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Are your friends keeping you broke?


Friends don't let live be broke.

On the journey to building wealth, you must be very careful about who you surround yourself with. 

Please, don’t take advice from people who are constantly battling broke-ness. They will only discourage your attempts to take wealth-building risks. Don’t spend all of your free time in the presence of people who chronically live in (and accept) lack. They will cause you to be less motivated, less driven and less optimistic about your destiny. They will also cause you to accept a life of mediocrity.  This is a proven fact.

Get in the presence of women who are on an upward income trajectory. If you know you want 7-figures in 2016 you MUST put yourself in the presence of millionaires. If you know you want 6-figures in 2016 you MUST be mentored by people who are currently there. Make a commitment to yourself in 2016. Elevate how you talk about money. Change your money story. Stop agreeing with people who say “money is tight.” That’s a lie from the pit of hell!

There is more than enough money in the universe for you to be rich right now. Up-level your inner circle.  Hang around people who see obstacles as opportunities.  Keep yourself in the presence of people who have a vision and know how to make moves in spite of fear because if everyone you hang around is broke, stressed and struggling, more than likely you will be too.

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