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The Power of Krill

Celebrity Fitness Trainer John Hall

Do you take fish oil supplements?  If so, let me recommend something far more powerful and beneficial.  It’s a Krill oil supplement called EFA Icon. For years I suffered with horrible symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome.  It would get so bad with out-of-control hormones and emotion that I even had moments where suicidal thoughts permeated my mind.  I’ve also talked frequently about my struggles with Endometriosis, a chronic condition that can cause extremely painful periods, uterine scar tissue and sometimes it can lead to infertility.  Shortly after having my son, all these symptoms went away.  But it didn’t take long for the problems to creep back.

Last year I started taking a supplement recommended by my trainer, called EFA Icon which is basically a  Krill oil supplement.  It is unbelievable how my health has dramatically improved.  No more debilitating cramps that would literally knock me off my feet for a 1/2 a day or more.  No more severe mood swings and none of the other chronic problems associated with my “womanhood.”  I’ve also read that Krill has a host of other benefits including

~ Better concentration and memory.

~ Controlling blood sugar levels.
~ Aids in keeping joints healthy.
~ Decreases the signs of aging.
~ Promotes brain and nervous system health, function, and development.
~ Increased cell membrane protection.
~ Promotes liver health.
~ Gives relief for premenstrual  symptoms.
~ Boosts the immune system.
~ Aids mood disorders
~ Encourages healthy skin and reduces skin damage.

Also, if you are currently taking fish oil supplements, you may be experiencing “fishy” belches and aftertaste. Due to the quicker absorption of krill oil, you do not get any of that.

I thank GOD my trainer John Hall suggested I take Krill.  I feel better today than I did at 25 and the Krill has played a major role in it.  To try it for yourself, click here.

(****Because Krill comes from a shell fish, you should avoid it if you have shell fish related alergies****)

One Response to “The Power of Krill”

  1. Leslie Clay says:

    Thanks Mo,

    I am going to check this out!

    Blessings to you and John Hall for sharing this information.

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