only for one day.   Get away from everything.   The world won’t stop if you do!   You deserve it!   When u step back from the crazy routine of life, you can come back more focused, more  at peace  and better able to live out your purpose!!!

Here’s a short clip of our journey through el Yunque rainforest.   What an awesome experience…almost religious!   Click the play button and see for yourself.   Remember: Life is about love, sharing and beauty…all of which is exemplified here.

I caught a fish in my dream…what could it mean?

I’ve been on a sabbatical for the past few weeks so I’ve been enjoying a lot of rest, meditation and time with friends and family.   Last night was the first time I had a dream that I vividly remember.   This morning as I was enjoying my breakfast protein shake I recalled these details:

I was in what looked like a church or theater with Tony (my hubby)  and some friends and we were goofing off and playing around as usual.   Someone either dared me or issued me a challenge to go out to a nearby pond and catch a fish…and so I did!   Now mind you I’ve gone fishing maybe twice in my entire life.   Once in 1983 when I was a girl scout and once with TJ about 2 years ago.

Anyway, in the dream, I wasn’t out there more than 5 minutes before I caught a fish!   From a distance it looked huge!   But as a reeled it in, it was no bigger than about 4 or 5 inches.   In fact, it kinda looked like Nemo.

So I looked up the meaning of catching fish when I woke up this morning and here’s what I found:


The fish is a very powerful and positive image in many world traditions.

1. To the Babylonians, Phoenicians, and Assyrians, it was honored as a symbol of fertility.

2. In Native American tradition, the fish is a symbol for mystical secrets, for it can swim to the deepest regions of the ocean and explore its hidden knowledge.

3. In British lore, it was believed that eating fish before lovemaking could enable a couple to conceive a child.

4. The early Christians used the fish as the symbol for the Christ Consciousness. It was widely believed that this symbol resulted from the Greek acronym for \”Jesus Christ, Son of God.\” But there is also the fact that the coming of Jesus ushered in the Age of Pisces the Fish, which encapsulates the mysticism, love, and happiness to which all world traditions ascribe to the fish.

5. In Scandinavia, fish was considered an aphrodisiac, and was popularly consumed on Friday, the feast day of Freya, Goddess of Love – and in her honor Friday was a day dedicated to lovemaking.

There are, therefore, many possibilities if you dream of a fish – all good, even if the fish was a greatly feared one like the shark. If there is a possibility of a pregnancy, dreaming of a fish could mean that a child is on the way, and the pregnancy and birth will be uneventful and result in a healthy baby. If the dreamer is in love but is not yet sure about the beloved’s feelings, dreaming of a fish strongly indicates that the feelings are indeed reciprocated. Dreaming of catching fish, either with a pole or with a net, indicates success and prosperity ahead. Seeing fish swimming in a clear pool indicates that a number of secrets about yourself and the world around you are going to suddenly become clearer.

Whoa…that explains a lot…including why we have fish frys on Friday nights!!

I’ve also been reading my bible and meditating and praying a lot lately.   This is exciting!!   I can’t wait to see what’s to come.  

Have you ever dreamed about fish?   Did your dream come true?   Leave your comments here.



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