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The VISIBILITY Bootcamp returns! Saturday, March 17, 2012


Entrepreneurs, Experts amp; Executives who want to learn the secrets of marketing directly to your ideal client and getting highly valuable publicity for your business or brand, “super early-bird” registration is now open for those who want to secure their space at the absolute lowest price for a limited time!



TV/Radio Personality Monique Caradine

Hello fellow entrepreneur!
I am thrilled to announce that once again, I’ll be hosting a LIVE, 1-day, exclusive event for a small group of visionary entrepreneurs.

It’s called Monique Caradine’s VISIBILITY Bootcamp (formerly the Media, Marketing amp; Publicity POWER Workshop). During this private, collaborative, mastermind intensive, I WILL PERSONALLY teach you how to leverage the media and use simple yet effective marketing techniques to GROW your brand and your profits.

I will also share insider media secrets with you that will help you FINALLY get your message in the media ON A REGULAR BASIS.

As you may know, I host a radio amp; TV talk show and have worked in media for 15+ years.

I’ve featured hundreds of guests — both celebrities AND everyday people — on my shows. Some were good, some extraordinary, others…well, put it like this: they probably won’t be back on the show anytime soon :(

However, with all my years of experience as a host, producer AND media consultant, I have learned the secrets to crafting a media-friendly story AND I’ve been coaching professionals like you on how to do it with excellent results!

LISTEN: Getting great publicity locally and nationally is not as difficult as you might think. It simply requires a plan. That’s why, by the end of this session, you will have a customized blueprint for your business’s marketing and media strategy.

It all happens Saturday, March 17, 2012, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

You’ll learn:

- Industry secrets that the most well-known experts use to get LOTS of consistent VISIBILITY .

- How to make your story absolutely irresistible to the media.

– My signature Publicity Profits Secrets System so you can turn your interviews into revenues.


- I’ll walk you through my 5-Step VISIBILITY Blueprint so you can systemize your publicity and marketing efforts.

You’ll also learn

- How to clearly identify your niche and how to market to them in a way that magnetically draws them to you.

- How to boldly clarify your message so you know exactly what to say to your market.


- You’ll get to personally meet some of Chicago’s most influential media personalities and producers.

VISIBILITY is unlike ANY other workshop in Chicago.

This transformational business development event is valued at well over two thousand dollars.

Your regular registration rate is only



(This workshop is valued at more than $2,000)

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- You are not clear about your business goals.

- You are afraid to be featured on radio and TV.

- You don’t see the value in creating a media, marketing and publicity strategy for your business.

- You don’t think leveraging the media will help “YOUR” business.

- You don’t have time to invest in your marketing strategy.

- You are an author (our special opportunity exclusively for authors is coming up later this year)

If any of the above areas are an issue for you, PLEASE DON’T REGISTER FOR THIS BOOTCAMP!

I am ONLY looking to partner with people who recognize the value in their message and are ready to stop being the “best kept secret!” I am also looking for entrepreneurs who want to do MORE than just “get by.” If you are ready to SHIFT your mindset AND use the media to deliver your message to your market and emerge as a “rockstar” expert in your field, then please sign up today!

This intense, highly-interactive bootcamp is limited to 10 motivated and visionary entrepreneurs so that I can work closely with you to help you create a strategy that will work effectively for YOUR business.



During this 1-day LIVE event, my media colleagues and I will personally teach you:

- How to discover your ideal (niche) market - These days it does not pay to have a hap hazzard approach to who you market to. The more specific you are, the more effective you are and the more money you can generate.

- How to create your CORE media message - Once you know your market, you can speak their language and articulate what problems you solve for them. This makes you a “target market magnet.”

- How to build relationships with the media- You will learn unique, creative and affordable ways to speak directly to your audience in a language they’ll understand AND respond to. PLUS: we’ll have our MEDIA POWER TALK with some of Chicago’s most noted media professionals. They are producers, on-air talents and decision makers who will tell you exactly what kinds of stories they are looking for and how you can get your noticed.

- How to position yourself as a media expert - TV amp; radio shows are ALWAYS looking for well-spoken experts on everything from food, to diet, to relationships, to politics, to business and more. I’ll show you EXACTLY how to put on your expert hat and it doesn’t require a billion advanced degrees!

- How to pitch the media effectively and become a “media magnet” - I’ll show you a proven and time-tested strategy for getting lots of great media opportunities on a regular basis. It takes 4 easy steps and ANYONE can do it.

- How to drive potential clients to your business by leveraging your media appearances – Any media appearance you get validates your credibility in your field. I’ll show EXACTLY you how to leverage your media appearances to drive interested prospects to your door.


-Meet my “Media POWER Panel.” These are veteran hosts, reporters, producers and other media decision makers. They’ll tell you EXACTLY how to play BIG in the media marketplace and how to avoid common mistakes. If you’re brave, you can even practice your pitch and get instant feedback from the pros.

Again, my goal is to provide as much, one-on-one attention as possible. Only small number of serious-minded business people will be accepted into this course. That’s because I want you to walk away knowing EXACTLY what your message is and how you can leverage it to BECOME A MEDIA MAGNET. I also want you to leave with a clear, easy-to-execute media, publicity and marketing success roadmap IN HAND that you can begin using immediately.

There is absolutely no other event like this in Chicago where 10 entrepreneurs will get this kind of hands-on media, marketing and VISIBILITY mentoring from working media professionals–all valued at more than two-thousand dollars.




This workshop is valued at more than $2,000!



PLUS: If you know of another VISIONARY entrepreneur who would benefit from getting VISIBILITY,

Register them too for only $97!

This LIVE event will be held at the Tinley Park Convention Center in South Suburban Tinley Park Illinois. Located just steps away from the Holiday Inn amp; Suites Hotel and 30-minutes from downtown Chicago, this convenient location offers easy access, free parking and plenty of great nearby restaurants.


By participating in this event, YOU will receive:

- A beautiful 3-ring binder to keep all your course handouts organized and easily accessible


- A copy of my Publicity POWER e-book, filled with templates and other resources you can use to get publicity

- An invitation to a Q amp;A follow-up amp; MASTERMIND session with me to answer any questions you have once the bootcamp is over.

PLUS: You’ll have the chance to network with other visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to to get out of obscurity and position themselves as experts so they can get known NOW!

I have had the pleasure of coaching and training people from around the world. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“I’ve learned more from Monique in one workshop than I learned in 2 years in other programs.”

-Bahiyah Shabazz, Fabulous amp; Money Savvy Coach

After completing the VISIBILITY Bootcamp, I felt very confident in reaching my goals in my new career. I obtained skills that helped me use the media to gain exposure for my projects. I attribute my success to the knowledge and foundation that Monique’s Bootcamp provided. I STRONGLY encourage any individual who needs to learn how to use the media to brand themselves to attend this awesome Bootcamp. I guarantee that you will see IMMEDIATE results and success!

- Kathleen Owens

I must say that your information has encouraged me greatly. I have more confidence now because of your info and I look forward to my next interview. Thank you so much!

-Marcus Boston, Author

“Always well poised and well spoken, Monique is an excellent communications coach. If you are looking to raise your professional profile in your industry, or are being called upon to represent your company at conferences and in the media, Monique is the communications coach you want.”

-Deborah Gray-Young, Marketing Strategist
Lil’ Bizness Marketing Solutions

“Monique is amazing at what she does and is top notch!

-Saideh Browne, President
Platinum Speakers Bureau


My Personal Guarantee:


I look forward to having you join the ranks of entrepreneurs, executives and experts whom I have equipped to take on the media with confidence and boldness! As a seasoned media professional, I teach from EXPERIENCE, not theory. I know what works and I am ready to share these insider secrets with YOU.

If you invest the time to apply the strategies that I share and you DO NOT feel more confident about targeting your market and taking your message with the media, simply return all the materials from this bootcamp and you can receive a full refund–NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

This LIVE event will be held at the Tinley Park Convention Center in South Suburban Tinley Park Illinois. Located just 30-minutes from downtown Chicago, this convenient location offers easy access, free parking and plenty of great nearby restaurants.

YES! Please include me as part of this exclusive group of 10 entrepreneurs. Given that this collaborative mastermind event is valued at more than two-thousand dollars,

I am excited to take advantage of the $699 tuition rate!

(This workshop is valued at more than $2,000)


Register a friend or colleague for just $97!

Got questions? Feel free to email my most capable team member: Erica Bell at ebell@moniquecaradine.com

My top 10 predictions for 2012

10.   The OWN network will finally find its own identity.

Oprah will have a divine revelation and tap into the formula for better, more creative and compelling programming.  As usual, she will defy all the naysayers, go against conventional wisdom, partner with some hot, unconventional talents and OWN’s ratings will soar (actually, this won’t be fully realized until 2013, but we’ll start to see the momentum in 2012).

9.   The democrats will grow a spine and Americans will finally see the republicans for the self-absorbed, vindictive, power-hungry cry babies they really are.

8.   A record number of people will fire their bosses and hire themselves.

Americans will realize that they cannot put their faith or their future in the hands of corporate entities whch are only concerned about their bottom line.   People are already waking up to this reality.   They will start doing what they love, making money at it and finally finding true happiness. Those who were once at the bottom will begin to elevate themselves.

7.   More so-called “authority” figures will fall from grace (i.e. Bishop Eddie Long, Joe Paterno, Sandusky, etc) as the covers are pulled off their corrupt dealings.   This will happen in politics, religion and in business.  

6.   Black America will experience a new awakening as women start to reclaim their role as cultural gatekeepers.  

We will re-emerge as fearless and outspoken leaders, courageous mothers and loving and supportive mates to our spouses.   We will begin to overcome a legacy of self-hate.   Our families will begin to heal.  

5. First Lady Michelle Obama will become more outspoken.

Lady O will show the world how brilliant she is by offering solutions to long-standing social issues that impact us globally.  Her boldness will be overwhelming and will capture the attention of people around the world.  

4. The concept of black leadership will be completely revolutionized.  

Old guard leadership begin to crumble and new visionary leadership will emerge, changing the way people of color are perceived in the U.S. and around the world.

3.  Haiti will begin to experience a significant recovery politically, socially and economically.

2.   President Obama will be re-elected in one of the most contentious presidential elections in history.  

There will be no mistaking that he hails from the South Side of Chicago.   He will move forward as the leader we’ve been waiting for.   He will be audacious in his approach to bringing about the change he spoke of in 2007-08.  People who were once at the bottom will move toward the top.  President Obama will call the corrupt politicians to the carpet. He will be despised by the status quo but they will not be able to hurt him.   He will be revered and protected by the people.   His fearlessness will be undeniable.   He will consistently kick ass and take names.  

1. There will be a global spiritual revival.  

People will begin to reject schizophrenic ideals about God that permeate American culture.   There will be a powerful movement to put God back in schools and back at the center of families and American life.   Many will be persecuted, ridiculed, maybe even killed within this movement but it will advance nevertheless.

What say you??

8 things OWN could do to boost its ratings

The Queen of Daytime

When Oprah first announced that she would be launching OWN I was ecstatic.   I literally marked the days on my calendar leading up to the big premier.   “Just 11 more days until OWN!” one of my calendar items read.

However, since its launch, OWN has under-performed in the ratings.   While it has done better than the channel it replaced, it’s still struggling to bring in more than 500 thousand viewers on a consistent basis.   This is a stark contrast to the tens of millions of viewers Oprah brought in with her daily talk show.

Now I loved the show “Season 25: Behind the Scenes.” As a producer and host of my own TV and radio shows, that was like master class for me.   But I just couldn’t get excited about any of the other OWN shows.   I didn’t want to curl up with a glass of wine or cup of gourmet ice cream and just watch OWN like I thought I would.   I tried watching “Why Not?” with Shania Twain but I found myself annoyed by her constant whining and self-doubt.   Unable to hold my attention, OWN quickly became an afterthought.

So what is the problem with OWN?

Well, there are a few issues here.   First of all, Oprah erred by not having a strong presence on the network when it first started.   I realize she was wrapping things up on the Oprah Show but when you’re building a new network based on a brand and a beloved personality, that personality needs to have a strong presence coming out of the gate.   That’s what made O Magazine so successful.   When it started, Oprah was (and continues to be) on the cover every month!  

In a perfect world, Oprah should have waited until January of 2012 to launch the new network.   This way, she could have taken time off after the Oprah Show and then, after a much needed hiatus, taken the reigns of OWN.   This way OWN could have avoided programming faux pas like “The Documentary Club” and “Kidnapped by the Kids.”

Nevertheless, I’m not writing this to highlight the problems.   I adore Oprah and I want OWN to succeed.   In fact, I’d love to someday have my OWN show!   So, let’s talk solutions.

If I were in charge of programming, here’s what I’d do to make OWN a success:

1. Give Iyanla Vanzant her OWN daytime show–preferably mornings.   The show should be live and very loosely scripted.   Just give Iyanla a topic, an audience and a microphone and let her rip.   She has the kind of spontaneous personality that will leave viewers wondering what the heck she’s going to say next yet she always wraps it in wisdom.   We love that!


2. Do away with the same old broadcasting “clock” that programmers have been using for years. Every show doesn’t have to fit the old-school 30 minute or 60 minute mold.   People watch TV for  far shorter time periods these days.   Therefore, short, motivational vignettes, featuring Oprah, that are 10 or 15 minutes in length could be sprinkled throughout the line up.   This could give Oprah that consistent presence without being overbearing or preachy.

3. A money show.   In this economy, people want to know how to survive financially.   A show that highlights innovative money-making ideas or features a lively Suze Orman-type of personality would be an awesome and timely addition to the OWN schedule.   I’m suggesting Lynn Richardson as the host.   She is a best kept secret whose time has come.   She is powerful, candid and when it comes to money,  she’s been there, done that and has the T-shirt to prove it!!! The folks at OWN would be wise to snag  Lynn now before someone else does.

4. A sexy, smart and straight male personality.   Since OWN caters to women, why not have some yummy eye-candy for us to indulge in?   Maybe he’s speaking to women’s issues or doing a show on what men REALLY want.   But please, he’s got to be straight!   There are plenty of gay dudes on the airwaves.   OWN could break ground by featuring some manly men.   In fact, I’ll go even further and recommend Idris Elba.   I know a gang of women who would watch him no matter what he’s talking about.   Yummy-licious!   Or maybe Steve Harvey???

5. A gorgeous, smart female personality.   Someone that’s got the look, the body, the brains and is likeable to boot. She makes watching OWN fun.   Perhaps she’s the one who reminds us of the hot   shows coming up on OWN  or maybe she handles the social media commentary for the network with the goal of engaging and including the viewers.   She could even do surprise 5 minute celebrity interviews between shows.   Now there’s a way to keep us from turning during the commercials!

6. A “View” prototype.   This show would come on right after Iyanla.   It’s three or four women with strong opinions.   It’s current affairs, a little news and lots of hot topics highlighting things going on around the country.   This is that show that keeps viewers connected to what’s happening today.   It keeps us from feeling like we’re in a time warp when we’re watching OWN.   I’m thinking Holly Robinson-Peete as a possible host??

7. Oprah on stage.   The Oprah Show is gone forever.   As much as we all loved it, it is now a thing of the past.   Oprah left the show so she wouldn’t have to do the daily grind of   TV production.   She has bigger fish to fry!   That’s why we don’t need to see Oprah in an hour-long format everyday.   Especially not  the way she’s doing this whole “LifeClass” thing.   I don’t know about you,  but I think the format is kind of wack.      Instead, we should see her monthly or quarterly on a stage before thousands sharing her “best life” wisdom.   It would give a whole different energy to LifeClass.   She would sell-out arenas all over the country and she could build on those two extraordinary finale  shows she did at Chicago’s United Center.     Heck, if Joyce Meyer can fill a large stadium consistently, you know Oprah can!

8. A”Behind the scenes of OWN” show.   Seeing the inner workings of this fledgling network and experiencing all the challenges that come with that would be priceless.   Not to mention people love the reality show element.   Just to see Oprah go off on somebody would create a ratings bonanza!   I know Oprah doesn’t get down like that, but it would still make for good TV!

These are just a few of the things I would do to make OWN a ratings success.   With these recommendations, I believe OWN would quickly overcome its slow start and begin to live up to its extraordinary brand.

What changes would you recommend?   Leave them below.

This week’s top stories from a different perspective

There’s never enough time to cover all the news I’d like to on the Monique Caradine Show.   Therefore, I’m offering you these links to the stories that caught our attention this week.   If you’re interested in looking at these stories from  a deeper, more unique point of view, check  these out:

I always like to see what the rest of the world thinks about what’s happening here, so I checked out this media outlet from the UK to get their take on the Tucson shooting.

A look back at Haiti one year later – This is a great story from PBS

Media outlets all over the country have weighed in on Illinois’ recent tax hike.   Some believe it’s potential crushing effect will send businesses (and subsequently, jobs) running for the hills to get out of the state.   Here’s what the Wall Street Journal had to say about it.

We were able to discuss Chicago’s upcoming mayoral race and the candidacy of Carol Moseley Braun.   Here are two great takes on her chances of winning:

Monroe Anderson says her chances are slim to none…

Gaper’s Block offers an unbiased take on CMB and the other candidates in the race for Chicago mayor.   Check it out.

And last but not least, Chicago’s ABC7 is feverishly working to develop a brand new show that would replace Oprah once her show leaves the air this coming fall.   They’ve hired a team of producers who have worked with some of the biggest names in TV including Phil Donohue and Jane Pauley.   They are also considering some notable Chicagoans as possible hosts of the new show.   As I figure out how to get MY name into consideration :)  you can get the details of that story here.

I always love to get your feedback!

How to Rise in a Down Economy – A special 3-part series
More Americans are living in poverty now than at any time since the federal government first began keeping track 51 years ago, according to new Census figures that dramatically illustrate the toll of the lingering recession. Never have so many Americans been classified as poor. About 4 million Americans fell into poverty last year, bringing the total ranks of the poor to nearly 44 million. And not since 1994 has the proportion of those living in poverty — one out of every seven people — been as high.

When I saw these statistics, it scared me, but almost instantly my fear turned to excitement when I heard Mellody Hobson of Ariel Capital being interviewed on the topic. In a nutshell, Mellody  said that the jobs just aren’t there and they aren’t coming back any time soon. Therefore, now more than ever, Americans are going to have to become more innovative and create their own opportunities. In that moment, this 3-part series was born.

I have hand-picked several experts who have unique levels of insight, expertise and passion in very distinct areas. They are all very well-respected in their industries and they work with people just like you and me everyday. I’ve learned from everyone of them. They all have my stamp of approval.

During these interviews you will hear a lot of non-traditional–even revolutionary ideas. Be open to them. Take notes.  The economy is forcing us to change the way we build wealth and do business. Don’t wait for a job, listen to these experts and create your own.

This 3-part series originally aired in September/October 2010  on WVON 1690 AM, “The Talk of Chicago.”

Part 1 –  Multiple Income Streams Expert Milana Leshinsky on  how to create a Multiple Income Stream Business

Milana Leshinsky

Milana Leshinsky had a zero chance of success. She came from a country where business didn’t exist, some of the most brilliant people lived in poverty, and the world’s best books could only be bought on the “black market.” In just a few short years–after   looking for ways to stay home with her two small children–she figured out how to create simple, money-making information products and turned her favorite topics into a million-dollar business from home. Starting her business with just a hundred dollars in the bank, Milana is now considered one of the top experts in her field. Through her programs and events Milana has trained thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs on how to turn their passion into cash.

Listen to Milana’s interview on how to create a multiple streams of income business.

Milana referenced this website during her interview:  www.MembershipSite1000.com

Part 2 – The Power of a Strong Personal Brand with Re-invention Strategist Marshawn Evans


In this kind of economy, knowing how to leverage your unique skills, talents and experience is an absolute MUST.  As an author, entrepreneur, former Ms. America contestant and as one of the stars of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice (season 4) Marshawn Evans has definitely mastered the art.

She joined me for part 2 in our series and offered some powerful tips on getting noticed, effective networking and landing the opportunity you REALLY want.  She’s got a big event coming up in November which will explore personal branding in more detail.  She’s calling it ME University and the live event will take place in Atlanta.    Need more details?  Check out her website  and listen to the interview below for some  excellent tips.

Part 3 –    The Secrets to a Powerful Resume + Companies that are hiring RIGHT NOW with Career Coach and Resume Expert Lauren Milligan

Career Coach and Resume Expert Lauren Milligan

Even though the climate is right to start your own business, the reality is, not everyone wants to do that.   So how do you make yourself stand out when you’re looking for a job?   It starts with an exceptional resume.

In the absence of a pre-existing relationship with potential employers, your resume has to speak for you.   It has to paint a picture of your leadership skills, your problem solving skills and your ability to deliver results.

In part three of our series, Lauren reveals the secrets to creating a resume that “pops” and increases your chances of getting hired.   She also names major corporations that are actually looking for people to hire RIGHT Now.

Lauren offered a special, limited-time  opportunity exclusively for my listeners.   If it’s not too late, you may still be able to take advantage of it!   Otherwise, check her out at ResuMayday.



Clips from Perspective

How to grow your money even if you don’t have any!

Learn How to Grow Your Money: My50CHICAGO.com



1-on-1 with Senator Meeks



Gays and God: How Bishop Eddie Long makes the church have to rexamine sex and sexuality

Why are Chicago Kids so Fat?

Who will be Chicago’s Next Mayor?

Should Students Get Paid for Good Grades?

Are Your Kids Fat?

Ryan Hutmacher from Centered Chef and Rochelle Davis from Healthy Schools

If your kids are fat, they will probably be fatter as adults. Fat adults usually have a long list of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more. I’ve always heard people refer to fat kids as cute. They always assume the “baby fat” will go away once the child gets older. That is an attitude of denial. If you don’t do something about your child’s weight, it will likely spiral waaaay out of control.  So since September is childhood obesity awareness month, we decided to confront the issue today on Perspective.  I hand-picked 4 great experts who will give you all the 4-1-1 you need to help you get control of your kids health.

So first up will be Dr. Adam Becker.  He’s with the Consortium to Lower Childhood Obesity in Chicago.  Apparently the problem is so bad here in the windy city that they had to set up shop here.  Sad.  He gave some interesting stats on where the problem persists.

Rochelle Davis and the folks over at the Healthy Schools Campaign have done a lot to help get healthier lunches in the school.  You won’t believe the amt of money schools spend on your kids’ lunch.  It’s Shocking!!

I love having Chefs on the show, especially when they bring food!!  Chef Ryan Hutmacher is from one of Chicago’s premier food studios.  Check him out over at The Centered Chef.  They help families and busy professionals eat right but they also work with the folks over at the Healthy Schools Campaign.

We also had a cardiologist from Northwestern Memorial Hospital explain exactly what is happening inside the body when your kids are overweight.

Lynn Richardson to reveal how to go from “broke as hell” to living well on Perspective

A few weeks ago I appeared at a women’s empowerment event in Chicago.   I had the pleasure of being featured with some amazing and trailblazing women–all with powerful stories!   One of those women was Lynn Richardson.   She’s known nationally as the “mortgage guru” thanks to her real estate background, but she is so much more than that!   She’s also an author, a  business and life coach, personal wealth expert and an awesome speaker.   These days she works with hip hop guru Russell Simmons and Dr. Ben Chavis as the Chair of the National Home Ownership Advisory Council of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network.

At the event Lynn talked about getting your financial house in order.   Now I’ve heard A LOT of speakers, but Lynn’s personal story and her “homegirl” approach blew me away!    I like a smart woman from the hood who can talk in a way that ANYBODY can understand…that’s Lynn.

As she spoke I thought she would be the perfect guest for my TV show Perspective.   She gave simple and practical tips on saving, budgeting and investing.   I really think she is the next big thing when it comes to personal wealth building–even bigger than u know who!

Needless to say, we booked her and we’re taping the show tomorrow.   So post your biggest money questions here on the blog and I’ll take the best questions and ask Lynn for solutions tomorrow.   If you have a minute and a half, watch my behind the scenes video…

The prodigal daughter returns…

Yesterday, I returned to WVON to host a weekly show airing Fridays @ 9 a.m. It is great to be back home! Chuck Goudie, a veteran reporter from ABC7 was my first guest and he talked about his recent report on crime in Chicago (the biggest story in town right now). Here’s a clip from the start of the show.

The Monique Caradine Show Debuts on WVON from Monique Caradine on Vimeo.

The making of a comeback, Part I

Welcome to my new cyber home everybody!  As i type this blog, my heart is literally racing. That’s because I am in the midst of my dream come true!  In the past year, I have manifested nearly everything I envisioned for myself since the beginning of 2009.  In an upcoming blog post, I’ll tell you exactly how I did that, but for now, I just want to thank you for stopping by.


I’ll be posting some cool stuff here, like clips, behind the scenes footage from my TV and radio shows and more. Occassionally, I’ll also be posting media tips to help you learn the secrets to being a great guest! (I loathe a bad guest). So make sure you stop by often!!

Tomorrow, I’ll make my comeback on WVON 1690 AM! Some of you may remember my award-winning show Mo in the Midday, which I hosted from 1998-2003.  Well, now it’s called the Monique Caradine Show and it debuts at 9am tomorrow!  You can tune in Every Friday from 9 – 11!  We’ll keep it fast-paced, edgy and interactive.  Hit me if you have great topic ideas.

I’m actually in production right now, getting ready for the show.   It is so chaotic!  But i wouldn’t have it any other way. This is what I was born to do!

Meanwhile, watch this video from a segment we did on my TV show earlier this week.  We may get a chance to discuss it more Friday!  What are your thoughts?  Do you think that with a $20 million budget, Tio Hardiman could get murders in Chicago under 200 per year? Watch the video to hear more.


Watch her reaction when the OverFlow community presents a check to support her cause
Are your friends keeping you broke?
Are Black women REALLY “flat out broke?”
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