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The 6 things I’m doing EVERYDAY to make 2012 absolutely extraordinary

On the business side of life, the plans are set and the strategy is in place for 2012.  I’ve learned some big lessons  in 2011 and this is  going to be a brilliant breakthrough year!

But personal and family life are important as well.

So how do I make that side of life just as great?

Tony amp; TJ

After spending some time thinking about it, I have decided that instead of making some grandiose resolution (that I’ll probably kick to the curb after 2 days) there are really only a few simple things I need to do consistently  EVERYDAY to make this an all around spectacular year:

1.) Read/meditate on the bible and thank God for the Word. (cuz sometimes, I just don’t make it a priority)

2.) Kiss Tony amp; TJ. Tell them “I luv u.” (cuz sometimes, things get so hectic we forget and life is too short)

3.) Do something physically challenging. (well, u know how THIS is…at the end of the day, that couch be callin…)

4.) Focus on the BIG goals (purpose). Never let fear cause me to make excuses or get sidetracked. (cuz sometimes it’s easier to waste time on Facebook than to truly accept and walk in God’s plan for my life)

5.) Proclaim my total prosperity in every area of life. (cuz it’s important to speak my own healing, abundance, happiness and prosperity.  There’s power in words!)

6.) Laugh. (cuz it just feels good!)


‘Nuff said.

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