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Cha-ching! Turning media interviews into business revenues: How one client quickly generated $30K in new business


My mouth almost hit the floor a couple years ago when I talked to one of my favorite clients.  

She’s someone I’ve been media coaching for sometime now.   She’s brilliant.   She’s worked in publicity at some BIG corporate powerhouses but building her own brand was new terrain.  

So since she teamed up with me, I’ve taught her my signature strategies for leveraging the media, cultivating an irresistible message and building a powerful brand.  I’ve also featured her on my show and helped her book interviews on a couple of other media outlets.

Well anyway, she tells me that as a result of her last 4 interviews, 2 of which I helped her get, she’s secured approximately $30,000 in business.  

Yes.  You read right…30K.

“Are you serious?”  I asked.

 ”Deadly serious,” she said.

 Now I’m good at teaching people media but she took it to a whole new level!

 ”All I did was followed your blueprint,” she said.

She also told me she carries around a binder I gave her which includes my signature 5-step publicity blueprint.  

So there are 3 basic things she said she does in every interview:

1.) Develop an action-driven, step-by-step media message to guide the interview.  The media love experts who can give practical, step-by-step advice to their audience…especially this time of year.

2.) Share a personal “trial to triumph” story.  This helps your audience connect with you.  I help my clients identify exactly what that story is.  This strategy works like a charm.

3.) Always give the audience an “easy” call to action.  Give them a website, an easy toll-free number or instant access to you via email, twitter or whatever so that they can step into your “world” and from there a beautiful relationship can be built.

Now obviously everyone’s results will be different (needless to say, hers were outstanding) and I NEVER promote a cookie-cutter approach or make any specific monetary guarantees about results because every business is unique.

However, what I know for sure is that 99% of people miss opportunities in media interviews and they leave money and valuable relationships on the table because they miss these simple steps.

That’s why  I’m excited about my Publicity Profit Secrets Homestudy Course.  It’s incredibly in-depth, fun to listen to, super easy AND it’s allowing me to teach people how to turn their interviews into revenues!

Nevertheless, I was still shocked at this woman’s results based on such easy steps…

“That’s all you do?” I asked again.

“Yes,” she replied.  “That’s how you told me to do it!”

Nice.  I love that…and what she paid me was a mere fraction of what she received in return!

That’s the power of “purpose-driven” publicity!  

Grab Publicity Profit Secrets now and get ready to turn your TV and radio interviews into revenues: http://PublicityProfitSecrets.com 

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS!  JUST BE SURE TO ADD THIS BLURB: Monique is an author and thought leader on women and money.  As a certified Income and Influence Coach, Monique uses her nearly two decades as a producer and on-air personality and 10 years as an entrepreneur to help women in business drop fear and excuses to become highly-visible high-earners.  Her book, “The OverFlow Handbook” will be published in January 2015.  Her second OverFlow Women’s Business Retreat is being held in San Juan Puerto Rico June 9-12, 2015.

RICH Author Coaching Club – Shifting your mindset from author to marketer and 3 easy ways to re-purpose your content to create multiple income streams

Poor authors focus on selling their books 1 by 1 from the trunk of their car or at book signings.  RICH Authors know that their books are far more valuable than that $14.95 price tag!

On this call, I talk about how to shift your mindset and start thinking like a RICH Author!  I also share 3 simple ways to re-purpose your book to create multiple income streams.  Listen for yourself!  


It’s not too late to join in live.  Call number 2 is tomorrow!  Just visit this link and you can participate LIVE in the next 4 content-filled calls, plus mastermind with me and my experts.

Sign up  HERE!

Just Ask Monique: How do I market two businesses simultaneously?

Here’s a question from one of my fabulous mom-preneurs who has two very different businesses.

Of course I believe in multiple income streams and finding different ways to leverage your brilliance for money. However, is it possible to leverage the media to get publicity for both businesses, simultaneaously without compromising your brand? See my answer below.

Hi Monique,

I enjoy getting your emails and forward them often.

Two questions:

1. I’m re-branding my business and am curious to see what my business name communicates and how it resonates: The OrganizeRX.

2. I have two businesses. The above and I am getting started as an independent consultant with a romance enhancement company. The thought is that a press release would help generate some buzz. My question is how far apart should each release be in terms of timing?




My answer:

Hi K,

I like OrganizeRx but for some, it may not be completely clear. Think about this: would your target market know what that name means?

If you keep the name, I recommend hooking up with a great graphic designer who can create a logo that will visually clarify what your business does and what expertise you provide. I assume you are a professional organizer? Who is your ideal client? Home-based businesses or corporate?

These are very different companies so you don’t want people to be confused about your brand. If you’re going to do a media campaign, I would recommend focusing on one business at a time. Imagine how confusing it would be if I saw you in the Sun-times talking about OrganizeRX then a week later you were on WCIU talking about the adult toys?

Get your bread and butter business up and going. Focus on the business that is closest to your core values and will make you the most money LONG TERM and start doing media around that.

On the other hand, if you decide to ADVERTISE both businesses simultaneously, you can do that without compromising your brand. The key is being strategic, consistent and being crystal clear about your goals and the outcomes you expect.

Keep in mind, the rules of advertising and marketing for solopreneurs and SMALL businesses are different than they are for large corporations. Until you get the large marketing budgets and marketing department, it’s important for you to remain focused and strategic in everything you do.

Good luck and congrats on being a “multiple-income streams mama!”

How would you advise KW? Do you have a different opinion? Please share.

RICH Author Secrets: 3 Keys to Building a POWERFUL Platform and getting TONS of publicity for your self-published book

Tynisha Thompson

Today at 1:00 p.m. CT/2:00 p.m. ET, branding and book marketing guru Tynisha Thompson and I will host a free teleseminar for authors!  

You’ll learn:

- the 3 keys to getting publicity for your book and secrets to building a powerful brand.

- the one thing you have to be willing to do for FREE to sell your book (and it’s not book signings).

- one strategy you MUST implement in order for your book to hit the KINDLE best-seller’s list.

Tynisha and I will also be discussing this weekend’s RICH Author’s Media Marketing amp; Publicity Workshop.   Have you signed up yet?



1:00 P.M. CT/2:00 P.M. ET

DIAL: 712-432-3066

ACCESS #: 521442

No sign-up necessary!   Just join the call.   We start promptly at 1:00 p.m.   See you on the call.

What RICH authors know and POOR authors don’t.

Right now, I have about  4 books swimming around in my head.   The topics range from how to be a great guest on radio and TV, to the secrets of highly successful women, to how to raise a happy, healthy child who is destined for greatness!  

Do I have multiple degrees or certifications in these areas?   No.   What I do have, however,  is confidence, personal experience  and an understanding of how to articulate basic “how-to” advice in a manner that is engaging and easy to understand.   I also know how to interview and quote REAL experts as needed!

**Working image for forthcoming book**

That’s why I have set out to  finish my first book by early next year.    The book will give me a new level of credibility and will open doors for speaking, coaching and  increased visibility.

Even though the book  won’t be out until February 2012, I started marketing it more than a year ago.   Why?   Because that’s what Rich authors do!

Do you have the mindset of a  rich author or a poor author?

You see, poor authors see themselves as merely “authors.”   They write books, they may speak every now and then and they sell a few books at the back of the room.

Rich authors however, see themselves as “marketers.”   They realize that their book can be the source of multiple income streams.   In other words, an author who is committed to sharing their expertise with their target market understands that their book can be a profitable business.

Poor authors sell books one by one by one…maybe at book signings or local events.   If you’re lucky, someone comes along and buys three books at a time.   When that happens, poor authors feel like they’ve hit the jackpot!

Rich authors however, use their books as business cards or lead generating tools.   They have no problem giving their books away to serious prospects because they know that the material in the book will help them build a loyal fan base that will be hungry to purchase other books, attend workshops, subscribe to newsletters and invest in coaching programs!

Poor authors start promoting their book AFTER the book comes out.

Rich authors map out a simple  plan FAR in advance.   They start teasing and dropping hints to their fans and followers about the progress of their book.   They share tips from their book and they even give away chapters of their book.   These strategies build anticipation in advance among the media AND your market.   Once the book comes out, you have an audience just waiting to buy their copy and the media is eager to interview you.

We’ll be teaching you how to do all this and more at the RICH author’s workshop!   Price has been adjusted so you can bring a friend and split the cost!

I know I’m not the only one.   You’ve probably got a few books in your head too, right?

3 things you can do TODAY to start getting national publicity for your business, book or brand.

This article was originally written in 2010

Whenever I speak to organizations, authors or corporate groups about publicity there are always some in the audience who get fired up and start applying the strategies immediately.   Then there are others who just can’t wrap their brains around it because they think that getting publicity is too difficult, too time consuming, too scary and sometimes they just don’t think they have what it takes to get publicity.

If you’re in the latter group, let me put your mind at ease.   Getting publicity for your business does require some level of knowledge of how the media works and some strategy but these skills can easily be learned and mastered.

Here are 3 easy things you can do today to start getting national publicity for your business, your book or your brand:

1.)       Sign up for Media Leads Services — there are several online services that you can use that will directly connect you with journalists.   I use HelpAReporter.com and PitchRate.com.   These services let you sign up for free with your email address and name.   Immediately you’ll start receiving daily updates on stories that reporters from all over the world are working on.   They’re looking to interview experts just like you for those stories.   I encourage you to sign up and start getting comfortable with the idea of building media relationships.

2.)       Issue a press release on a hot topic currently in the news; or make your own news! If you can weigh in on


 one of the issues of the day and offer a unique perspective on that issue, distributing a brief press release online is a very effective technique!   If your press release is compelling, you’ll immediately get the attention of journalists and bloggers from around the world. They might call you for an interview to learn more or maybe print your press release verbatim.   Don’t know how to write a press release?   My downloadable e-book called The Publicity Power Toolkit gives you several different templates from actual press releases that I’ve sent out for my clients.

3.)       Create a small media list, starting with the names of just 5 to 10 media professionals who focus on stories in your area of expertise.   These can be editors, producers, journalists (or bloggers) from your favorite newspaper or magazines or TV shows (typically their email addresses are not hard to find with the help of Google or your favorite search engine).   Send them a short personal note complimenting them on a recent story and offer yourself as an expert for a follow up story.   Add your credentials and some possible story angles.   This easy strategy is laid out in the Publicity Power Toolkit as well.   This is another great way to build long lasting media relationships.

These are sure fire ways you can start getting national publicity immediately.   Over the next week, challenge yourself to follow each step and you could be featured as “the next big thing” in your favorite national media outlet!!

Strategic Success/Publicity planning: Before it gets too late, do this

Monique explains the power of publicity

September is probably one of the most important months of the year for business owners in my opinion.   That’s because I learned many years ago when I worked for a small PR firm that  THIS is the month that small businesses need to set aside at least ONE day to do strategic planning.

 That should include answering the following basic questions:

 -                 What were my revenues last year and how can I increase them by ____%?

-                 Who were my best clients and how can I get more of them?

-                 In what areas does my company show the most productivity/profitability?

-                 What do I love about my business and how can I do more of that?

-                 What do I hate about my business and how can I eliminate or delegate that?

And of course, one of the MOST important things you must do in your business is create a strategic marketing and publicity plan.  

When I did publicity for clients on a regular basis, we would always take time to map out their plan for the upcoming year in September.   September is key because once October hits, the holidays are right around the corner.   At that point, there’s little time left for strategic planning.   Then before you know it it’s the first of the year and you are left without a plan.   Not a good feeling.  

This is why I lovingly  command you to get those plans done NOW! :)

In order to ensure your success, marketing MUST become a part of your DAILY routine.   EVERYDAY, you should be doing things to make people aware of who you are and what you do.  ..yes, I said EVERYDAY.   (Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on that…)

At my recent media, marketing and publicity workshop for entrepreneurs, I shared my signature blueprint on how to get consistent publicity and how to stay in front of your target market.  

My next entrepreneurs workshop isn’t until March of 2012 but you can grab my e-Book right now to help you start getting media immediately.    In the meantime, start your marketing  planning  by  answering these simple questions:

get uncomfortable

-                 What are 3 things I can do to step outside my comfort zone and expand my sphere of influence?

-                 Who is my ideal client?

-                 Am I speaking to them now through branding and messaging?

-                 Where do they get their information from?

-                 How can I leverage social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Linked in to start reaching them regularly?

-                 How can I position myself as an expert and pitch myself to the media by tying in to a story currently in the news?

These are just a few of the questions you should be able to answer as you set up your publicity and marketing strategy.  

The bottom line is this:   If you create a simple plan and stick to it, you can succeed no matter what your goal is.   However, you must make sure that marketing and publicity are at the top of your list!!!

Sadly, most companies cut their marketing and publicity budgets when times get tough.   Don’t make that mistake!!   This is the time to ramp up your marketing and carve out your territory in the media marketplace!

As I mentioned earlier, my next entrepreneurs workshop isn’t until March of 2012 but you can grab my e-Book right now to help you get your media plan in place  so that next year will be YOUR year!

My Media, Marketing & Publicity Bootcamp for AUTHORS Only!

I get so many authors requesting to be on my shows.   Most of them never make it because their pitch is ineffective and lacks a compelling angle.   If you’ve ever wondered how to get media opportunities consistently as a way to promote your book, I’ll be spilling the secrets at this one day event.

Details to come.   Contact Erica Bell to get on the   VIP list.



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