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How to build wealth in a crazy economy

This economy has taken a toll on Americans. People are finding it tougher to build wealth.

Families are living paycheck to paycheck and many are relying on credit cards to bail them out of emergencies because they have little or no savings.

If these scenarios sounds familiar, there is hope because today, my team of experts will tell you exactly how you can grow your savings, buid wealth, change your money mindset and keep more money in your pocket.

Joining me on this episode of Perspective are:

Lynn Richardson, Financial Coach, www.lynnrichardson.com

Genya Harley, Financial Consultant and

Antoinette Peterson, Couponing Expert, www.sistersavealot.blogspot.com

Learn How to Grow Your Money: My50CHICAGO.com

Are Your Kids Fat?

Ryan Hutmacher from Centered Chef and Rochelle Davis from Healthy Schools

If your kids are fat, they will probably be fatter as adults. Fat adults usually have a long list of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more. I’ve always heard people refer to fat kids as cute. They always assume the “baby fat” will go away once the child gets older. That is an attitude of denial. If you don’t do something about your child’s weight, it will likely spiral waaaay out of control.  So since September is childhood obesity awareness month, we decided to confront the issue today on Perspective.  I hand-picked 4 great experts who will give you all the 4-1-1 you need to help you get control of your kids health.

So first up will be Dr. Adam Becker.  He’s with the Consortium to Lower Childhood Obesity in Chicago.  Apparently the problem is so bad here in the windy city that they had to set up shop here.  Sad.  He gave some interesting stats on where the problem persists.

Rochelle Davis and the folks over at the Healthy Schools Campaign have done a lot to help get healthier lunches in the school.  You won’t believe the amt of money schools spend on your kids’ lunch.  It’s Shocking!!

I love having Chefs on the show, especially when they bring food!!  Chef Ryan Hutmacher is from one of Chicago’s premier food studios.  Check him out over at The Centered Chef.  They help families and busy professionals eat right but they also work with the folks over at the Healthy Schools Campaign.

We also had a cardiologist from Northwestern Memorial Hospital explain exactly what is happening inside the body when your kids are overweight.

Image is everything

Diahann Carroll

Years ago I had the pleasure of having a private conversation with legendary entertainer and author Diahann Carroll.  During that conversation we talked about how she always had to fight with producers and writers to prevent them from casting her in a negative light.  I loved the fact that she always tried to defend and protect her image and that of Black women as a whole.  One thing she shared with me that I’ve always remembered is the importance of looking good whenever you go on camera.  ”Honey,” she told me, “there are a lot of things you can’t control when you get started in this industry.  But one thing you can control is how you look.”

That statement has stayed with me.  In fact, the older I get, the more I take it to heart.  That’s why I always call my fabulous make up artist Landis to hook up my face.  He has worked with me for more than 10 years and has been with me through it all!!  So at the advice of the great Diahann Carroll, I make sure that whenever I do my show “Perspective”, Landis is never far away to make sure I look my

Landis and Me before make up

best! Here he is before my transformation and watch the video to see him in action.

Like it or not, image is everything (or at least 90%).  So what are your rituals for looking great?  Who’s look inspires you?  Do you have a “glam squad?”  What are your fabulosity secrets?

Lynn Richardson to reveal how to go from “broke as hell” to living well on Perspective

A few weeks ago I appeared at a women’s empowerment event in Chicago.   I had the pleasure of being featured with some amazing and trailblazing women–all with powerful stories!   One of those women was Lynn Richardson.   She’s known nationally as the “mortgage guru” thanks to her real estate background, but she is so much more than that!   She’s also an author, a  business and life coach, personal wealth expert and an awesome speaker.   These days she works with hip hop guru Russell Simmons and Dr. Ben Chavis as the Chair of the National Home Ownership Advisory Council of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network.

At the event Lynn talked about getting your financial house in order.   Now I’ve heard A LOT of speakers, but Lynn’s personal story and her “homegirl” approach blew me away!    I like a smart woman from the hood who can talk in a way that ANYBODY can understand…that’s Lynn.

As she spoke I thought she would be the perfect guest for my TV show Perspective.   She gave simple and practical tips on saving, budgeting and investing.   I really think she is the next big thing when it comes to personal wealth building–even bigger than u know who!

Needless to say, we booked her and we’re taping the show tomorrow.   So post your biggest money questions here on the blog and I’ll take the best questions and ask Lynn for solutions tomorrow.   If you have a minute and a half, watch my behind the scenes video…

The making of a comeback, Part I

Welcome to my new cyber home everybody!  As i type this blog, my heart is literally racing. That’s because I am in the midst of my dream come true!  In the past year, I have manifested nearly everything I envisioned for myself since the beginning of 2009.  In an upcoming blog post, I’ll tell you exactly how I did that, but for now, I just want to thank you for stopping by.


I’ll be posting some cool stuff here, like clips, behind the scenes footage from my TV and radio shows and more. Occassionally, I’ll also be posting media tips to help you learn the secrets to being a great guest! (I loathe a bad guest). So make sure you stop by often!!

Tomorrow, I’ll make my comeback on WVON 1690 AM! Some of you may remember my award-winning show Mo in the Midday, which I hosted from 1998-2003.  Well, now it’s called the Monique Caradine Show and it debuts at 9am tomorrow!  You can tune in Every Friday from 9 – 11!  We’ll keep it fast-paced, edgy and interactive.  Hit me if you have great topic ideas.

I’m actually in production right now, getting ready for the show.   It is so chaotic!  But i wouldn’t have it any other way. This is what I was born to do!

Meanwhile, watch this video from a segment we did on my TV show earlier this week.  We may get a chance to discuss it more Friday!  What are your thoughts?  Do you think that with a $20 million budget, Tio Hardiman could get murders in Chicago under 200 per year? Watch the video to hear more.


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