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‘Tis the season to get visibility.
Here's a little media/publicity industry "insider" secret for you:

Summer is the absolute BEST time to get publicity–especially if you are a “publicity virgin.”

So, if you’ve been thinking lately about becoming more visible, building a brand and sharing your powerful

If you are not visible, your are invisible.

message with the world, NOW is the time to get in position.

When I did publicity for clients, Summer would be a busy time of year for us. They would get MAJOR media opportunities this time of year that catapulted some of them to a whole new level.

Here are 3 reasons why Summer is such a great season for getting publicity:

1.) Many of the big-name power players and celebrities (who are typically the center of attention) go off to their fancy summer homes for extended vacays starting in June–therefore, they are often unavailable for interviews. This leaves the door open for YOU!

2.) Like anything, newsrooms have a natural “ebb and flow” that typically slows down in summer. Producers and reporters tend to have a little extra time to talk through story ideas and test the waters with newer, lesser-known experts. Again, this opens the door for YOU to leverage the media and get VISIBLE!

3.) Summer usually gives us all permission to deal with “lighter” topics like fashion, personal development, fitness and family life.

So if you’re a coach or expert in one of these fantastic areas, I highly encourage you to take advantage of Summer and get some publicity!

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