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How to Be a Media STAR!

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Turn your interviews into revenues.

Publicity Profit Secrets is the next step if you are ready to take SMA, MBM or any transformational work out into the world by leveraging free publicity.  It’s my most popular homestudy course and it’s instantly downloadable!

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The Rich Author’s Way Coaching Club

The RICH Author's Way

I am so honored and excited to be at the forefront of changing how authors see their books.  When you join the Rich Author’s Way Coaching Club, you get ongoing training, resources, tips and coaching from me that can unlock the profit potential in your non-fiction book.

Here’s the recording of the group mastermind we did recently.  Listen and get some fresh insights for promoting your book and sharing your messsage!

The recording will inspire you, but more importantly I hope it will help you make a decision to:

STOP selling your book 1-by-1 and struggling to get known as an author.

START learning the secrets to turning your book into an empire.


The Rich Author’s Way has two powerful levels.

At the PREMIER LEVEL, you get: 

4 highly-valuable, intensive, private sessions with me via skype or phone, where we will:

  • Map out at least 1 customized income stream strategy from your book that you can begin to implement immediately.
  • Create your media pitch, talking points and interview strategy plus I’ll give you media contacts from my personal rolodex.
  • I will record a radio-style interview with you which you can use to promote your book/message.  This interview will be professionally produced to sound like a real radio segment and will add to your credibility.
  • You will also receive access — at no additional cost — to ALL the resources available in the BASIC level.
 At the BASIC LEVEL, you receive:
  • Access to the RAW private FaceBook community where you get feedback, support, ideas and resources from other driven, visionary non-fiction authors who are learning to turn their books into empires.
  • Recorded trainings sent to you monthly via downloadable mp3 files, designed to help you “continue your education” on turning your book into an empire.  These recordings feature me and my hand-picked high-level experts!
  • You wil also be invited to group coaching/mastermind calls so I can help you overcome stuck-points and get clarity or feedback on your strategy.
(Your credit card will auto-debited monthly on the same day of each month.  You may cancel at any time.)
When you join the Rich Authors Way (RAW) Coaching Club, I guarantee that you will learn new, easy-to-implement and effective strategies that will take your book, message and brand to a new level.  If you do not find these strategies effective, I will refund your investment.
You have NOTHING TO LOSE.  I invite you to join me…in fact, I dare you!
I look forward to helping you turn your book into an empire!
Monique Caradine
RICH Authors! Your feedback is important.

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Media Coaching and Visibility Strategy for Emerging Leaders!


Expand your influence and grow your brand through my Executive Media Training and Coaching Programs!

Contact me at 708-720-4252 x. 156



Are you hiding-out in your business? It could be costing you money.

MVP Session

Let’s take a look at your business for a moment—and be honest. Are your revenues where you want them to be? Are you attracting the kinds of clients you love or just working with anyone who happens to come along? Are you considered an expert in your industry? Are you regularly seen in the media?

If you answered no to two or more of these questions, part of your problem has to do with not having a simple marketing and visibility strategy that can guide your business to success. Because your ideal client doesn’t know you or what problem you solve for them, they don’t invest in themselves through you.

For every day this continues to happen, you lose money.

Take a look at these scenarios. Notice the huge cost these entrepreneurs could be paying for “hiding-out” and not implementing a simple plan to reach the clients they are meant to serve:

Scenario # 1: You’re a brilliant interior designer. By not having a simple marketing amp; visibility strategy in place, you miss out on opportunities to get featured on local news programs where you demonstrate easy ways to makeover a room on a budget. This exposure, which can be secured for free, could easily lead to profitable new clients = cha-ching!! Oh but wait, you’re the one with NO marketing or visibility strategy. Sorry, no “cha-ching” for you.

Scenario # 2: You own a hair salon and you’re a gifted stylist. You want to end the endless hours on your feet and instead, position yourself as a haircare expert and perhaps train other stylists who value your expertise and are willing to pay money to learn from you. Without a strategy, you’ll be stuck working 10 hour days on your feet with no end to that cycle in sight. Yuck.

Scenario # 3: You are a coach or consultant who is passionate about the work you do with your clients. Unfortunately you’re not making what you’re worth, you’re overworked and burning out fast. With no marketing strategy (aside from the occasional e-blasts you send out), you can’t proactively attract the high-paying clients who would benefit from working with you because to them, you don’t exist.

The cold hard truth is this: No visibility strategy + Raggedy Marketing = Raggedy Revenues.

Listen, hiding out is costing you money. When you raise your profile, you raise your profits. When you’re ready to stop sitting on the sidelines, I want to partner with you to help you become an MVP. In just a ½ day session we’ll work together (no matter where you are in the world) to create a Marketing, Visibility amp; Profits Strategy that will take your business to the next level.

So what’s stopping you from creating a simple marketing and visibility strategy for YOUR business? Leave your comments here.

Sign up here for the Take Back Your Money Power tele-class

I invite you to join me for a no-cost tele-class called

Take Back Your Money Power!

How to eliminate lack, clear money clutter and finally make peace with your money.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

11:00 a.m. CT

To sign up, leave your name and info here and we’ll email the details immediately:


Unlike what a financial advisor does, I am helping people uncover their fears and negative emotions around money so that they break the cycle of lack, have a system for eliminating debt, make more money and keep more money.

Using the brilliant Money Breakthrough Method (R), I am showing people, step-by-step how to take back their m0ney power!

You see, there are 3 things I want MOST for you. They are:

  • massive success (on your terms)
  • happiness and satisfaction (aka JOY)
  • consistent financial abundance…in other words, m0ney flowing like water into your life!

During this “no-cost” call, I’ll be revealing the reasons why most people DON’T live a life of “more than enough” even though they would like to


I’ll be sharing simple strategies on how to change the money legacy you may have inherited from you family and create a new and powerful m0ney legacy for yourself.

Again, this is not financial or investment advice. This is none of that hokey-pokey MLM, schemey stuff.

This material is the real deal. Its deep, spiritual and emotional work that will completely transform the way you think about and relate to money.

This tele-class is for you if:

  • You’ve been stuck at a certain salary/income for years and can’t seem to break through to earn what you’re worth.
  • You know you are brilliant but still live check to check.
  • You want to live debt free but need an easy system that shows you exactly how to do it.
  • You need help overcoming your family’s money issues.
  • You are ready to reclaim your money power!

I’m doing this program BEFORE I roll out the BIG Money Power Event later this summer. You will want to get in on it now!

Again, if you wanted to join the BFF Mastermind but couldn’t — perhaps because of money, this is absolutely your next best opportunity to work with me!

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RICH Author Coaching Club – Shifting your mindset from author to marketer and 3 easy ways to re-purpose your content to create multiple income streams

Poor authors focus on selling their books 1 by 1 from the trunk of their car or at book signings.  RICH Authors know that their books are far more valuable than that $14.95 price tag!

On this call, I talk about how to shift your mindset and start thinking like a RICH Author!  I also share 3 simple ways to re-purpose your book to create multiple income streams.  Listen for yourself!  


It’s not too late to join in live.  Call number 2 is tomorrow!  Just visit this link and you can participate LIVE in the next 4 content-filled calls, plus mastermind with me and my experts.

Sign up  HERE!

The secret to success is multiple income streams




If you wanted to be notified of the next multiple income streams event, email us at:



You’re invited to register for my premier telecourse called


Too Brilliant to Be Broke:

Multiple income stream secrets for freelancers, professionals in transition and entrepreneurs who want to monetize their brilliance and turn their passion into profits.  



Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with a BONUS Q amp; A call on Tuesday

February 27th, 29th, March 1st amp; March 6th


Dear Fellow Visionary:

Everyone is talking about how bad the economy is.  

Jobs are scarce and major corporations are tightening their belts big time!  In fact you may be feeling the pinch personally.

  • As a professional, maybe you’ve been laid off and had trouble finding another full-time job.
  • If you’re freelancer or sub-contractor, maybe you’re just not getting as many opportunities coming your way.
  • As a small business owner, you may be seeing an impact on your bottom-line as well, with fewer customers and people in general spending less as they try to hold on to more.
  • Or maybe you are gainfully employed but you just want to generate some additional revenue because you know have a skill set or level of knowledge that can help others.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, you’re in the right place!  


You see, most people see the unstable, jobless economy as a problem.  I see it as an awesome opportunity!

This is an opportunity for you to take inventory of the things that you are great at–you know, all the things you would offer to some company where you were applying for a job–and package them up to create your own global brand and highly profitable stream of income.  In fact, once you truly tap into the power of your brilliance, you could literally make more money than you ever have before!



I started creating additional income streams when I was working full-time as a radio talk show host.  It was my only job and I loved it.  However, I knew I wasn’t getting paid what I was worth and when raises became scarce, I said to myself “why am I allowing someone else to be in control of how much money I make?”

So off I went, creating other “money buckets.”  Now, I have between 5 – 7 streams of income.  None of them have anything to do with MLM or pyramid schemes.  Every single one of my income streams is seamlessly aligned with my inherent gifts, talents and professional and unique experience.

It’s kind of like a beautiful symphony that allows me to generate money in my sleep!


Are you ready to tap into what you know so that you too can have more “money buckets” and create a multiple income stream lifestyle?  If so, sign up for my special telecourse called  Too Brilliant to Be Broke:  Multiple income stream secrets for freelancers, professionals in transition and entrepreneurs who want to monetize their brilliance and turn their passion into profits.  



  • How to uncover what I call your “jewels” which are the 3 – 5 skills or talents everyone has that can help you generate revenue starting today.
  • Why the last thing you need to do is take another class, get another degree or get another certification to create multiple income streams
  • How to take those “jewels,” package them and turn them into multiple streams of income.
  • 3 simple ways to market your brilliance directly to the people who are eager to invest in themselves through you.
  • 5 things you can do immediately after taking this telecourse to start generating additional revenue through your new income streams.

  • Your business revenues have plateaued over the past two years and you don’t know how to break through.
  • You are exhausted from coaching and consulting 1-on-1.
  • You are a freelancer and business has slowed down significantly.
  • You have not been able to keep a constant flow of loyal customers and clients coming into your small business.
  • You do not know how to get great exposure for your business.
  • You are currently employed yet you have a desire to do “something on the side.”
  • You have been long-term unemployed.
  • You know you are not fully leveraging your brilliance for profit.

This will be an intensive 3-session telecourse (meaning it’s all done by phone from the comfort of your home or office–all you need is a telephone) with a bonus mastermind session designed exclusively for people who are serious about creating at least 2 additional income streams. Each 1-hour session begins at 7:00 p.m. CT.
Scheduling conflict?  Sign up anyway.  Each call will be recorded and ALL registrants will receive a copy of all recordings and handouts.
When you sign up for this premier event, your registration includes:
  • Access to each live call.
  • Access to the call recordings, just in case you can’t make it.
  • Access to all handouts and checklists.
  • Live access to me during the Q amp; A mastermind session.  
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals participating in the telecourse.
This unique telecourse will unveil some of the secrets of the most successful people in business — all of whom have more than 1 income stream.  It’s time you start seeing your BUSINESS, your BRAND and your BRILLIANCE in a new and revolutionary way.
Sign up Today!
When you register, you will instantly receive an email with all the call in details.  As always, if you are not completely satisfied and feel I have not delivered content that you can immediately apply to your business, I will give you a full refund.
YES! Sign me up for the Too Brilliant to be Broke Multiple Income Stream Secrets Telecourse so I can get ready for my breakthrough in 2012!
 Here’s what others have said about our events and coaching:
I’ve learned more in one workshop with Monique Caradine than I’ve learned in a year from other marketing programs.

~ Bahiyah Shabazz,  Fabulous amp; Money Savvy Coach

Always well poised and well spoken, Monique is an excellent communications coach. If you are looking to raise your professional profile in your industry, or are being called upon to represent your company at conferences and in the media, Monique is the communications coach you want.”

~Deborah Gray-Young, Marketing Strategist
Lil’ Bizness Marketing Solutions

Momentum Media is an excellent source for publicity information and support. The enthusiasm and motivation we received during consultation has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and profitability.”  

~Ebony Tillman, DJT Publishing Company

 YES! Sign me up for the Multiple Income Stream Secrets Teleseminar so I can get ready for my breakthrough in 2012!


You are too brilliant to the the “best kept secret.”  You are too brilliant to be broke!  Let’s make 2012 the year of YOUR breakthrough.

I believe in you!


Monique Caradine  

Publicity Power TV

Are you a current or aspiring author? Have your books just been sitting in boxes collecting dust? In this video series I call The Top 4 Massive Mistakes Authors Make when Promoting their Books and How YOU Can avoid them, I review the most common things authors do to sabotage their success. Do any of these sound familiar?


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Are Black women REALLY “flat out broke?”
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