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Thinking of writing a book? Answer these brilliant questions first.

I  recently met a dynamic woman named Lynne Klippel.  She helps authors turn their books into 6-figure businesses and we also happen to be in a high-level coaching group together.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her recently for my signature RICH Author’s Coaching Club and she spilled the beans how to turn your book into a money machine.  The conversation was brilliant.  I love her  passionate for helping authors.  That passion led her to develop a homestudy course that actually helps them use the same highly successful strategies that the TOP authors use.  Her course is called “Six Figure Author Secrets.”

So the other day, I was checking out her blog and saw a post I just had to share.  Especially since I am working on 2 book projects myself and I always run into people who SAY they “want to write a book,” but because of their busy lifestyles, carving out the time to do it is tough.

In her blog post, Lynne shows you how to coach yourself through the REAL thing that’s stopping you from getting your book done.  Here’s the post in it’s entirety.  It will help you if you’re an aspiring author.


Self Coaching Questions for Powerful Authors

Lynne Klippel

To be an author requires that you give deeply of yourself: your wisdom, your knowledge, and your passion for your topic.

So today, in celebration of you, take 20 minutes and use these questions to explore yourself more deeply.   The insights you uncover will aid you in achieving your goals as an author and business owner.

Write your answers down.   You’ll find more information flowing to you as   you move your hand across the page.

Click here for the self coaching questions featured on the blog.

  1. What do you want your book to do for you personally?
  2. What do you want your book to do for your readers?
  3. What do you want your book to do for the world?
  4. What frightens you about becoming an author?
  5. Does that fear stop you or spur you onward?   Why?
  6. What thrills you about becoming an author?
  7. How will you know if your book is a success?   Describe what success means to you personally.
  8. How supported do you feel in your quest to become a successful author?
  9. How are you celebrating your progress along the way?
  10. What action step you can take in the next 24 hours to move forward?

Lynne Klippel is a best-selling author, publisher, and book coach who specializes in helping non-fiction authors write books that build their business and transform the world. For a f.r.e.e. assessment that will help you see your author strengths and opportunities, visit: http://www.6figurebooksecrets.com

RICH Author Coaching Club – Shifting your mindset from author to marketer and 3 easy ways to re-purpose your content to create multiple income streams

Poor authors focus on selling their books 1 by 1 from the trunk of their car or at book signings.  RICH Authors know that their books are far more valuable than that $14.95 price tag!

On this call, I talk about how to shift your mindset and start thinking like a RICH Author!  I also share 3 simple ways to re-purpose your book to create multiple income streams.  Listen for yourself!  


It’s not too late to join in live.  Call number 2 is tomorrow!  Just visit this link and you can participate LIVE in the next 4 content-filled calls, plus mastermind with me and my experts.

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RICH Author Secrets: 3 Keys to Building a POWERFUL Platform and getting TONS of publicity for your self-published book

Tynisha Thompson

Today at 1:00 p.m. CT/2:00 p.m. ET, branding and book marketing guru Tynisha Thompson and I will host a free teleseminar for authors!  

You’ll learn:

- the 3 keys to getting publicity for your book and secrets to building a powerful brand.

- the one thing you have to be willing to do for FREE to sell your book (and it’s not book signings).

- one strategy you MUST implement in order for your book to hit the KINDLE best-seller’s list.

Tynisha and I will also be discussing this weekend’s RICH Author’s Media Marketing amp; Publicity Workshop.   Have you signed up yet?



1:00 P.M. CT/2:00 P.M. ET

DIAL: 712-432-3066

ACCESS #: 521442

No sign-up necessary!   Just join the call.   We start promptly at 1:00 p.m.   See you on the call.

What RICH authors know and POOR authors don’t.

Right now, I have about  4 books swimming around in my head.   The topics range from how to be a great guest on radio and TV, to the secrets of highly successful women, to how to raise a happy, healthy child who is destined for greatness!  

Do I have multiple degrees or certifications in these areas?   No.   What I do have, however,  is confidence, personal experience  and an understanding of how to articulate basic “how-to” advice in a manner that is engaging and easy to understand.   I also know how to interview and quote REAL experts as needed!

**Working image for forthcoming book**

That’s why I have set out to  finish my first book by early next year.    The book will give me a new level of credibility and will open doors for speaking, coaching and  increased visibility.

Even though the book  won’t be out until February 2012, I started marketing it more than a year ago.   Why?   Because that’s what Rich authors do!

Do you have the mindset of a  rich author or a poor author?

You see, poor authors see themselves as merely “authors.”   They write books, they may speak every now and then and they sell a few books at the back of the room.

Rich authors however, see themselves as “marketers.”   They realize that their book can be the source of multiple income streams.   In other words, an author who is committed to sharing their expertise with their target market understands that their book can be a profitable business.

Poor authors sell books one by one by one…maybe at book signings or local events.   If you’re lucky, someone comes along and buys three books at a time.   When that happens, poor authors feel like they’ve hit the jackpot!

Rich authors however, use their books as business cards or lead generating tools.   They have no problem giving their books away to serious prospects because they know that the material in the book will help them build a loyal fan base that will be hungry to purchase other books, attend workshops, subscribe to newsletters and invest in coaching programs!

Poor authors start promoting their book AFTER the book comes out.

Rich authors map out a simple  plan FAR in advance.   They start teasing and dropping hints to their fans and followers about the progress of their book.   They share tips from their book and they even give away chapters of their book.   These strategies build anticipation in advance among the media AND your market.   Once the book comes out, you have an audience just waiting to buy their copy and the media is eager to interview you.

We’ll be teaching you how to do all this and more at the RICH author’s workshop!   Price has been adjusted so you can bring a friend and split the cost!

I know I’m not the only one.   You’ve probably got a few books in your head too, right?

My Media, Marketing & Publicity Bootcamp for AUTHORS Only!

I get so many authors requesting to be on my shows.   Most of them never make it because their pitch is ineffective and lacks a compelling angle.   If you’ve ever wondered how to get media opportunities consistently as a way to promote your book, I’ll be spilling the secrets at this one day event.

Details to come.   Contact Erica Bell to get on the   VIP list.



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