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Part II – Are women entrepreneurs subconsciously afraid to create 6-figure business?

There are many talented and gifted women entrepereneurs in my circle.  I am blessed and inspired by them daily!  However, I can no longer remain silent about what I see as a major obstacle that I am committed to helping us collectively overcome.  

It took me a while to be able to articulate exactly what this obstacle is but it finally became clear to me about 3 weeks ago as I was hosting a workshop on money.  

After sharing some practical strategies with a group of brilliant women on exactly how they could make significantly more money in their business (I mean I literally walked each woman through step by step what to do in her specific business model) I noticed two things:

1.) They would say, “wow, that’s a great idea! You mean I can really do that?”  My answer was, “of course you can! All it takes is a little planning and a simple strategy…

2.) Another reaction I sensed was a reluctance to take action on those strategies because doing so would have taken them waaaay out of their comfort zone (sorry ladies but breakthroughs DO NOT happen within the confines of a comfort zone).

Overall, I shared with the women in this group how a basic strategy and a few important mindset shifts could completely change their income, the future of their business and their life. They loved the content but only a few of them moved on to actually do the work required to design the strategy and make the change.

So that led me over to my Facebook page where I posted this:  

“Powerful women work strategically to expand their money, message and influence. They do it boldly without selling their soul. What’s your strategy? “  

Now I know that FB is not the oasis of thought leadership for people who are serious about business, but there are emerging entrepreneurs that hang out there.  So I waited for some responses and here are a few that came in:

Sheila said: By faith! 

Donna said: Through service!

Trudie said: Prayer…littered with courage!

Peggy said: Having the Courage to Change My Circumstances No Other Options are on the table baby

Now don’t get me wrong, all those things are good, but not one of them adds up to a strategy…not ONE!

So that’s when it occured to me. Some women entrepreneurs are afraid to create a strategy. 


Maybe we’re afraid that if we have a strategy — one that allows us to look 6 – to 18 months into the future of our business — we might actually become massively successful, make a lot of money and have the freedom we want.  

But what will we have to give up if we acheive all that?  

Would we have to sacrifice our family?  Will we have less time to spend with old friends? Will we have to work too hard–moreso than we do already? Or worst of all, will we have to sacrifice our relationship with God if we become rich?

For women who have grown accustomed to struggle, challenges and setbacks and comfort zones…what does success, money power and freedom REALLY look like!?

Listen, you can have all the faith and courage in the world, but it is meaningless without a roadmap to get you there.  Strategy is key to your success, so with regard to the fear, apprehension, dread or whatever feeling is keeping you from creating one, GET OVER IT.  Don’t let another week go by without designing your success…on YOUR terms.

Now on the flip side, I also understand that some just don’t know HOW to create a strategy…they don’t even know where to begin.  No worries, I am here to help.

So ladies, here is your action step:

Decide how much revenue you want to create next year.  Then, purchase one of those huge desk top calendars from your local office store.  Look at each month of next year and pinpoit the top 3 – 5 things, events, workshops, sales, promotions you need to have or actions you must take each quarter to create that revenue.  

Identify exactly how many clients you need to secure to meet your goals. Literally go month by month from January to December.  Invest the time to do this. This powerful action represents the begining of your success strategy.

If you need a buddy to help you think it through, go for it…the more the merrier.

As I said in the last post, I am Heaven-bent on getting emerging women entrepreneurs to a place where we are no longer in reactive mode but rather working PROactively to create the kind of wealth we deserve.

Leave your success tips or strategic advice below.  Your feedback could lead to someone’s breakthrough!

Monique is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Media Visibility & Influence Expert and Money Breakthrough Coach for emerging women in business.  Using her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur, she helps women in business go from invisible to influential…and more profitable!

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