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Since June I have had the distinct pleasure of working with some amazing, brilliant and talented women, helping them bring their dreams to life in a BIG way!   So far, they’ve all had some MAJOR breakthroughs in their businesses and lives.

We’ll meet face-to-face for the first time as a group to continue growing towards our goals.   The next BFF Mastermind Group  kicks off soon!

Monique emcees Domestic Violence Awareness Event: Spirit to be Free

Spirit to be FREE!

My family has been impacted by domestic violence. That is why I am honored to be a part of this event, designed to free women from unhealthy relationships so that they can become who they were meant to be. Please join me at this event!

It’s taking place on Sunday, October 9, 2011 at the Serbian Social Center, located at 18550 Stony Island in Lansing Illinois.   Get your tickets at www.courageoverfear.org
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The Monique Caradine Show

We are so excited to welcome you to our upcoming publicity workshop for authors!

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The Chicago Women’s Conference

Connecting with women is my passion

South Suburban College always puts on a phenomenal event each year during Women’s History Month.   Lots of AMAZING speakers, vendors and I meet wonderful women there!

This year, I’ll be presenting a workshop on The Blueprint for Happiness: How to have a life filled with the BEST of EVERYTHING.  

As always, it’s going to be great!   Plan to come and bring 3 girlfriends!

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The Bold, Fearless & Fabulous Success Circle



 It’s time for you to live a Bold, Fearless and Fabulous life! When you join the success circle, you will build the courage, gain the clarity and get the strategic support you need to create  a lifestyle filled with success and abundance!

Join TV amp; Radio Personality Monique Caradine in her private mastermind as she reveals her personal success secrets and gives you exclusive access to her team of coaches and experts–all of whom are on a mission to help you WIN!

Over the course of 8 sessions and ongoing coaching, Monique will help you create your Bold and Fearless life!

***Recently,  Monique hosted a 1-hour teleseminar called***

BREAKTHROUGH: 5 secrets to setting amp; acheiving BIG, BOLD goals!

During the teleseminar she talked in-depth about why you may not be seeing the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.   She also officially introduced the BFF Success Circle!

Listen to the teleseminar here:



Attention: women leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and visionaries

Welcome to BoldFearlessLife.com, the home of the Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Success Circle!

This is the place where you will get high-level accountability coaching and support in a mastermind environment so that you can achieve your goals, live your passion and bring your vision to life.

You are obviously here because you are ready to experience a limitless life filled with breakthroughs, abundance and prosperity. I’m ready to help you achieve that and more!

A little about me…

My voice is my life!

If you don’t know me, I’m a radio/TV broadcaster by trade. I’ve been hosting, producing and creating shows for the better part of 15 years.

I am also a speaker and workshop facilitator. I love creating workshops and training programs for people who want more in life! In fact, BoldFearlessLife.com grew out of one of my signature workshops. Women love it so much I had to take it to the next level! I am also writing a book by the same name that will impact women around the world. As a member of the BoldFearlessLife.com, you’ll be among the first to know about it!

Why you should join the Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Inner Circle…
One of my greatest passions is to use my unique platforms to give people access to resources, programs and ideas that can help them reach new levels of success and truly live on purpose. I believe that in order to TRULY be successful, we must commit to always “sharpening our sword” and we MUST connect with others who are brilliant and highly motivated and who can hold us accountable. That’s exactly what the Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Success Circle is all about.

That’s why I am so pleased to introduce the second Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Success Circle!

I have personally designed this coaching/mastermind group with YOU in mind. It includes personal interaction and coaching from me in a small group environment and access to experts who are on a mission to help you breakthrough barriers to live the life of your dreams. If you are serious about your success and satisfaction the Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Success Circle is for you.

The inaugural Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous
Success Circle Mastermind is starting soon!

Are you ready to get serious about your success? If so, then join me and 12 other highly-motivated and goal-oriented women (your accountability partners) as we set bold career, business, money and visionary goals; breakthrough barriers and achieve the lives we’ve always wanted!

Sessions begin Wednesday, April 20, 2011

 Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover in our BFF Success Circle Mastermind Sessions:


SESSION 1 – April 20, 2011: “Write the vision and make it PLAIN: Creating your Bold Success Goals.”  Get your goal and vision for yourself out of your head and into the universe. Get strategic about achieving your dream.   Roadmap your success!


SESSION 2 — May 4, 2011: Masterminding around goals and creating your Bold Action Success Plan. What are the key steps you need to take to achieve your goal? What’s stopping you? What fears do you have around success? We will help you create a practical strategy for your success.


SESSION 3 — May 11, 2011: “How to create your Bold Money Goal.”  Have you been stuck at a certain income for years? Let’s found out why and give you tools to breakthrough your money fears by creating some bold money goals.


SESSION 4 — May 18, 2011: Mastermind around money. We’ll discuss strategies for changing your money mindset.


SESSION 5 — May 25, 2011:  ”How to leverage your brilliance by creating multiple income streams.” You should have at least 3 income streams.   Here,  we’ll discuss ways to create them so that you can make money while you sleep.


SESSION 6 — June 1: “Creating your POWER Network.” Who can help you propel forward? Who can help you get closer to your goal? Who can you ask for sage wisdom or advice on a goal that you have? During this session we’ll start the process of assembling your power network.


SESSION 7 — June 8, 2011: “How to be Unstoppable!!” Fear is not uncommon when you are a high achiever. Sometimes it can stop you in your tracks. During this session we’ll talk about how to break through fear, procrastination or anything that might paralyze you and keep you from reaching your bold goals.


SESSION 8 — June 15, 2011: Mastermind, Q amp; A, small group mastermind assignments Small mastermind groups will continue to meet independently in June, July and August.


**BONUS** Occassionally, I will send you CDs of my conversations with some of the most brilliant women leaders who will share there insight on how to achieve the success you deserve. These CDs will be delivered directly to your door and can become a part of your very own Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous audio library collection!!!!

If this unique opportunity to work with me sounds like one you want to take advantage of, sign up today! Your investment for this comprehensive, results-oriented program is only


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NOTE: So that every Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Inner Circle member gets the results she deserves, only 12 highly-motivated women will be accepted into the mastermind.


Here’s what women are saying about my transformational approach to helping you acheive goals:

You just don’t know how much you have blessed my life.   A transformation has overtaken me as I began walking in my divine purpose. After hearing you speak, I am own my way of  being totally  set free from every hindrance that I’ve allowed to control my life.   - J. Miller

Thanks for being so thoughtful and sharing your gift of wisdom and positivity with us.   – L. Hughes

You rock, Monique!    Thank you for doing what you do and putting the mirror up in front of me. It’s ironic how I have been able to help others get closer to their dreams and yet stifle my own. Thanks for the reminder.

- R. Tabor

You have no idea how your words have brought me to another level in LIFE!    Please  keep doing what you’re doing because  YOU ARE TRANSFORMING LIVES!   I am a witness!       – K. Ingram


My personal gurantee:
I whole-heartedly believe in this program. I have personally dedicated hours of time and research to design it with your success in mind. If by the third session you do not feel you are getting what you need from the Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Success Circle, let me know and you will receive a full refund.


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√ Access to Monique Caradine’s live mastermind teleconferences. These empowering conference calls will be centered on specific success strategies and action steps. This interactive call will offer opportunities for spotlight coaching and group accountability so that everyone feels supported and encouraged to meet their goals.

√ If I miss the calls, I’ll have access to the playback to listen to at my convenience.

√ CDs and other resources to equip me on my success journey!

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Every high-achieving, successful woman should invest in her personal development through continuing education, coaching, mastermind alliances and strategic networking because:

When we achieve success AND satisfaction, we honor ourselves.
When we strengthen our special gifts, we honor our purpose.
When we encourage and equip others to move forward with their big, crazy, unrealistic ideas we honor God!

If you’ve ever felt alone on your journey to success or if you sincerely want to plug into a network of strong, passionate women who are living on point and on purpose, I personally invite you to join the Bold, Fearless amp; Fabulous Success Circle!

ABLE Insights Event: Featuring Desiree Rogers

I’ll am honored to be the moderator for the upcoming ABLE Insights event featuring some of  Chicago’s most fearless business leaders:  Mellody Hobson, Desiree Rogers and Monica Walker.   The topic is truly one I am passionate about: Re-Invention: How to Stay Relevant, Competitive and Profitable in a Global Marketplace.

Tickets for this event WILL SELL OUT.   Get Yours Today.

Women’s Conference Workshop Presenter

I’ll be at the South Central Community Services, Inc., “Women Empowering Women” Conference and Retreat delivering my workshop entitled:

Re:Invention – How to Transform Your Mindset and Harness Your Power to Attract the Opportunity of Your Dreams.

Some fabulous women will be joining me.  

It takes place at the Phaesant Run Resort amp; Conference Center, April 8-10, 2011, in beautiful St. Charles Illinois.

For more info on the event, contact Karen at 708-769-4892.

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Media black-out of qualified mayoral candidate compromises our democracy; disrespects Chicago voters

Candidate for Mayor, Dr. Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins

I think Chicago Mayoral candidate Patricia Van Pelt Watkins is a force to be reckoned with.   In my opinion, she represents what it means to be a true public servant.   I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her on Perspective (the show airs Sunday, January 30th on MY50 Chicago) and earlier today by phone.   You can hear the unedited, 5 minute phone interview here:


In short, she has a long and impressive background.   Watkins has spent the last 30 + years as a public servant.   As the founder and CEO  of the  Target Area Development Corp., she grew a budget  from $10,000 to $3 million and generated hundreds of jobs.   She also shepherded passage of landmark criminal justice legislation through the Illinois legislature by uniting states attorneys and the ex-offenders they prosecuted.

Watkins  also taught residents how to empower themselves by staking out corners and peaceably banishing drug-dealers from their neighborhoods. Her legacy of public service doesn’t stop there.   Watkins has  worked for decades to improve education by recruiting more diversity to the teaching profession and promoting efforts to reduce violence in our schools.

Needless to say Dr. Patricia Watkins has been committed to “we the people.”   Not the establishment.   Not a specific political party.   Not one race, group, union or organization.   She simply wants what is best for the citizens and communities of our great city.   But now that she’s running for mayor, her message has been almost completely ignored.   You would think she’s some kind of peon out here just trying to detract from the process.   But that is not the case.   She is a legitimate candidate whose voice deserves to be heard.

So why (until just recently) has the media almost completely ignored her message?   Why has she literally been shut out from participating on the major candidate debates?

The only answer I’ve been able to get from the organizers of one of the upcoming debates is that “she’s not showing up in the polls” and “we can’t just have everybody in on the debates…” Huh????   So you mean you are having a mayoral debate featuring the candidates but not all of the candidates will be featured???   How can someone “show up” in the polls if they’re platform isn’t given any publicity via the news media? Why is it that an outsider like Rahm Emmanueal is annointed and basically chosen for Chicagoans by the media? That makes no sense.   In fact, it is a complete infringement upon the right of chicagoans to hear and get to know the candidates that they have to choose from in this election.

By not allowing Van-Pelt Watkins to participate, the media and debate organizers are trampling on democracy as we know it. If citizens of Chicago don’t raise their voices and demand that the media and mayoral debate organizers allow all legitimate candidates to have their say, they might as well get ready for more corruption, more cronyism, more shady contract deals, more homelessness, less opportunities for hard-working people  and more business as usual in our “world-class city.”

February 22, 2011  will be  a  game-changing election day here in Chicago.   Chicagoans must decide if they truly want a city that works for everyone or just for the chosen few.   I believe that our silence about the shut-out of lesser known but no less qualified candidates will bring us exactly what we deserve: more of the same warmed-over and oppressive policies that only work to the benefit of the elite. This is an election to get fired up about. We’ll see if citizens are courageous enough to send a powerful message that Chicago truly is ready for change.


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