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Praise for Monique’s Publicity Profit Secrets Program

image“I’ve had several media opportunities, including being featured on the website of the local News and a few radio shows as well. Thank you SO much for what you do. Your belief in others and desire to help them succeed comes across loud and clear through your work. I LOVE your unique brand of “keeping it real.” It’s so refreshing!”

Wende Sanders




image“I just booked my first radio show using Monique Caradine’s Publicity Profit Secrets only two weeks after listening to her program! Many thanks to Monique for creating such an easy to follow, step-by-step program that, even if you have never worked with the media, you can STILL be successful.

Her handouts and checklists were priceless! If increasing your visibility using various media outlets is part of your marketing strategy this year, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing Monique’s program. You’ll see a return on your investment many times over!”

Michelle Brown-Dawson




Praise for Monique’s Mastermind Groups

image” Before I joined the Monique’s Bold, Fearless & Fabulous Mastermind, the biggest challenge I struggled with was not knowing how to reach the next level in my career or business. I had big goals and aspirations but I didn’t know how to get there. I lacked confidence and didn’t believe was capable of reaching success.

This caused me to allow fears, people, resentment and a number of other things to hold me back and for years I stayed in the “safe zone.” Thanks to Monique’s mastermind I am now in the “bold zone!” I have learned to give my self permission to be successful, make money and reach my full potential.

I’ve been working with Monique for 3 years now and my results have been tremendous. I have launched my on radio show, I hosted my own women’s conference and networking event and I just recently launched my own coaching program. I am now consider my self as an expert, and I know my true value and worth.”

Priscilla Williams, RN

Speaker, Author, Wellness Expert



image“My business continues to catapult to new heights as a result of Monique’s principles and strategies. She is truly a one-stop resource for individuals and businesses. Monique has such a spirit of excellence in leading by example that empowered every lady within our mastermind group to aspire higher!”

Da-Nay Macklin




image“As a result of joining the Monique’s Mastermind, I was able to exceed my Bold Money Goal and continue to reach beyond my comfort zone. This group has taught me so much about thinking outside of the box and learning to focus my energy and building my brand into something I never imagined. I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Monique and the sisters of this Mastermind group for the encouragement and confidence in developing a plan for growing my brand into a success story!”

Rahsaan Tobin




image“Monique, our private session today was INCREDIBLE! Please know and believe that your service goes beyond coaching, you are changing lives and helping manifest dreams.”

La’Keisha Gray-Sewell




image“I have years of experience in business and coaching, but I had difficulty distilling and packaging my expertise. Not being able to package my talents and communicate them to an audience was having a severe effect on my revenue. Monique helped me to breakdown my knowledge into stand-alone solutions that translated to multiple offerings. The results are amazing and Mo is a coach’s coach when it comes to focus, revenue growth and accountability!”

Donna Smith Bellinger




Praise for



Gia Claire“I am in the business of motivational speaking and before I worked with Monique I was struggling with my core purpose and my message. This problem led me to a variety of audiences that were NOT my core group.

After coaching with Monique I had a definite core purpose and I knew exactly how to map out a strategy of compensation that kept me within my unique ability and provided me with more structure and discipline around my planning, and goal setting.

Most importantly, Monique showed me how to command the dollars I wanted to earn. I stopped doing events for free and was able to value my own worth first. I now fully expect others to pay for my highly skilled services! Thank you Monique!”

Gia Claire




“In just 11 days I have already seen results! I’m selling more books and drawing more traffic to my site. I can only imagine what the results will be in a few months as I continue following your plan. It feels good to now have direction and a clearly defined purpose! I love the way your brain works!”

Senica Evans
Author, Speaker



“Initially, I was floundering, like a fish in shallow water. However, since our session, I feel as if the deep water is no longer threatening, since you’ve given me the tools. I am well on my way, to becoming the success I always knew I could be.”

Dr. Dorothy Thomas
Addiction/Recovery Expert and author



“Today Ganier Designs was rebirthed through Monique Caradine’s MVP Academy! Such a powerful and uplifting session with such an amazing woman!”

Elysia Ganier





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