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‘Tis the season to get publicity and build your influence

If you are not visible you are INVISIBLE

I was watching one of the news networks yesterday (just 2 days before Christmas) and all most fell out of my chair laughing!  The show literally sounded like a college frat party. All of the guests seemed like total neophytes in their industries, they all seemed to be under the age of 25 and I had never seen or heard of any of them before.  It was like an episode of college kids unleashed LOL!

Meanwhile, the host appeared slightly uncomfortable with this panel of media newbies and did everything he could to keep the show enlightening.  

Even though I laughed, I felt his pain.  Been there, done that!

See here’s what happens: during the holiday season, all the heavy weights take off for vacay.  For about 3 straight weeks many of the big name talkers disappear, leaving producers and hosts with plenty of room to book not-so-well-known experts who have a powerful message but just haven’t had the opportunity to get their message out there.

As a knowledgeable expert, are you going to let these college-kid, no-name, neophytes take-over the airwaves when there’s a wide open opportunity for someone like YOU?  You better not.  In fact, I forbid you.

Listen, if you know your message is relevant, timely and can benefit the masses right now, you should be getting publicity.  In fact, if you’re not all tied up with holiday celebrations and travel, you could probably get booked on TV or radio this week.

Here’s some quick tips on how to quick TV & Radio publicity THIS WEEK:

1.) Is your message or solution relevant to what people need or go through during this time of year?  If so, jot down 3 – 5 quick tips you could share with the audience.  For instance, if you can share tips on

  • how moms with young children can stay stress free during the holidays, or 
  • how to avoid gaining extra holiday pounds, or 
  • how to save and extra thousand dollars during this season, or 
  • cheap ways to celebrate the new year, or 
  • how to heal a broken heart during the holidays, or 
  • how to prepare for a successful year in your business.

TV and radio shows are just waiting to book experts on these and other topics right now!

2.) Identify 5 local media outlets and 1 national media outlet that you could send a pitch to.  Get the name of the show and producer where your message might be a good fit.  Start with the ones you watch and listen to first then (if you’ve been on TV or radio before) shoot for the more competitive national ones like the TODAY show.

3.) Know how to write a compelling interview opportunity sheet?  If so, send it before 3:00 p.m. ET today, along with a link to your recent videos or radio interviews and I guarantee, producers will be calling you.  In my homestudy course called Publicity Profit Secrets, I share templates, scripts and tip sheets that show EXACTLY what to do and say when you’re reaching out to the media.  In fact, lesson #2 gives you real samples that I’ve used to get my clients booked on the air.

4.) Go to www.RadioGuestList.com right now and see which shows are looking for experts like you.

Don’t let this season pass you by with getting booked!  TV & Radio publicity are very effective and getting you noticed by the people that need you most.  What publicity tricks have worked for you?  How has being visible in the media helped YOUR business and bottom line?

Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Media Visibility & Influence Expert and Money Breakthrough Coach for emerging women in business. Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly visible high-earners.  Her book BOLD Money will be published in 2014.


3 Kick-butt Summer Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

ready for summer publicity?

Depending on what business you are in, Summer can be either really busy — or NOT. Especially if you have a brick and mortar business.

So what are some ways you can keep clients and customers flowing through your doors? Here are three kick-butt ideas I want you to start implementing now:

  • Pick up the phone and do some personal follow-up. No matter what kind of business you’re in, more than likely you’ve come to know some of your customers. You know what their preferences are and what they will quickly respond to. 

So when you have a product or service that you know certain customers will love, why assume that they’ll find out about it via email or word-of-mouth? A phone call adds a profound personal touch to your business and gets people coming in the door!

Do the math: Imagine if you called 8 of your best clients and let them know about the newest product or service available. If three of them took you up on your offer, how much additional revenue would that add to your bottom line?

  • Always give them a reason to comeback–sooner rather than later! I am always surprised when I go into a business or make an online purchase and I am not given an incentive to go back. 

WHENEVER a customer or client invests in your business give them something to incentivize their return. Grocery stores have this down to a science. Every time they hand you a receipt there’s a coupon attached to it! Follow that model. Put a deadline on your offer (usually within the next 30 days) and watch this work!

  • Make it clear to your customers why they need you. You may have a beautifully profound service offering or a brick and mortar business that is off the chain! But if you aren’t proactively marketing your business and telling your customers EXACTLY what problem you solve for them or EXACTLY why they need you, a consistent flow of business might elude you. 

How do you do this?

Craft a powerful marketing statement that conveys exactly what you do for your client. It can look something like this:

I work with (describe your ideal client)___________________ to help them (your solution)_____________ so they can (your result)______________.


We provide (your brilliant service)____________________ to (your ideal client)________________ so they can (your result)______________________.

Summer is a great opportunity to kick off this simple marketing campaign! Make it fun and add a little creativity. Your customers will feel your energy and they will respond!

Add your summer marketing tips below.
Cha-ching! Turning media interviews into business revenues: How one client quickly generated $30K in new business


My mouth almost hit the floor a couple years ago when I talked to one of my favorite clients.  

She’s someone I’ve been media coaching for sometime now.   She’s brilliant.   She’s worked in publicity at some BIG corporate powerhouses but building her own brand was new terrain.  

So since she teamed up with me, I’ve taught her my signature strategies for leveraging the media, cultivating an irresistible message and building a powerful brand.  I’ve also featured her on my show and helped her book interviews on a couple of other media outlets.

Well anyway, she tells me that as a result of her last 4 interviews, 2 of which I helped her get, she’s secured approximately $30,000 in business.  

Yes.  You read right…30K.

“Are you serious?”  I asked.

 ”Deadly serious,” she said.

 Now I’m good at teaching people media but she took it to a whole new level!

 ”All I did was followed your blueprint,” she said.

She also told me she carries around a binder I gave her which includes my signature 5-step publicity blueprint.  

So there are 3 basic things she said she does in every interview:

1.) Develop an action-driven, step-by-step media message to guide the interview.  The media love experts who can give practical, step-by-step advice to their audience…especially this time of year.

2.) Share a personal “trial to triumph” story.  This helps your audience connect with you.  I help my clients identify exactly what that story is.  This strategy works like a charm.

3.) Always give the audience an “easy” call to action.  Give them a website, an easy toll-free number or instant access to you via email, twitter or whatever so that they can step into your “world” and from there a beautiful relationship can be built.

Now obviously everyone’s results will be different (needless to say, hers were outstanding) and I NEVER promote a cookie-cutter approach or make any specific monetary guarantees about results because every business is unique.

However, what I know for sure is that 99% of people miss opportunities in media interviews and they leave money and valuable relationships on the table because they miss these simple steps.

That’s why  I’m excited about my Publicity Profit Secrets Homestudy Course.  It’s incredibly in-depth, fun to listen to, super easy AND it’s allowing me to teach people how to turn their interviews into revenues!

Nevertheless, I was still shocked at this woman’s results based on such easy steps…

“That’s all you do?” I asked again.

“Yes,” she replied.  “That’s how you told me to do it!”

Nice.  I love that…and what she paid me was a mere fraction of what she received in return!

That’s the power of “purpose-driven” publicity!  

Grab Publicity Profit Secrets now and get ready to turn your TV and radio interviews into revenues: http://PublicityProfitSecrets.com 

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an author and thought leader on women and money.  As a certified Income and Influence Coach, Monique uses her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur to help women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly-visible high-earners.  Her book, “The OverFlow Handbook” will be published in January 2015.  Her second OverFlow Women’s Business Retreat is being held in San Juan Puerto Rico June 9-12, 2015.

‘Tis the season to get visibility.
Here's a little media/publicity industry "insider" secret for you:

Summer is the absolute BEST time to get publicity–especially if you are a “publicity virgin.”

So, if you’ve been thinking lately about becoming more visible, building a brand and sharing your powerful

If you are not visible, your are invisible.

message with the world, NOW is the time to get in position.

When I did publicity for clients, Summer would be a busy time of year for us. They would get MAJOR media opportunities this time of year that catapulted some of them to a whole new level.

Here are 3 reasons why Summer is such a great season for getting publicity:

1.) Many of the big-name power players and celebrities (who are typically the center of attention) go off to their fancy summer homes for extended vacays starting in June–therefore, they are often unavailable for interviews. This leaves the door open for YOU!

2.) Like anything, newsrooms have a natural “ebb and flow” that typically slows down in summer. Producers and reporters tend to have a little extra time to talk through story ideas and test the waters with newer, lesser-known experts. Again, this opens the door for YOU to leverage the media and get VISIBLE!

3.) Summer usually gives us all permission to deal with “lighter” topics like fashion, personal development, fitness and family life.

So if you’re a coach or expert in one of these fantastic areas, I highly encourage you to take advantage of Summer and get some publicity!

The VISIBILITY Bootcamp returns! Saturday, March 17, 2012


Entrepreneurs, Experts amp; Executives who want to learn the secrets of marketing directly to your ideal client and getting highly valuable publicity for your business or brand, “super early-bird” registration is now open for those who want to secure their space at the absolute lowest price for a limited time!



TV/Radio Personality Monique Caradine

Hello fellow entrepreneur!
I am thrilled to announce that once again, I’ll be hosting a LIVE, 1-day, exclusive event for a small group of visionary entrepreneurs.

It’s called Monique Caradine’s VISIBILITY Bootcamp (formerly the Media, Marketing amp; Publicity POWER Workshop). During this private, collaborative, mastermind intensive, I WILL PERSONALLY teach you how to leverage the media and use simple yet effective marketing techniques to GROW your brand and your profits.

I will also share insider media secrets with you that will help you FINALLY get your message in the media ON A REGULAR BASIS.

As you may know, I host a radio amp; TV talk show and have worked in media for 15+ years.

I’ve featured hundreds of guests — both celebrities AND everyday people — on my shows. Some were good, some extraordinary, others…well, put it like this: they probably won’t be back on the show anytime soon :(

However, with all my years of experience as a host, producer AND media consultant, I have learned the secrets to crafting a media-friendly story AND I’ve been coaching professionals like you on how to do it with excellent results!

LISTEN: Getting great publicity locally and nationally is not as difficult as you might think. It simply requires a plan. That’s why, by the end of this session, you will have a customized blueprint for your business’s marketing and media strategy.

It all happens Saturday, March 17, 2012, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

You’ll learn:

- Industry secrets that the most well-known experts use to get LOTS of consistent VISIBILITY .

- How to make your story absolutely irresistible to the media.

– My signature Publicity Profits Secrets System so you can turn your interviews into revenues.


- I’ll walk you through my 5-Step VISIBILITY Blueprint so you can systemize your publicity and marketing efforts.

You’ll also learn

- How to clearly identify your niche and how to market to them in a way that magnetically draws them to you.

- How to boldly clarify your message so you know exactly what to say to your market.


- You’ll get to personally meet some of Chicago’s most influential media personalities and producers.

VISIBILITY is unlike ANY other workshop in Chicago.

This transformational business development event is valued at well over two thousand dollars.

Your regular registration rate is only



(This workshop is valued at more than $2,000)

PLUS: If you have another VISIONARY colleague or co-worker that would benefit from getting VISIBILITY, register them too for only



- You are not clear about your business goals.

- You are afraid to be featured on radio and TV.

- You don’t see the value in creating a media, marketing and publicity strategy for your business.

- You don’t think leveraging the media will help “YOUR” business.

- You don’t have time to invest in your marketing strategy.

- You are an author (our special opportunity exclusively for authors is coming up later this year)

If any of the above areas are an issue for you, PLEASE DON’T REGISTER FOR THIS BOOTCAMP!

I am ONLY looking to partner with people who recognize the value in their message and are ready to stop being the “best kept secret!” I am also looking for entrepreneurs who want to do MORE than just “get by.” If you are ready to SHIFT your mindset AND use the media to deliver your message to your market and emerge as a “rockstar” expert in your field, then please sign up today!

This intense, highly-interactive bootcamp is limited to 10 motivated and visionary entrepreneurs so that I can work closely with you to help you create a strategy that will work effectively for YOUR business.



During this 1-day LIVE event, my media colleagues and I will personally teach you:

- How to discover your ideal (niche) market - These days it does not pay to have a hap hazzard approach to who you market to. The more specific you are, the more effective you are and the more money you can generate.

- How to create your CORE media message - Once you know your market, you can speak their language and articulate what problems you solve for them. This makes you a “target market magnet.”

- How to build relationships with the media- You will learn unique, creative and affordable ways to speak directly to your audience in a language they’ll understand AND respond to. PLUS: we’ll have our MEDIA POWER TALK with some of Chicago’s most noted media professionals. They are producers, on-air talents and decision makers who will tell you exactly what kinds of stories they are looking for and how you can get your noticed.

- How to position yourself as a media expert - TV amp; radio shows are ALWAYS looking for well-spoken experts on everything from food, to diet, to relationships, to politics, to business and more. I’ll show you EXACTLY how to put on your expert hat and it doesn’t require a billion advanced degrees!

- How to pitch the media effectively and become a “media magnet” - I’ll show you a proven and time-tested strategy for getting lots of great media opportunities on a regular basis. It takes 4 easy steps and ANYONE can do it.

- How to drive potential clients to your business by leveraging your media appearances – Any media appearance you get validates your credibility in your field. I’ll show EXACTLY you how to leverage your media appearances to drive interested prospects to your door.


-Meet my “Media POWER Panel.” These are veteran hosts, reporters, producers and other media decision makers. They’ll tell you EXACTLY how to play BIG in the media marketplace and how to avoid common mistakes. If you’re brave, you can even practice your pitch and get instant feedback from the pros.

Again, my goal is to provide as much, one-on-one attention as possible. Only small number of serious-minded business people will be accepted into this course. That’s because I want you to walk away knowing EXACTLY what your message is and how you can leverage it to BECOME A MEDIA MAGNET. I also want you to leave with a clear, easy-to-execute media, publicity and marketing success roadmap IN HAND that you can begin using immediately.

There is absolutely no other event like this in Chicago where 10 entrepreneurs will get this kind of hands-on media, marketing and VISIBILITY mentoring from working media professionals–all valued at more than two-thousand dollars.




This workshop is valued at more than $2,000!



PLUS: If you know of another VISIONARY entrepreneur who would benefit from getting VISIBILITY,

Register them too for only $97!

This LIVE event will be held at the Tinley Park Convention Center in South Suburban Tinley Park Illinois. Located just steps away from the Holiday Inn amp; Suites Hotel and 30-minutes from downtown Chicago, this convenient location offers easy access, free parking and plenty of great nearby restaurants.


By participating in this event, YOU will receive:

- A beautiful 3-ring binder to keep all your course handouts organized and easily accessible


- A copy of my Publicity POWER e-book, filled with templates and other resources you can use to get publicity

- An invitation to a Q amp;A follow-up amp; MASTERMIND session with me to answer any questions you have once the bootcamp is over.

PLUS: You’ll have the chance to network with other visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to to get out of obscurity and position themselves as experts so they can get known NOW!

I have had the pleasure of coaching and training people from around the world. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“I’ve learned more from Monique in one workshop than I learned in 2 years in other programs.”

-Bahiyah Shabazz, Fabulous amp; Money Savvy Coach

After completing the VISIBILITY Bootcamp, I felt very confident in reaching my goals in my new career. I obtained skills that helped me use the media to gain exposure for my projects. I attribute my success to the knowledge and foundation that Monique’s Bootcamp provided. I STRONGLY encourage any individual who needs to learn how to use the media to brand themselves to attend this awesome Bootcamp. I guarantee that you will see IMMEDIATE results and success!

- Kathleen Owens

I must say that your information has encouraged me greatly. I have more confidence now because of your info and I look forward to my next interview. Thank you so much!

-Marcus Boston, Author

“Always well poised and well spoken, Monique is an excellent communications coach. If you are looking to raise your professional profile in your industry, or are being called upon to represent your company at conferences and in the media, Monique is the communications coach you want.”

-Deborah Gray-Young, Marketing Strategist
Lil’ Bizness Marketing Solutions

“Monique is amazing at what she does and is top notch!

-Saideh Browne, President
Platinum Speakers Bureau


My Personal Guarantee:


I look forward to having you join the ranks of entrepreneurs, executives and experts whom I have equipped to take on the media with confidence and boldness! As a seasoned media professional, I teach from EXPERIENCE, not theory. I know what works and I am ready to share these insider secrets with YOU.

If you invest the time to apply the strategies that I share and you DO NOT feel more confident about targeting your market and taking your message with the media, simply return all the materials from this bootcamp and you can receive a full refund–NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

This LIVE event will be held at the Tinley Park Convention Center in South Suburban Tinley Park Illinois. Located just 30-minutes from downtown Chicago, this convenient location offers easy access, free parking and plenty of great nearby restaurants.

YES! Please include me as part of this exclusive group of 10 entrepreneurs. Given that this collaborative mastermind event is valued at more than two-thousand dollars,

I am excited to take advantage of the $699 tuition rate!

(This workshop is valued at more than $2,000)


Register a friend or colleague for just $97!

Got questions? Feel free to email my most capable team member: Erica Bell at ebell@moniquecaradine.com

Media Training for Community Organizers

The health awareness advocacy group known as Sisters Working it Out has invited me back to do a media training session with them. My presentation is entitled “Community Empowerment and Today’s Media: How everyday citizens can strengthen their neighborhoods by leveraging local, national and social media.”

The goal is to give activists easy strategies for leveraging the media. This is one of my favorites!

RICH Author Secrets: 3 Keys to Building a POWERFUL Platform and getting TONS of publicity for your self-published book

Tynisha Thompson

Today at 1:00 p.m. CT/2:00 p.m. ET, branding and book marketing guru Tynisha Thompson and I will host a free teleseminar for authors!  

You’ll learn:

- the 3 keys to getting publicity for your book and secrets to building a powerful brand.

- the one thing you have to be willing to do for FREE to sell your book (and it’s not book signings).

- one strategy you MUST implement in order for your book to hit the KINDLE best-seller’s list.

Tynisha and I will also be discussing this weekend’s RICH Author’s Media Marketing amp; Publicity Workshop.   Have you signed up yet?



1:00 P.M. CT/2:00 P.M. ET

DIAL: 712-432-3066

ACCESS #: 521442

No sign-up necessary!   Just join the call.   We start promptly at 1:00 p.m.   See you on the call.

What R & B Legend Chaka Khan can teach you about giving a great media interview

Monique Interviews R amp; B legend Chaka Khan

Last year I had the honor of interviewing R&B  great Chaka Khan.   From the moment I knew I would be up close and personal with this living legend, I knew I had to bring my A-game.  

I researched her story and listened to her music in the weeks leading up to  interview day.   I enlisted the help of two media colleagues to help me compose the right questions.  

Then the day finally came.   I was so nervous that I didn’t sleep at all the night before!   My anxiety had nothing to do with the fact that I was about to interview a music icon.   Besides I’ve interviewed big celebrities before.  

I was nervous because I knew that it would be my job to bring out the best in her.   Since I had never met Chaka personally, I wasn’t sure what her personality was in that setting.     Would she be soft-spoken? Cold? Reserved? Talkative? Distracted? Uptight?   I had no clue.

We met in private  five minutes before the interview took place.   I immediately noticed that she had freckles just like me–chaching!!   Instant connection.   I complimented her on them and we laughed.   After I admitted I was a little nervous about the interview, she said, “Girl, please!”   She embraced me just like one of my aunts and in that moment, I knew it would be a great conversation.

Even though that was one of Chaka’s first sit down interviews in front of a live audience, she nailed it.   She would take my questions and answer them with such honesty and forthrightness it was as if we were all old friends.   That interview was like a dream come true!

I don’t know if Chaka Khan ever received any formal media training for this kind of sit down interview but one thing is for sure:   She incorporated all the ingredients to deliver a memorable interview.   Her strategy, whether intentional or not, can be used by anyone in a media setting.   Do this and you will win fans:

1.) Be yourself – Too often people make the mistake of going into what I call “media persona” mode when they go on radio or TV.   Suddenly they become this stiff, overly-serious, proper-talking, suit-wearing drone because they think that’s how they have to be on TV.   Maybe that was the case 15 years ago but today you have to “keep it real” otherwise, people will tune you out.   Be conversational, talk in your normal vernacular and if you’re not a suit person don’t wear a suit!!   These days, people want to feel connected, so “do you.”

2.) Tell engaging stories – During my Chaka Khan interview, I asked open-ended questions that lended themselves to  answers where she had to go deep.   She couldn’t just give me a “yes” or “no!”   So she told stories about her life, the drugs, the men, the guilt about leaving her children while she was on the road…the audience was completely enraptured.   Now of course, not everyone has stories as great as a world-traveled,  globally recognized entertainer like Chaka Khan, but you STILL have a story.   What are the stories that capture your trials and triumphs?   Or maybe you have stories from clients you’ve helped succeed.   Before every media opportunity, jot down 3 – 5 great stories that relate to the interview topic that you can share.   EVERYONE loves a great story.

3.) Be transparent – In today’s reality-driven media culture, transparency  is a requirement.   These days, people can spot a fake person a mile away.   So in a media setting, be honest.   Talk about your  pitfalls if it’s appropriate.     Talk about the lessons learned from your personal mistakes.   Ms. Chaka did this so brilliantly that people loved her even more once the interview was over.   Also,  in a media interview  setting, don’t feel obligated to have an answer for everything.      If the host or reporter asks you a question you don’t know the answer to, simply say “I don’t know that, but I can say this….”  

Hopefully you took notes because these are all techniques I teach clients in my executive media training sessions and Chaka Khan used them so effectively.   She was not afraid of anything.   She was completely honest, open and giving and you should be too if you want to create a memorable interview experience for the audience AND if you want to win loyal fans…

Now, should you sing at the end of your interview?   Probably not, but Ms. Chaka Khan did!  The vid is a little grainy and it’s sideways but the voice….ohhhh the voice!!!!! Check this out:

Strategic Success/Publicity planning: Before it gets too late, do this

Monique explains the power of publicity

September is probably one of the most important months of the year for business owners in my opinion.   That’s because I learned many years ago when I worked for a small PR firm that  THIS is the month that small businesses need to set aside at least ONE day to do strategic planning.

 That should include answering the following basic questions:

 -                 What were my revenues last year and how can I increase them by ____%?

-                 Who were my best clients and how can I get more of them?

-                 In what areas does my company show the most productivity/profitability?

-                 What do I love about my business and how can I do more of that?

-                 What do I hate about my business and how can I eliminate or delegate that?

And of course, one of the MOST important things you must do in your business is create a strategic marketing and publicity plan.  

When I did publicity for clients on a regular basis, we would always take time to map out their plan for the upcoming year in September.   September is key because once October hits, the holidays are right around the corner.   At that point, there’s little time left for strategic planning.   Then before you know it it’s the first of the year and you are left without a plan.   Not a good feeling.  

This is why I lovingly  command you to get those plans done NOW! :)

In order to ensure your success, marketing MUST become a part of your DAILY routine.   EVERYDAY, you should be doing things to make people aware of who you are and what you do.  ..yes, I said EVERYDAY.   (Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on that…)

At my recent media, marketing and publicity workshop for entrepreneurs, I shared my signature blueprint on how to get consistent publicity and how to stay in front of your target market.  

My next entrepreneurs workshop isn’t until March of 2012 but you can grab my e-Book right now to help you start getting media immediately.    In the meantime, start your marketing  planning  by  answering these simple questions:

get uncomfortable

-                 What are 3 things I can do to step outside my comfort zone and expand my sphere of influence?

-                 Who is my ideal client?

-                 Am I speaking to them now through branding and messaging?

-                 Where do they get their information from?

-                 How can I leverage social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Linked in to start reaching them regularly?

-                 How can I position myself as an expert and pitch myself to the media by tying in to a story currently in the news?

These are just a few of the questions you should be able to answer as you set up your publicity and marketing strategy.  

The bottom line is this:   If you create a simple plan and stick to it, you can succeed no matter what your goal is.   However, you must make sure that marketing and publicity are at the top of your list!!!

Sadly, most companies cut their marketing and publicity budgets when times get tough.   Don’t make that mistake!!   This is the time to ramp up your marketing and carve out your territory in the media marketplace!

As I mentioned earlier, my next entrepreneurs workshop isn’t until March of 2012 but you can grab my e-Book right now to help you get your media plan in place  so that next year will be YOUR year!

Are you registered? This event will sell out!


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