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WORKSHOP IS FULL – Promote & Market your Book the “Rich” Author’s Way




  • Have you’ve written a life-changing book but frustrated because your audience just hasn’t taken notice?
  • Has your book been out for over a 6 months but you haven’t generated consistent interest from the media?
  • Are you an aspiring author who wants to know the secrets of high-impact marketing and publicity for your book BEFORE you go to press?
  • Do you know there’s a book inside you but just don’t know how to get it out?
  • How would you like to use your book to position yourself as an expert and build a powerful national platform and brand?

TV/radio personality

If any of these questions piqued your interest, you MUST plan to attend this one-of-a-kind event.

My name is Monique Caradine. I am a TV amp; Radio personality based in Chicago. I have interviewed top-selling, award-winning authors including Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison and the late E. Lynn Harris.

I am also a media expert amp; publicity coach who has worked with select authors, entrepreneurs and experts from all over the world.

I’ll be hosting a live workshop on Saturday, November 12, 2011, which will absolutely REVOLUTIONIZE the way you market, promote and sell your book.

I guarantee you. There has NEVER been a workshop of this kind in Chicago.

If you are a current or aspiring author, this EXCLUSIVE event will give you full access to my hand-picked team of experts.

Together, we have in-depth experience in the areas of of:

- Marketing

- Branding

- Platform Building

- Making your book a best-seller

- Turning your non-fiction book into a lucrative BUSINESS.

On top of all that, I am personally working with you to show you the dos and dont’s of pitching the media and building media relationships.

Collectively, we’ll share our nearly 40 years of traditional/social media, book publishing and marketing expertise with you, so that you can STOP living in obscurity and START getting exposure and experiencing the power and potential your book TRULY has!

Are you READY?

During this 1-day workshop you’ll learn:

-How to get the media to take notice and take you seriously if you are self-published author.

-The 3 things you MUST have BEFORE you reach out to the media.

-The 3 things you DON’T need to have when you reach out to the media.

-How to formulate your media angles.

-How to build media relationships so you keep getting invited back.


-How to write your book so that you can GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE and still make money.

-How to get your book out of your head and on to the page.

-How to build a platform for your book

-How to create other highly-profitable income streams from your book so you are not SOLELY relying on book sales to make money.

BONUS: How to create content for your next book!

Essentially, you will learn how to promote and market your book AND build your brand the “RICH” author’s way.

My experts include:

Tynisha Thompson

Tynisha Thompson

Tynisha is known around the world for her unique ability to get authors and entrepreneurs on the fast-track to success.

She has worked at some of New York city’s most notable publishing houses and she has helped several books reach the best-sellers list. These days, she coaches and mentors entrepreneurs from around the world, showing them how to leverage their brilliance, grow their platforms, build their brands…and write books.

Tynisha believes that everyone has a story and she shows them how to package it so that they can empower others AND make a profit.

Tynisha will be revealing some of her newest strategies for the first-time EVER at this workshop, including how to turn your book into a Kindle Best-Seller.

Naleighna Kai

Naleighna Kai

Naleighna is a Chicago native and the author of the national bestselling novel, Every Woman Needs a Wife, The Pleasure€™s All Mine, and coauthor of Speak it into Existence as well as a contributing author to a New York Times Best seller.

She is a developmental editor, publishing consultant, the founder of Macro Marketing amp; Promotions Group and is the brainchild behind the Annual Cavalcade of Authors events in Chicago which is now in its 7th year.

Naleighna is an expert at helping aspiring writers write high-quality books that attract their market AND major publishing opportunities. Visit her on the web at www.naleighnakai.com or www.thecavalcadeofauthors.com

NOTE: Because I LOVE to give people on-the-spot coaching and personal attention, I keep my class sizes small. Therefore, I am opening this workshop to only 25 current or aspiring authors.


Each author who register for this exclusive event will walk away with a specific BLUEPRINT on how to effective market and promote their books.

This is ONLY for serious authors who are ready leverage their books and make an investment in their massive success.

Yes, Monique! I am ready to start changing the world with my book and stop being the best kept secret!

Only $125.00 PLUS

Bring a friend for an additional $25.00

I can’t even count the number of calls, emails and facebook messages I get from authors who want to know how to get publicity for their books!

Recently, I’ve taken the time to talk to a few of them (you know who you are!) who’ve managed to catch me by phone here at my office. A few people have even received responses from me via facebook messsages. Needless to say, with 8,000+ FaceBook and Twitter friends and tens of thousands of listeners and viewers, I can’t talk to everyone!

That’s why, I decided to do a live workshop exclusively for current and aspiring authors.

During this one-day intensive training, you will learn exactly how to pitch the media correctly (and I stress, correctly) so that you can get publicity for your book.

Another reason I decided to do this is because I am constantly being pitched via email. On average, I get close to 100 media pitches per week, many of which come from authors. Some of the pitches are good, some of them are really BAD and unfortunately, very few of them are extraordinary or compelling enough to make me even want to consider having the author on my show.

It’s frustrating because some of the authors who pitch me probably really do have great books with great messages, but because they failed to pitch well, they never get the publicity they deserve.

In fact, I recently did a 4 part video series on the massive mistakes authors make when promoting their books and how to avoid them. You can see the video series when you click here.

REMEMBER: As an author it is your responsibility to know the most effective ways to sell your book to the media, particularly if you don’t have the backing of a huge publishing house or a gigantic marketing budget to back you up. Let me AND my brilliant experts tell you how.

A very limited number of seats are available!

Only $125.00 PLUS

Bring a friend for an additional $25

I have had the pleasure of coaching and training people from around the world. Here’s what some of them have to say:

I have learned more in one workshop with Monique Caradine than I have learned in a year of sessions with anyone else.

-Bahiyah Shabazz, Author and “Fabulous amp; Money Smart” Coach

I must say that your information in your books, “Publicity Toolkit” and “How To Make Your Story Irresistible To The Media” have both encouraged me greatly. I’ve had two interviews before reading your books, and I believe my next interview will be even better because of you. I have more confidence now because of your info and I look forward to my next interview. Thank you so much!

Marcus Boston, Author

Always well poised and well spoken, Monique is an excellent communications coach. If you are looking to raise your professional profile in your industry, or are being called upon to represent your company at conferences and in the media, Monique is the communications coach you want.”

Deborah Gray-Young, Marketing Strategist, Lil€™ Bizness Marketing Solutions

Momentum-Media is an excellent source for publicity information and support. The enthusiasm and motivation we received during our book publicity consultation has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and profitability.”

Ebony Tillman, DJT Publishing Company

“Monique – thank you so much for taking the time to share those valuable interview tips with me. You’ve empowered me to embrace my own expertise and to embrace the media. It was clear that you are very knowledgeable in the area of media training and I look forward to being able to continue to benefit from your services. Thanks again!”

Jeanene Cannon, President amp; CEO of Physique Complete, LLC

“Monique is amazing at what she does and is top notch!

Saideh Browne, President, Platinum Speakers Bureau

My Personal Guarantee:

I look forward to having you join the ranks of entrepreneurs, executives and experts whom I have equipped to take on the media with confidence and boldness! As a seasoned media professional, I teach from EXPERIENCE, not theory. I know what works and I am ready to share these insider secrets with YOU.

If you invest the time to apply the strategies that I share and you DO NOT feel more confident about targeting your market and taking your message with the media, simply return all the materials from this bootcamp and you can receive a full refund–NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

This LIVE event will be held at the Tinley Park Convention Center in South Suburban Tinley Park Illinois. Located just 30-minutes from downtown Chicago, this convenient location offers easy access, free parking and plenty of great nearby restaurants.

YES! Please include me as one of the 25 authors invited to participate in this event!

Got questions? Email: Erica Bell at ebell@moniquecaradine.com

6 Responses to “WORKSHOP IS FULL – Promote & Market your Book the “Rich” Author’s Way”

  1. Margaret Brown says:

    This is the opportunity us “authors” especially myself have been waiting for. We generally think once the book is published and we become authors, that’s it! Needless to say the work has only begun. If we are navigated in the right direction to get where we want to go, we can avoid all those unnecessary road blocks, construction zones, detours etc., and arrive straight to our destination.

  2. Monique says:

    Hey Margaret, You’re right. I’ve seen great books get ignored because authors don’t know the secrets. I’m want to change that!

  3. Margaret Brown says:

    If anybody can, you can Mo. This is an awesome opportunity. It’s time out for being ignored because of the lack of knowledge. Knowledge is the Key; Knowledge is power. It is the best feeling in the world when you turn that key KNOWING the doors of opportunities will OPEN. Much Love!

  4. Shirley Hightower says:

    I have been trying to write my book for the last 44 years. I really know I have a story to tell. I just don’t know how to get it going. I was laid off my job last year and am now working again but I make twenty thousand less than I did before. I really want to attend this workshop and I know everyone needs the get paid, but I can afford the 300.00 dollars. If I could pay 150.00 this would be more affordable for me, and maybe I can just attend certain workshops. Please help.

  5. I am so ready for this opportunity I’m bringing someone along with me. Each one, reach one…especially for the rate you are offering your wisdom!

    See you Saturday!

  6. Monique says:

    Jacqueline, you are brilliant and intuitive! I know there’s probably at least 3 books inside you waiting to birthed! Can’t wait to see you Saturday.

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