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5 fatal publicity mistakes (that even the pros make) and how to avoid them.

5 quot;fatal quot; publicity mistakes

Each week on my radio and TV shows,  I interview guests, authors, pundits, commentators, journalists and sometimes everyday people who are passionate about an issue.

In fact, I get pitched everyday by people who want to be  featured.   The truth is, while many of them probably have great info or a compelling story, 99% of them will  never get featured in the media because they make one of these 5 FATAL mistakes:

Mistake #1 – Relying ONLY on email to pitch your story.   Email is a quick easy way to get the word out but don’t be afraid to pick up the phone!   This way, if your timing is right, we can talk through your story and how it could fit into my media platform–and yes, I answer my own phone and if I’m not on deadline I love when people pitch me!

Mistake #2 – Not knowing enough about the media outlet you’re pitching.   If you’re pitching fashion to a cooking show you are dead in the water! Take some time to see where your message fits and you’ve won half the battle.

Mistake #3 – No follow up.   Keep in mind, if you send something to the media, it is YOUR responsibility to follow up.   Don’t expect them to remember you or what you sent 3 weeks ago!   We get buried in email requests daily, so your commitment to your own message could go a long way toward getting you placed in local and national   media.

Mistake #4 – Not being prepared for the media opportunity when we call.   A great press release or pitch can only get you so far.   If you’re not ready to deliver the goods when I call or are too  busy to make time for interviews when they hit, you might as well not seek publicity.

Mistake #5 – Blatantly promoting.   Most media outlets today DO NOT want to do a   commercial for you!!   So if you have a book, product, or event you want to promote then buy advertising!   However, if you have an amazing story to tell that can naturally tie back to your book, product or event, then THAT’s what you should pitch.

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