In this brand new in-depth, homestudy course, you’ll learn my most effective media industry secrets for getting booked on TV & radio interviews…
~ Even If You’ve Never Done It Before ~
For the first time, I’m revealing the step-by-step strategies for how to profit from your publicity!
Monique Caradine is one of Chicago’s most popular TV & Radio personalities and a 17-year veteran of the media industry. Join her for this 5-part telecourse and learn from a pro, how to make the most out of EVERY media opportunity and turn your interviews into revenues!
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Not only will you get tons of great content and proven strategies from a media insider, you’ll also get checklists, scripts and templates – which means most of the work is already done for you!

Entrepreneurs, Experts, Business Leaders and the PR Professionals who represent them;
We all know that in order to survive in business today, you have to wear many hats.  But there are a few extremely important yet simple things you must know how to do -- and do well -- in order to THRIVE, including:
Being crystal clear about who your ideal customers are
Knowing how to position yourself to be their FIRST and only choice when they need the expertise you offer.
Knowing how to effectively leverage every available platform, including TV & radio, so that you can tap into the power of publicity and immediately turn that publicity into profits.
However, in all my years of working with entrepreneurs, I consistently see them resorting to old, outdated and quite frankly, costly ways of getting the word out about their business.  Worse yet, sometimes, the importance of even having a simple and effective marketing strategy becomes a complete afterthought.  Even worse, getting publicity – some believe – is just too difficult, too expensive or just not possible.
I am here to tell you that NOTHING could be further from the truth!
The TRUTH is this…

Learning the secrets to getting publicity AND turning that publicity into profits could open the door to a constant flow of new business for you and significantly more income in a very short period of time!

As a TV & radio personality who has hosted a total of 3 TV shows, 2 radio shows, produced for a nationally syndicated talk show and appeared on national media outlets like CNN, National Public Radio and FOX News, I know the formula for crafting a media appearance that is engaging, witty and informative for the audience.

Unfortunately, as a media coach and trainer, I’ve noticed that too few publicity seekers and media guests know how to leverage their media interviews and turn them into revenues!
Publicity Profit Secrets
Now let’s face it, some of you may already be getting tons of free publicity. 

If so, that’s awesome!

However, it’s one thing to run up your phone bill as you call in to radio station after radio station; or run around town spending money on gas and parking as you appear on TV shows yet at the end of the day, none of it turns into business for you. 

If that’s the case, you’re wasting your time.
In Publicity Profit Secrets, I am going to show you how to implement SIMPLE strategies that you can use IMMEDIATELY to get targeted publicity and turn it into profits!
Real Life Examples:
Yes, you can systematically and consistently profit from your publicity.  Here’s what happened for two of my private clients:
A well-known Chicago catering company appeared on the top local news station for a midday feature segment.  I equipped them with my signature Publicity Profit strategies. Days later they received a call from a viewer who saw them and later hired them for two jobs totaling $75,000.
A brilliant consultant had changed her niche and was connecting with her new market through radio interviews.  I coached her on how to develop her message and what to do before, during and after each appearance.  She did a total of 4 radio interviews—including my show.  Within days, she had secured $30,000 in new business.
If you’re an entrepreneur, expert, business leader or you’re a PR professional who represents them, it is vitally important in today’s crowded marketplace that you learn how to easily get free publicity and how to turn your interviews into revenues.  My Publicity Profits Secrets System shows you how.
Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
You’ve been in your industry for years enjoying moderate success but still, nobody really knows you.
You’ve tried to get publicity for yourself or your clients but it’s usually sporadic and never really has any measurable results AND you don’t get invited back for repeat interviews.
You’ve grown frustrated because you’ve hit a plateau in your business and haven’t really figured out how to break through.
You feel anxious about doing media interviews because you don’t really know what to say or you’re afraid you’ll be asked a question you don’t know the answer to.
You’ve spent a lot of money on a PR firm or consultant and you didn’t get the results you hoped for.
If so, no worries.  When you invest in Publicity Profit Secrets, I’ll show you how to make publicity work for you and your days of being the “best kept secret” will be over! 
You’ve accumulated a unique level of skill and expertise in your industry


There is no one who can deliver your powerful message quite like you

The media are hungry for knowledgeable experts who can help fill their 24 hour news cycles


Someone out there is waiting for you to share your solutions to their most pressing problems…
You should benefit from EVERY single media opportunity!
Launching a new career requires building credibility in a new space. Monique was able to help me achieve solid credibility very quickly.  Thanks to Monique’s publicity expertise, I was featured several times on Chicago’s top media outlets, including #1 ranked ABC7 and Super Station WGN Channel 9.  I continue to leverage my credibility as an expert in my field to secure additionalmedia appearances that drive awareness for my business resulting in more clients!

Kimberly Turner,
Image Expert,
You absolutely should NOT be:
  • Struggling to get new clients.
  • Taking a hap-hazard approach to your marketing and publicity.
  • Afraid to leverage the media.
  • Unsure of how to make your media opportunities translate into business!
The Publicity Profit Secrets homestudy course solves these problems once and for all.
For the very first time, I am going to walk you through; step-by-step how to get the best kind of publicity for your business and I’m going to show you how to make it beneficial to your bottom-line.
By the end of the Publicity Profit Secrets 5-part homestudy course, you’ll know how to do this without compromising your integrity or feeling “salesy” or overly promotional during your media interviews.  Instead, your interviews will flow beautifully and effortlessly, make you sound and look good, give your audience the solutions they need AND make you an irresistible guest who gets invited back again and again!


You’ll notice the difference in your bottom line!
Here’s a snapshot of your Publicity Profit Secrets homestudy course:
Session 1
Getting booked on TV & Radio:
How to cut through the clutter and get them to say “yes” to YOU!
  • What are the most important mindset shifts YOU need to make in order to be successful at getting massive amounts of publicity?
  • What are the best ways to communicate with the media?
  • The formula for writing your press alerts so that you get noticed.
  • How do you find your niche and leverage the media to communicate with them?
Session 2
Iím booked! Now what?
How to set yourself up for a compelling & profitable interview.
  • What to do before every interview to make it a hit for you AND the audience.
  • What should each host have in hand before they interview you?
  • How to construct your interview before it happens.
  • How to make your business or brand relevant all year long so that you not only get booked occasionally for TV & radio interviews but you STAY booked.
Session 3
The art of the interview:
Insider secrets on delivering a client-attracting conversation that will
have the audience wanting more of YOU!
  • What you must always do in every interview BEFORE you promote anything.
  • I’ll give you my super-simple, proven formula for delivering a powerful interview
  • How to create a call-to-action that makes the audience stop what they are doing to respond to you!
  • What to do AFTER each interview to position yourself as a regular guest that keeps getting invited back again and again!
Session 4
How to leverage the power of your NEW publicity-driven audience to create profits.
Now that more and more people know you and have joined your list, what are the best
ways to keep them happy?
  • During this 2-part session, I'll reveal some important techniques you MUST have in place to start building your "know, like, trust" factor
PLUS, you'll also receive a copy of my expert interview:
  • As an added BONUS, I interviewed savvy list-building expert and entrepreneurial success coach Tiffany deSilva. In our conversation, she shares invaluable tips and insights, including how she managed to attract national media attention effortlessly and how she cultivates a mutually beneficial relationship with the people on her list to grow her business.
Session 5
BONUS Publicity Profit Secrets
Mastermind/Q & A Call
You’ve got questions I’ve got answers!
Your media success is my #1 goal!
That’s why I’m making it so easy for you and giving you secrets and content that I have never shared before.

You can start getting publicity immediately and the benefits – as you’ll see when you sign up for Publicity Profit Secrets – could change the direction of your business! 
As always, you can register without worry because Publicity Profit Secrets comes with my personal guarantee.  If you’re not completely satisfied after call two, simply contact me in writing and I’ll refund your investment.*

So if you’re ready to learn the secrets to turning your publicity into profits, I’m ready to show you how!
Yes, Monique!  I’m ready to learn your Publicity Profit Secrets System!

 *payments will be conveniently billed to your credit card every 30 days for 2 months.
Either way, once your purchase is complete, you'll be able to download the entire course instantly!
I am absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to partner with you to share my Publicity Profit Secrets System!  Your days of being the best kept secret are about to end!  It’s time for you to get known now!

Here’s to your publicity power and profits~

Monique Caradine
Nicole Marie Richardson My previous employer, Black Enterprise Magazine, hired Monique to train the editorial team on how to make successful media appearances on television and radio. Through role-play and a carefully crafted presentation, she delivered knowledge and skills that even the most inexperienced person could use the very next day and pull off a stellar onscreen performance.  These techniques have stuck with me and I've been able to avoid some embarrassing moments on TV and radio because of them!

Nicole Marie Richardson
Executive Editor, Special Projects at
I signed up for Monique's Publicity Power Jumpstart Program because I wanted to capitalize on the small amount of publicity that I had already generated myself. I was very pleased with how much 'insider information' was shared with me and I feel much more confident that I have the appropriate tools to get national exposure for ResuMAYDAY. Monique provided a step-by-step action plan that I will be able to easily follow which should lead to even more radio, TV and article interviews. If you see me on national TV, you can bet it all started with Monique!

Lauren Milligan,
Resume and Job Search Expert,
Your publicity jumpstart program was exactly what the doctor ordered! It was fun and I learned the nuts and bolts about getting publicity. In fact I have a radio interview lined up already! But more significantly, I felt compelled to re-examine and clarify my goals and even my life mission during the course of this program. I now have a new sense of direction in my life and business not just regarding the publicity. Thank you Monique!

Dr. Neill Neill,
Registered Psychologist and Author,
Monique has the experience, talent and finesse to help you get the publicity you deserve. In fact, she’s created PR programs to help you understand PR basics and beyond. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with Monique and contribute to her programs. It’s refreshing to find someone who has the same passion and drive for the powerful publicity that can be generated when you know the right strategies!

Lisa Manyon,
Professional Copywriter & Marketing Strategist,
Monique - You've empowered me to embrace my own expertise and to embrace the media.  It’s clear that you are very knowledgeable in the area of media training and I look forward to being able to continue to benefit from your expertise. 

Jeanene Cannon,
President & CEO of Physique Complete, LLC
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