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Think you don’t need VISIBILITY? Think again.

I have been putting in some serious overtime getting the word out about the VISIBLITY Bootcamp.   Back and forth

The value of VISIBILITY

across town at events, radio commercials and of course email and social media marketing.

The reaction I get from most people when they hear about the event is great interest.   However a few have responded by saying, “well, what if I’m not really interested in being visible?”  

In fact, just the other day, an entrepreneur said, “the word ‘visibility’ doesn’t really resonate with me…”

When entrepreneurs call the value of VISIBILITY into question, it baffles me because my thinking is this:

“If you’re in business and your survival and growth depends on customers knowing who you are, where to find you and how you solve their most pressing problems…why wouldn’t you want to be visible?”

So here’s today’s paradigm shift:   If you think you don’t need VISIBILITY, think again.  

This powerful concept of getting visibility can start with the simple act of making a bold statement about something you know or believe in and sharing that statement with the media or with your personal network.   Say the right thing and it could lead to you becoming more well known within your market or being quoted on a popular blog.   The ripple effects this could have for your business and brand are endless.

But let’s be clear.   I don’t believe in getting visibility or publicity just for the fun of it.   I promote what I call “Purpose-driven Publicity.”   This is where the motive behind ALL of your visibility and publicity efforts is a desire to help, empower, inspire, educate and enlighten more people around the world with your unique message.  

Should you benefit from this financially?   Yes and I love teaching people how to do that. However, the main goal is always to leverage various media platforms so that you transform the lives of others, first.  

I’ll have more on Purpose-driven Publicity in an upcoming blog.   For now, here are 3 ways getting visibility can fire up your business and grow your brand:

1.)       VISIBILITY helps you attract global clientele.   I’ve done business with clients internationally thanks to articles I’ve written that raised my visibility.   My clients saw that I was an expert so they signed up to work with me, sight unseen.

2.)       VISIBILITY helps you establish credibility.   When people see that you’re visible in the media marketplace and you’ve been quoted in magazines or featured on news segments, your “respect quotient” goes up exponentially.   A former client of mine generated $75,000 in new businesses shortly after he appeared on local news station.   How’s that for a return on his investment in my expertise?

3.)       Lastly, in the spirit of my  “  Purpose-driven Publicity” philosophy, VISIBILITY gives you a broader platform allowing you to empower and inspire more people.

I could go on for days about the value of VISIBILITY but here’s the bottomline: if you’re not VISIBLE, then you’re invisible and that is never a good thing.

To join my group of 10 brilliant, visionary entrepreneurs, executives and experts for the upcoming VISIBILITY Bootcamp, just click here.

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